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PHP Voice

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Project Release Information

2005-11-14 22:35
An improved menu module to support arrays as parameters with the ID of the menu. An improved home application with the new menu module.
2005-09-17 09:46
A new minilogin VoiceXML module and an example of an audiotel application.
2005-09-12 13:22
New documentation is available in PDF, CHM, and
HTML formats.
2005-09-11 15:42
The name of the main class was changed to
VoiceXML. A new framework was added. New modules
were added for record and transfer. The Naviguator
module was introduced. Two application for the
naviguator were added: musica and naviguate.
2004-11-19 19:56
This release replaces the error and welcome vxml modules with a message module. New vxml modules added: script, message, naviguator, noinput, nomatch, login, and menu. All samples code has been fixed. There are a lot of small fixes and improvements for the VoiceXML class.

Project Resources

Project Description

PHP Voice (formerly known as PHP VXML) contain four classes that assist in developing voice application using PHP. It supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language 1.0, Speech Recognition Grammar Specification 1.0, Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML 1.0, and Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.0.