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Project Release Information

2006-03-02 16:23
A totally re-engineered CGI-based user interface
was introduced. Support for log files from
Checkpoint Firewall-1 NGX and GTA Firewall
appliances was added.
2005-06-07 00:02
This release adds a Logrep GUI.
2005-04-08 09:53
Logrep can now analyze Cisco syslogs with SEC messages.
The iptables, Postfix, and Squid modules were improved. A
number of bugs were fixed.
2005-03-04 06:22
Tracking logs from Exchange 2000/2003 are supported.
Logrep can now serve report requests from remote
machines. There is much better support for Perl 5.8.x.
2005-01-12 13:29
This version generates dynamic reports via a built-in Web
server, thus reducing report generation time and resource
usage dramatically. It can now make persistent copies of
analysis information for re-use.

Project Resources

Project Description

Logrep is a secure multi-platform tool for the collection, extraction, and presentation of information from various log files. It features HTML reports, multi-dimensional analysis, overview pages, SSH communication, and graphs, and supports 25 popular systems including Snort, Squid, Postfix, Apache, Sendmail, syslog, iptables/ipchains, xferlog, NT event logs, Firewall-1, wtmp, Oracle listener, and Pix.