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Project Release Information

2013-01-26 10:10
This release improves IPv6 support,

adds an Amd64 Debian/Ubuntu package,

fixes the connection viewer,

improves services support,

and adds rpfilter match support.
2012-09-01 07:08
IPv6 support was added. NFLOG support was added.
2009-10-24 22:06
Connection killing was improved. Dropping of invalid packets was made optional. Permission handling was improved. The Samba service was updated.
2009-04-24 23:34
This release adds a setup wizard, a workaround for a Jaunty bug, and
fixes for traffic volume monitoring.
2009-04-04 17:36
Traffic shaping handling was improved. Source port randomization support was added. Support for PMTU MSS clamping was added. Generating and installing of translations was fixed. There were many other small fixes.

Project Resources

Project Description

Vuurmuur is a firewall manager for Linux that supports IPv4, IPv6, and traffic shaping. It has powerful monitoring features for logging and live connections. It can be managed entirely through an Ncurses GUI, on the console, or through SSH.

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