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Project Release Information

2007-08-01 23:43
This release includes fixes for pasting large (16k) amounts into aterm, the borderless option, and several other issues.
2005-07-05 17:35
Problems with root background handling which
caused crashes and flickering were fixed.
2005-06-09 19:13
This release reimplements support for scaling background images and
fixes detection and usage of standalone libAfterImage for background
2005-06-02 21:48
Delayed background rendering for better performance. Support for window management specs to track current desktop and hidden/shaded state. Compilation fixes.
2005-01-20 23:36
Improved integration with AfterStep. Patches from Gentoo have been applied. This release allows for borderless terminals and fixes bugs.

Project Resources

Project Description

aterm (AfterStep term) is an xterm replacement, based on rxvt v.2.4.8. It includes features such as NeXT style scrollbar, resource efficient pseudo-transparency. It understands root background changes by AfterStep Pager and Esetroot. The primary goal of aterm is to provide cool visual features without resource consumption. It can be compiled to utilize AfterStep's libasimage for wider image format support.

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