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Project Release Information

2013-02-13 06:47
Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 8. Improved compatibility with broken messages generated by Outlook. Hides the attachment upload UI in dynamic view if file uploads are disabled. Many bugfixes and improvements.
2013-01-11 06:57
This release re-adds the apply mail filters action to dynamic view. It has improved parsing of the References header when replying to messages. It fixes saving compose message to draft mailbox when the session expires. It fixes NOT criteria for custom header searches. It fixes losing data when refreshing the compose screen. It fixes verifying enveloped signed and encrypted S/MIME messages. There are many bugfixes and improvements.
2012-02-29 07:25
Improved drag performance. Fixes for regressions and improved compatibility in S/MIME and PGP support.
Small bugfixes and improvements.
2012-02-13 22:58
This release fixes XSS vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0791).
2012-01-18 00:32
This release fixes XSS vulnerabilities and adds small bugfixes and improvements.

Project Resources

Project Description

IMP, the Internet Messaging Program, allows Web-based access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides a range of features normally found only in desktop email clients.