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Project Release Information

2009-06-01 18:04
Various enhancements and bugfixes were made, including support for UTF-8.
2004-10-07 09:10
This release fixed a large number of minor bugs.
Auto-fetching of articles with high scores in "true
offline" mode was implemented along with symbolic
names for function keys in the config file.
2003-08-27 17:00
This release offers "true offline reading" when
using slrn with slrnpull. Minor new features
include support for IPv6, server-recommended
Message-IDs, cancel locks, GNU TLS, and new
intrinsic functions. A number of bugs (including a
possibly remote-exploitable buffer overflow) have
been fixed, and new translations were added. The
reference manual has been restructured and the FAQ
was rewritten.
2002-03-14 17:14
This release contains lots of minor bugfixes
(including some rare segfaults) and improvements,
a new sorting implementation (allowing powerful
custom sorting), new translations (es, fr, ko),
and a few new intrinsic functions.
2001-11-06 00:13
This release has full gettext and automake support (Unix only), a function that shows which scorefile entries matched an article, an autosave feature for newsrc files, and a few new intrinsic functions, as well as many minor improvements. It also fixes some bugs and one security hole.

Project Resources

Project Description

SLRN is an NNTP-based newsreader for Unix, VMS, win32, BeOS, and OS/2 systems. Unlike many other newsreaders, SLRN supports color terminals and displays a thread tree.

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