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Project Release Information

2006-10-06 14:49
A bug that triggered a segfault if DVDClose was
called more than once (when using several DVDOpen
calls) was fixed.
2006-05-03 15:36
The new DVDFileStat() function was added. A prefix
is no longer added to the DVD device name on
FreeBSD and Dragonfly. Some minor bugfixes and
documentation were added.
2006-01-23 02:14
This release includes better error handling, memory leak fixes, bugfixes, and some support for multi-threaded apps.
2003-02-24 23:30
This release adds the functions DVDDiscID, DVDUDFVolumeInfo, and
DVDISOVolumeInfo, types, read, and print functions for VTS_TMAPT (Time
map table), and Multichannel Extension. PLT_MAIT (Parental
Management) info has been corrected. This release can be compiled
with Sun's Forte C compiler. All asserts have been removed. Various
other fixes have been made.
2002-05-26 10:56
Support for MacOS X / Darwin has been added. It has been ported to use libdvdcss2 (version 1.2.0 or later is needed) and can now decrypt files on a normal file system. This version is more tolerant of incorrectly mastered DVDs and includes build robustness fixes.

Project Resources

Project Description

libdvdread provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video disks. It provides the functionality that is required to access many DVDs. It parses IFO files, reads NAV-blocks, and performs CSS authentication and descrambling.