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Remote Python Call

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Project Release Information

2012-03-05 04:48
This release fixes many issues with Python 3 compatibility.
2011-10-01 07:21
Python 3 support. New documentation and site. Many bugfixes/ SSH tunneling support. TLSlite support has been dropped.
2011-03-22 06:16
This release brings many improvements, bugfixes, better testing and better coding conventions, and a wide range of Python support (CPython 2.4-2.7, IronPython, and Jython).
2008-11-12 19:03
This release is a major redesign of the library,
adding security through capabilities, services,
and bugfixes. Full documentation and tutorials
(including a screencast) are now available online.
2006-05-19 19:00
This release adds DeliveringNamespace, LoginError (instead of tlslite's
internal errors), __version__, deliver (the counterpart of obtain,
which can now deliver and obtain functions as well), and isproxy (to
test whether an object is a proxy). It improves memory consumption with
__slots__ and the isinstance/issubclass mechanism.

Project Resources

Project Description

Remote Python Call (RPyC) is a transparent and symmetric Python library for RPC and distributed computing. It supports synchronous and asynchronous operation, callbacks, secure remote services, and transparent object proxying.