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ChangeLog (FFFTP(English version) - 1.98a)

FFFTP version history.

Changes in Ver.1.98a

-- Fixed bugs of character corruption of host list dialog.

-- Fixed bugs of playing sound whose filename contains multi-byte characters.

-- Fixed bugs of printing logs of transfer rate.

-- Changed behavior of filename encoding settings migration from 1.97b.

-- Reduced chance of failure of connecting to hosts that do not support FTPS.

-- Changed behavior of entering a new master password.

-- Removed the log size limit.

Changes in Ver.1.98

-- SourceForge.JP took over the development.
Thanks Mr. Sota for FFFTP the most sophisticated FTP client.

-- Fixed bugs to crash under multicore CPU environment.

-- Changed internal characters into UTF-8.

-- JRE32.DLL became unavailable. (It does not support UTF-8.)

-- Shift_JIS, JIS, EUC and UTF-8 conversion under ASCII mode transfer became

-- Changed default Kanji code of filenames on hosts into UTF-8.

-- Filenames that depend Unicode characters can be treated.

-- Disabled file list cache by default.

-- FTP over Explicit SSL/TLS became available.
Passwords, user names and files are encrypted on the connections to
appropriate hosts.

-- Replaced UTF-8N with UTF-8. (They are identical in this case.)

-- Added the simultaneous connections feature up to 4.

Changes in Ver.1.97b

-- Fixed Drag & Drop to the Explorer does not works when select multiple files
or folders.

Changes in Ver.1.97a

-- Fixed when your password is longer than 32 characters, FFFTP saves only
first 32 characters.

-- Fixed FFFTP causes application error on Windows 2000.

Changes in Ver.1.97

-- Now you can use master password.
This function is made by Gengen-san. Thanks.
When you use this virsion first, set master password from following menu.
File -> Settings -> Change Master password

-- Now passwords are encrypted with AES.
This function is made by Moca-san. Thanks.

Changes in Ver.1.96d

-- Fixed IBM Extended Kanji Code was not converted when host's Kanji code
was set to EUC or JIS.

-- Fixed FFFTP reacts when user presses some keys (ex. BackSpace key) on
the help window.

Changes in Ver.1.96c

-- Fixed Directory Traversal Vulnerability.

Changes in Ver.1.96b

-- Change font of the file move confirmation dialog.

Changes in Ver.1.96a

-- Supports file list which has one space character in a group name.

Changes in Ver.1.96

-- The confirmation dialog is displayed when move file on the host.
This setting can be changed.
(Options - Settings - Operation)

-- Fixed FFFTP sometimes freeze when user clicks both mouse buttons on the
toolbar. (Thank you sunasunamix-san.)

-- Fixed FFFTP works incorrect when drop files to the title line of the file
list of the detailes mode.

Changes in Ver.1.95

This version is modified by miau-san.

-- Move focus to the address bar by the ALT+D key.

-- Move focus from the address bar to the file list by the TAB key.

-- Change transfer mode (ASCII -> BINARY -> AUTO) by the Ctrl+M Key.

-- Focus top of the file list immediately after reading the file list.

-- Disable accelerator key while reading the file list.

-- If Veiwer2 or Viewer3 (on the tool setting window) prefixed "d ", it
assumed differential viewer.
If you select one file on the host file list and start the differential
viewer, FFFTP carries two file name to the viewer, one is the file name
on the host side and the other is the same file name on the local side.

-- Fixed unexpected disconnect when download is error because of local file
is read only.

-- Show notify dialog when download destination local file is read only.

Changes in Ver.1.94a

-- Change temporary file handling while drag and drop. (Yutaka Hitrata-san)

-- Disable FFFTP main window operation while drag and drop.
(Yutaka Hitrata-san)

Changes in Ver.1.94

-- Yutaka Hirata-san imprements OLE Drag & Drop using with nakka-san's
library. Now you can drag and drop from FFFTP to the exploler.

-- Yutaka Hirata-san imprements file move function in the host side file
list window. Now you can move files to the child folder.

Changes in Ver.1.93

-- Added setting of UTF-8N encoding.
-- Show application menu when SHIFT-F10 key is pressed.

Changes in Ver.1.92c

-- Expand transfer buffer size to increase speed.

Changes in Ver.1.92b

-- Fix 'Save settings to file' and 'Load settings from file' function does
not work on Windows Vista.

Changes in Ver.1.92a

-- Use LIST command to get file names from server.
-- Use PASV mode default.
-- Anonymous FTP sites are no longer registerd when start the FFFTP first.

