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ChangeLog (Karesansui SRPM Releases - 1.0.0)

Karesansui 1.0.0 Release Notes
Karesansui is an open source virtualization management software
designed to make virtualization management more effecient.
This release note contains information about features, download
site, installation of Karesansui 1.0.0.

Official Site

- Install virtual guest OS, boot up, shutdown, reach the virtual
console directly from your web browser. For details:
Karesansui Project - Reference

- Karesansui is avilable as tar.gz, rpm, src.rpm, and install-pack.
Check it in: - Releases

- Bleeding edge unstable version of Karesansui is available from our
git repository.

- Tutorial guides through the process from installation to guest creation.
Karesansui Project - Tutorial

- Any kind of feedbacks are welcomed.
Karesansui Forum, Karesansui Mailing Lists

- We want to thank so much the contributers of these projects: Python, libvirt, webpy, flup, lighttpd, psycopg2, tightvncviewer, jquery, jquery.form.js, jquery-tablesort, jquery-plugin-autocomplete, jCarousel, ajax-upload.

Official Sponsor
- HDE Inc.

Karesansui Project

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