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ChangeLog (Mysaifu JVM - 0.4.8)

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  • FIXED: Illegal cast result float to interger types, and double to integer types. (Bug #20056)
  • FIXED: Illegal line number in stack trace message.(Bug #19442)
  • Support thread dump. (Feature request #19436)


  • FIXED: Cannot invoke a method whose parameter is multi-dimension array from JNI.(Bug #19967)

* Package java.awt

  • FIXED: Call GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow(Window) with hidden Window, and call Window.setVisible(true), but the Window does not in full screen mode.(Bug #19759)
  • FIXED: Unnecessary MouseEvents occurred when Tap and Hold.(Bug #20749)
  • FIXED: Window.getFont() and Frame.getFont() returns null.(Bug #20708)
  • FIXED: Font.canDisplayUpTo() always throws UnsupportedOperationException.(Bug #20510)

* Package java.lang

* Package java.nio

* Package

* Package javax.swing

  • FIXED: Divider of JSplitPane is too thin.(Bug #19447) (Caused by Bug #20056)

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