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Project Release Information

2005-12-30 17:43
2003-12-14 07:52
This release includes automatic search widgets with
supporting documentation.
2003-11-17 22:24
2003-11-13 21:12
2003-11-06 22:35
KeywordWidget was not behaving accordingly. BaseObject.get_size() was completely broken, because of a undefined variable Some templates were missing a closing '"', which was lost during the conversion to the Plone 2.0 style. Tests have been added for KeywordWidget and RichWidget, with more widget tests to come. The default view on Article of ArchExample has been fixed (it was pointing to the wrong URL).

Project Resources

Project Description

Archetypes is a framework for developing new
content types in Plone. The power of Archetypes is
first in automatically generating forms, second in
providing a library of stock field types, form
widgets, and field validators, third in easily
integrating custom fields, widgets, and
validators, and fourth in automating
transformations of rich content.

(This Description is auto-translated)