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LuaTeX-ja wiki

LuaTeX-ja is a macro package to typeset Japanese texts using Lua(La)TeX. A goal of this project is to provide an equal or superior typesetting system to ASCII pTeX, which is a traditional standard Japanese TeX engine.


At this moment, there is no stable version. You can download the latest versions from the Git repository.

LuaTeX-ja is also available from the following archive and distributions:

Present version of LuaTeX-ja requires the followings:

  • LuaTeX beta-0.74.0 or later
  • luaotfload package (v2.2 or later)
  • luatexbase package (v0.6 or later)

Also, three CMap files UniJIS2004-UTF32-{H,V} and Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 must be found by Kpathsea. You can check this by kpsewhich command:

$ kpsewhich -format=cmap  UniJIS2004-UTF32-H
$ kpsewhich -format=cmap  Adobe-Japan1-UCS2

Bug information

If you installed 20140114.0 and encountered a error like the following:


! LaTeX Error: Missing begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
l.34 \fontencoding{JY3}\selectfont
Then, please change the following line of ltj-jfont.lua
tex.sprint(cat_lp, (tostring(t):gsub('table: 0x','ltjaltfont')))
tex.sprint(cat_lp, (tostring(t):gsub('table: ",'ltjaltfont')))
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Notes for MiKTeX users

The first run of LuaTeX-ja (after installing or updating) requires that three CMap files, UniJIS2004-UTF32-{H,V} and Adobe-Japan1-UCS2, must be found from LuaTeX.

But it seems that MiKTeX does not satisfy this condition, so you will encounter an error like the following:

! LuaTeX error ...iles (x86)/MiKTeX 2.9/tex/luatex/luatexja/ltj-rmlgbm.lua
bad argument #1 to 'open' (string expected, got nil)

To resolve this error, please use the following batch file (you may need to edit second and third lines):

REM --------
set TEST=%TEMP%\ltj-test                
set MIKTEX="C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9"
set CMAP=%MIKTEX%\poppler\cMap
mkdir %TEST%
cd %TEST%

REM Japanese (required)
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Japan1\Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Japan1\UniJIS2004-UTF32-H .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Japan1\UniJIS2004-UTF32-V .
echo "\input luatexja.sty \end" | luatex

REM Korean
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Korea1\Adobe-Korea1-UCS2 .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Korea1\UniKS-UTF32-H .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-Korea1\UniKS-UTF32-V .
echo "\input luatexja.sty \jfont\test=psft:ltjtest:cid=Adobe-Korea1-2;jfm=jis \end" | luatex

REM Simplified Chinese
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-GB1\Adobe-GB1-UCS2 .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-GB1\UniGB-UTF32-H .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-GB1\UniGB-UTF32-V .
echo "\input luatexja.sty \jfont\test=psft:ltjtest:cid=Adobe-GB1-5;jfm=jis \end" | luatex

REM Traditional Chinese
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-CNS1\Adobe-CNS1-UCS2 .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-CNS1\UniCNS-UTF32-H .
copy %CMAP%\Adobe-CNS1\UniCNS-UTF32-V .
echo "\input luatexja.sty \jfont\test=psft:ltjtest:cid=Adobe-CNS1-5;jfm=jis \end" | luatex

REM cleanup
del /q /f %TEST%

REM --------

Documentation and talks

See Documentation page.


If you have questions or recognize bugs/have feature requests, we would like you to create a thread in the forum or a ticket in the way which SourceForge.JP supplies: