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bathyscaphe: Repository summary

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Rev. Time Author Message
r1786 2014-12-10 00:31:35 tsawada2 Adds vibrancy to NoThreadsView on Yosemite
r1785 2014-11-30 23:28:19 tsawada2 System Font Support
r1784 2014-11-30 18:20:34 tsawada2 Machibbs offlaw.cgi ver.2 support
r1783 2014-11-29 19:35:31 tsawada2 Mango Mangue Be Profile Icons Cache Support
r1782 2014-11-25 23:40:13 tsawada2 small bug fix
r1781 2014-11-25 23:21:29 tsawada2 Minor Fix
r1780 2014-11-25 00:36:01 wolfrosch Fix 32@2x thread document icon
r1779 2014-11-25 00:11:36 tsawada2 Mango Mangue ID, Host Fix
r1778 2014-11-24 18:35:37 wolfrosch Update document icons
r1777 2014-11-24 17:40:31 wolfrosch Brush-up small size application icon

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