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Project Release Information

2004-09-07 20:57
The format handler for clf-data if the timestamp is negative has been fixed. A segfault in the output-modlogan plugin has been fixed.
2004-08-12 16:42
The memory usage has been reduced by about 20%,
and some debug output has been removed. Support
for the %D option of Apache 2.x has been added.
2003-09-19 16:12
The template engine has been improved for memory usage and speed, and
the translations have been reworked. A new parser has been added for
mod_log_sql and the ippl parser now has support for ipmod. Some minor
bugs have been fixed and two segfault problems are now gone.
2003-07-08 15:06
A IPPL processor has been added. Some smaller bugs which caused problems with broken input files which were damaged by a filesystem crash have been fixed.
2003-05-18 13:12
Several smaller bugs which were added in 0.8.6 have
been fixed, and a new parser for IP Protocol Logger has
been added.

Project Resources

Project Description

ModLogAn is a modular logfile analyzer that combines speed with flexibility. It parses the logfiles generated by several server-types (HTTP, FTP, mail, streaming, etc.) and other logfile sources (flow-tools, ipchains, PABXs): currently 24 parsers. It features incremental logfile processing and internal resolving, and is able the split (mass-hosting) and combine logfiles (clusters) internally. The output can be based on the internal template engine to generate your own look & feel.