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bathyscaphe: Repository summary

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Rev. Time Author Message
r1776 2014-11-24 02:24:59 tsawada2 Thread Title Bar Appearance Improvement
r1775 2014-11-23 15:49:41 tsawada2 General Pref Pane Xib fix
r1774 2014-11-23 14:37:51 tsawada2 Popup mouse location fix
r1773 2014-11-23 01:54:00 tsawada2 Mango Mangue ID suffix change support
r1772 2014-11-22 18:10:01 wolfrosch Update board list icons to Yosemite style
r1771 2014-11-22 14:33:22 tsawada2 Toolbar item action/target fix
r1770 2014-11-21 09:55:30 wolfrosch Migrate image management to Asset Catalog
r1769 2014-11-21 03:11:57 wolfrosch Re-commit application icon
r1768 2014-11-21 02:21:34 wolfrosch Update application icon to Yosemite style
r1767 2014-11-16 23:09:11 tsawada2 Board Name Editing Alert Improvement

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