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Wiaflos Accounting

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Project Release Information

2008-08-15 22:05
This release includes mostly bugfixes and
preliminary support for tracked transactions on
client GL accounts, allowing the allocation of
receipts to GL transactions.
2008-08-06 03:22
The templating engine is now based on Template-Toolkit.
2008-08-03 19:00
A few bugs were fixed in supplier credit notes.
The ability to link an inventory item to a GL
expense was added.
2008-01-11 09:55
Stripping of quantities from documents was fixed.
The format of displayed numbers was fixed.
2008-01-07 02:26
This release fixes invoices, statements, and receipting templates macros. It adds Invoicing, Receipting, and Statements configuration options. It fixes multiple ShipAddr bugs. It will sort statement items. It has a copyright update, SupplierCreditNotes enhancements, and a new SupplierReceipting module.

Project Resources

Project Description

Wiaflos Accounting is an attempt to create a
multi-platform server-client based accounting
system. The goal is to have a central accounting
engine which can either run on a dedicated server
or on the same PC as the client interface. A SOAP
API allows for the easy writing of GUI or Web
interfaces or for tying into in-house systems. It
is intended to be useful for everyone from
single-person organizations to multinational
corporate entities.

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