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Release Note (Karesansui Package Releases - 1.0.1)

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Karesansui 1.0.1 Release Notes
Karesansui is an open source virtualization management software
designed to make virtualization management more efficient.
This release note contains information about features, download
site, installation of Karesansui 1.0.1.

1.0.1 Improvements
Karesansui now works on CentOS5.3 64bit(x86_64), RHEL5.3 64bit(x86_64) and RHEL5.3 32bit(x86).
Added support for AMD Athlon64 or Opteron environment.
Added favicons.

Other Changes
Improves VNC console keyboard layout support.
Prevents host environment's FQDN from being resolved.
Highlights required items on input forms.
Buttons turn disabled not to be clicked after clicking at dialog window.

Fixed Issues
Karesansui now works when PostgreSQL is selected as database at the installation process.
Addresses an issue which could not reach the management console after resetting F/W.
Addresses an issue which could not move to other tabs while displaying guest console.
Delete button is now turned disabled after destroying resources.
Network configuration is now editable without errors.
Addresses an issue which occurs when job search is performanced many times.
Creating guest with empty value in "Memory Size" or "Disk Size" now works.
Prevent input data from being posted to other resources when enter key is pressed on input forms.
Improved a check logic about guest ID.
Improved error handling on nonexistent NIC.

Official Site
Useful information, contents and tools can be found in official site.
Check it out!

==== ====
- Supports Xen as hypervisor.
- Install virtual guest OS, boot up, shutdown, reach the virtual
console directly from your web browser.
For details:
Karesansui Project - Reference

Karesansui is available as tar.gz, rpm, src.rpm, and install-pack.
Check it in: - Releases

- Bleeding edge unstable version of Karesansui is available from our
git repository.

Tutorial guides through the process from installation to guest creation.
Karesansui Project - Tutorial

Any kind of feedbacks are welcomed.
Karesansui Forum, Karesansui Mailing Lists

We want to thank so much the contributers of these projects:

Python <>
libvirt <>
webpy <>
flup <>
lighttpd <>
psycopg2 <>
tightvncviewer <>
jquery <>
jquery.form <>
jquery-tablesort <>
jquery-plugin-autocomplete <>
jCarousel <>

Official Sponsor
HDE Inc.

Older Version
1.0.0 []

Karesansui Project

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