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Project Release Information

2011-02-21 20:22
This release fixes a segfault that was triggered in certain corner cases. It also fixes a memory leak and various other minor problems.
2011-02-08 23:00
This release adds a few minor new features. For example, ZUPS now allows for configuring additional SNMP agents, which will be used as fallback in case of connection problems or SNMP errors. Some OIDs that aren't provided by all SNMP agents are omitted from the queries. The PID file path can now be specified on the command line.
2006-08-30 22:03
This release lets autoconf set the pathnames used in the shutdown script. It also fixes a problem within the zupsd-init script that prevented it from working with bash.
2006-08-28 19:28

Project Resources

Project Description

ZUPS allows for monitoring the state of one or
more UPS devices using SNMP and executing
user-specified commands in case of power outage,
such as email notifications and controlled remote
host shutdowns. If the UPS devices are running on
battery, the shutdown commands are executed for an
arbitrary number of remote hosts, optionally with
some delay specified for each host. ZUPS can be
configured to ignore these delays and run the
specified commands immediately if the UPS devices
are running out of battery power. Custom plugins
can easily be added in order to perform other

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