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Project Release Information

2011-08-31 19:37
Default priorities of commands was fixed. The documentation was fixed. Renesas RX62N port of Ethernet datalink was added. Workarounds were added for Win32 high resolution timing. Assorted bugs were fixed.
2011-03-11 20:07
A blocking ADC driver was added for AVR to complement the non-blocking driver. Extensive code speed-ups and bugfixing were done.
2011-01-04 07:03
Numerous bugfixes.
2010-08-05 14:05
ReadRange functionality was implemented for the device "Device Address Binding" property. A named pipe was added to MS/TP Capture. Also included were a GetEventInformation service, Confirmed Private Transfer, bugfixes, code cleanups, and documentation fixes.
2009-10-13 02:16
This release has enhanced support for AVR Studio and Borland. It has improved MS/TP statistics, as well as numerous bugfixes and code cleanups.

Project Resources

Project Description

BACnet is an implementation of the BACnet
(Building Automation and Control Networks)
protocol specifically tailored for embedded
systems. BACnet itself is a standard routable
protocol designed to handle communications in
automation in buildings, such as air conditioning
systems and other HVAC equipment.

(This Description is auto-translated)