Changes in Ver.1.92

-- Fixed application error on PASV mode.
-- Fixed pathname length was limited by the windows size which above on the
file list window.
-- Support file list format of Chinese Solaris.
-- Added setting of replace @ by the any character on Firewall.
-- Fixed write to registory unexpectedly when INI file which specified by
the '-n' option is not exist.
-- Now support "Koushin Fuutauk".

Changes in Ver.1.91
-- Fixed Timezone displayed erroneus.
-- Support ShibaSoku WL Series file list format. (Set Host Type on the Host
Setting Window.)

Changes in Ver.1.90
- Transfer speed improved.
- Add new firewall type. ("USER FW user:FW password@host")
- Fixed file size diaplayed erroneus when over 2 giga bytes.
- Improve download abortion process.
- Now file size divides and diaplays every 3 figure.
- Remove drive names from file list.
- Fixed "Load setting from file" command failes when folder name has space
character. (such as "My Documents")
- Turn on "Confirm deletions during Mirror Upload" option switch by default.

Changes in Ver.1.89b
- Fixed Mirror Upload / Mirror Download bug.

Changes in Ver.1.89a
- Fixed file list not refreshed after upload.

Changes in Ver.1.89
- Transfer speed improved.
- Fixed Transfer Status Window didn't close after the transfer complete.
- Fixed FFFTP was stalled when received unexpected PASV server message.
- Fixed server message processing.
- Add "Load Setting from File" menu.
- Support Agilent Logic Analyzer. (Set Host Type on the Host Setting Window.)

Changes in Ver.1.88b
- Refine dialog and menu messages. (Thank you Mr.Jim.)

Changes in Ver.1.88a
- Fixed "Cannot remove FFFTP" error message diaplayed.

Changes in Ver.1.88
- Change to use the Registory to save settings when run first.
- Add Save Serrings function.
(File -> Settings -L Save settings to file)
- Now max 40 characters Owner name is displaied on file list.
- Open folder when drag & drop a file to local file list from the explorer.
- Page scroll when SHIFT + Mouse Wheel.
- Fixed mouse wheel scroll didn't work when multi monitor.
- Fixed noise displaied around the file list window.

Changes in Ver.1.87a
- Fixed forget bookmark.

Changes in Ver.1.87
- Fixed no dialup entry diaplayed on Windows9x.
- Reconnect automatically when oprate by the user after disconnected cause
of timeout from the host.

Changes in Ver.1.86a
- Fixed download terminated incorrectly.

Changes in Ver.1.86
- Renew process again to fix file transfer sometimes did not start
or stop.
- Disable strip host name feature added on 1.83.
- Support Windows XP's theme.
- Fixed display wrong format when file name has "&" character.
- Add No RAS Control option.
- Change path separater character to ">" when Stratus.
- Support OS9 server subfolder.
- Support server that replies following file list.
-rwxrwxrwx SEQ 36203776 01/07/07 12:38:28 ABCDEFG
- Support server that replies following file list. (IBM server)
MTS940 3390 2001/07/26 1 1 FB 80 3120 PS FTPOUT.CNTL
- Support hidden drives.

Changes in Ver.1.85
- Fixed file transfer sometimes did not start or stop.

Changes in Ver.1.84
- Fixed file transfer sometimes did not start or stop.
- Fixed high CPU usage.
- Change anonymous FTP list.

Changes in Ver.1.83
- You can type folder name into current folder window now.
- You can now copy log data with mouse dragging.
- Support server that replies file list which has any characters after
the owner and the group name.
- Strip host name when the URL enterd into host name window.
- Fixed freez until timeout when network is heavy.
- Fixed FFFTP did not terminate normally until file transfer is in

Changes in Ver.1.82
- Use XPWD command first to get current folder.
- Add folder list button on change local folder dialog.
- Add -n command line option. (See ffftp -h)
- Support server that replies date string such as "5/14".
- Support OS9 server. (without sub-directory support)

Changes in Ver.1.81
- File list that containes Ctrl-H are now displaied.
- Show error reason when file transfer error occured.
- Copying URL to clipboard include port number.
- Add default permission for folder.
- Fixed file date becomes future.

Changes in Ver.1.80
- Fixed Ctrl-Shift-D did not work to start mirroring download.
- Change default setting to use INI file.
- Give priority to use INI file when both INI and Registory settings
are existing.

Changes in Ver.1.79a
- First English version.

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