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Globulation 2

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Project Release Information

2009-03-01 08:20
Many new features were added in offline and online game play, including a priority system and map downloader/rating system.
2008-05-04 07:17
This release features major stability
improvements, mainly to network gaming. Many other
changes were made throughout the game, and many
bugs were fixed.
2008-02-24 14:01
Major improvements were made to network gaming.
Many bugs were fixed. A few new features were
2007-09-02 14:27
Lots of bugs were fixed. The Core and YOG engines
were majorly rewritten. Stability and speed were
increased. The build system was switched from
automake to scons. The license was changed from
GPL v2 to GPL v3.
2007-04-19 08:57
This release fixes some bugs that crashed the game, and made it hard to play. It will hopefully be the last release before a major rewrite takes place.

Project Resources

Project Description

Globulation is an innovative high quality real-time strategy which minimizes micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to the units. The player has to choose the number of units they want for the different tasks, and the units will do their best to satisfy the requests. This allows the player to manage more units and to focus on the strategy.