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Project Release Information

2007-06-19 20:17
This release supports colored, bold characters with underline, and allows you to resize the terminal window. An implementation using SWT without AWT and Swing is included.
2005-02-17 18:11
JCTerm for J2ME/CDLC/MIDP2.0 now supports
publc-key authentication and allows you to install
remote private-keys into MIDP's RecordStore area.
2005-02-04 19:20
This release includes JCTerm for the J2ME, CLDC, and MIDP 2.0 platforms.
2004-12-08 19:57
This release includes JCTerm for the J2ME CDC platform.
2004-10-26 19:55
The vt100 emulation was further improved, and JCTerm implemented in AWT widgets has been added.

Project Resources

Project Description

JCTerm is an SSH2 terminal emulator written in pure Java. It supports port forwarding, X11 forwarding, etc.