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Project Release Information

2011-04-12 01:10
Release 9 of "Work Package II" was finished. The Unix and Windows build environments are now identical. The MS Visual applications were replaced with the Cygwin tool-chain and mingw cross-compiler.
2011-03-16 06:27
Updated "Windows" support.
2011-03-01 12:23
This release added persistent-transaction-support-part-2. A 'Storage'
API was added for storing and retrieving a data package from the database. A 'Dump' API was also added for exporting and importing data from external storage.
2011-01-21 20:19
This release embeds sqlite support into the PLMK kernel. Only the memory management is currently used.
2011-01-14 21:38
Release 4 of wp2 has been finished. Factory support was added. The Factory adds the ability to create new server types on the fly and introduces self-programming capability to NHI1.

Project Resources

Project Description

NHI1 is an attempt to create a non-human intelligence. It is composed of several sub-projects like theLink (formerly known as libmsgque) and theBrain, which is a persistent storage system able to save a data package from theLink without transformation.