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Crystal Space

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Project Release Information

2007-10-05 09:00
A "lighter2" tool was added for lightmapping. A
decal manager was added. The terrain plugin was
improved. A tool to generate terrain basemaps was
added. The threading API was improved. Lots of
improvements were made to the Python bindings.
Lots of internal changes were made. Various
documentation updates, bugfixes, and optimizations
were made.
2007-02-20 10:37
Various smaller fixes.
2007-01-16 17:18
Compared to the lastest rc2 release, nothing much
has changed.
2007-01-05 16:55
This release fixes engine crashes related to
portals, problems in
genmeshify (to handle libraries better), and an
issue with OpenGL
rendering to textures. Software animation skinning
for gmeshanim now
works better.
2006-11-29 16:35
Various smaller bugs were fixed (compared to
1.0pre2). A few corruption issues on Intel
Graphics and nVidia cards were fixed. Memory
corruption in the shader system was fixed. A
collision detection bug with terrain was fixed.

Project Resources

Project Description

Crystal Space is a free and portable 3D engine written in C++. It supports a large number of 3D features.