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Project Release Information

2011-11-15 08:33
This release adds IPv6 support for netfilter, dns cache initialization, and ASA parser extensions.
2010-10-11 00:54
This release features extended netfilter and Cisco PIX/ASA parsers and large amounts of fixes.
2006-04-17 20:07
This release adds GNU adns support and several parser modifications triggered by log submissions.
2004-04-26 01:11
This release adds an interactive status page, improved memory allocation, stateful real-time response start, basic ipfw and fwsm support, and many smaller features.
2003-06-23 20:03
This release adds inclusion/exclusion functions to the command line. All HTML colors are done with CSS styles now. There are a lot of small fixes.

Project Resources

Project Description

fwlogwatch is a packet filter and firewall log analyzer with support for Linux ipchains, Linux netfilter/iptables, Solaris/BSD/HP-UX/IRIX ipfilter, Cisco IOS, Cisco PIX/ASA, Netscreen, Elsa Lancom router, and Snort IDS log files. It can output its summaries in text and HTML and has a lot of options. fwlogwatch also features a realtime anomaly response capability with a Web interface.

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