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Project Release Information

2007-08-05 17:01
A minor proxy bug was fixed, compatibility with Slackware 12 was added, and Slackware 9.1 support has been dropped. DO NOT UPGRADE Kslackcheck if you are still using Slackware 9.1.
2007-05-03 03:23
Slacklogo menu installation has been fixed. The Slovak translation has been updated, and a Deutsch translation added. The popup style has changed, moving from kdialog to a knotify DCOP call. Another bugfix has been made in proxy connections, which should now work as expected.
2007-03-31 02:51
According to the new -current layout, KDE binaries and related files have been moved to /usr instead of /opt, which would also work in official Slackware releases. There is a fix for proxy connection: this release tires to find proxy settings in wgetrc, and for now the default mode is a proxy connection without authentication. To obtain authentication, just set new value in PROXYAUTH in kslackcheck.conf.
2006-10-08 07:32
A pair of new translations (Bosniak and French)
were added. Some bugs were fixed, and a little
improvement was made to the package engine.
2006-07-16 21:56
This version is mainly a bugfix release with some improvements in the package check engine, especially for /patches packages.

Project Resources

Project Description

Kslackcheck keeps in sync changelogs and shows updates in a graphical
popup in KDE, with just one click.
It can tell users what packages in need to be upgraded for major
releases, and helps to download them to a particular directory ready for manual upgrading.

(This Description is auto-translated)