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Project Release Information

2006-10-18 16:33
This version features Linux kernel,
6.9.0, Firefox 1.5, ICA client version 9, rdesktop
client version 1.5, unionFS, NoMachine NX client,
Cendio Thinlinc client, 2X ApplicationServer
client, USB support, client side sound, printing,
storage, and more.
2005-08-09 09:03
A large number of PCMCIA drivers were included. Some newly introduced PCMCIA problems were fixed and some changes were back-ported from 2.2
2005-06-28 12:42
The IceWM window manager, xtdesk desktop icons, PCMCIA support, wireless network support, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, integration with the ICA verion 9 client, an NX client, and rdesktop version 1.4.1 with native disk/sound/port-redirection were added. A lot of bugs were fixed.
2004-05-06 17:44
The Dillo and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers were
added to the contribs section. The Samba options
were improved, and a USB keyring can be mounted as
a Samba share. VT220 and TN5250 terminal emulators
were added. rdesktop was upgraded to version
1.3.1, which features 24-bit color and sound.
XFree86 was upgraded to 4.3.99.rc2. A bootable CD
that works everywhere (like Knoppix) can be
created. Lots of new keymaps were added. A boot
splash screen with a progress bar was added. A Web
Management package was added. Most software was
updated to the latest versions.
2004-04-16 20:14

Project Resources

Project Description

Thinstation is a mini Linux distribution that
enables you to convert standard PCs into
full-featured, diskless thin clients supporting
all major connectivity protocols like Windows
terminal services (RDP), Citrix Ica, X, NX,
telnet, ssh, etc. It can be booted from the
network using Etherboot/PXE or from standard media
like floppy/CD/hd/flash-disk etc. The
configuration is centralized to simplify terminal

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