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Project Release Information

2010-04-30 21:26
File dialog regressions were fixed. A Cygwin issue was fixed. Languages were updated.
2009-07-21 20:14
Pause/resume support and support for newer GTK+/Python features. The empty dirs function was changed to empty branches. There were various fixes and translation updates.
2008-09-10 21:04
Opening files from the GUI is now allowed. An
error with handling duplicates over 2GB in size
was fixed. Translations were updated.
2008-05-21 23:16
Czech and Turkish translations were added. Issues
with finding duplicate files with unusual
characters in their names were fixed. Support for
deleting found items was improved.
2007-09-19 13:27
New translations were made for Hebrew, Italian,
and Russian. The translations for Chinese
(simplified), French, German, Swedish, and
Vietnamese were updated. The GUI now handles paths
with spaces in the names of empty directories and
spaces at the end of names of duplicate files.
Brace expansion was removed from debian/rules to
allow the package to build on Debian systems where
dash is the default shell. A bug reintroduced in
2.22 (GUI only) where duplicates with independent
hardlinks were not reported correctly was fixed.

Project Resources

Project Description

FSlint is a toolkit to find various forms of lint on a filesystem. At the moment it reports duplicate files, bad symbolic links, troublesome file names, empty directories, non stripped executables, temporary files, duplicate/conflicting (binary) names, and unused ext2 directory blocks.