Platform Info (BIOS)

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Sorted by BIOS release date

Vendor Type P/N BIOS Version BIOS Date TPM HDD Boot USB Boot CD Boot Comments
Panasonic W4 CF-W4HW8AXR? V1.00L11 ? Infineon v1.1b? ? ? NG no TCGBIOS
IBM Thinkpad X31 2672CBJ 1QET78WW (2.15 ) 11/18/2004 Atmel v1.1b OK(3) NG(1)
IBM Thinkpad T42 2373J8J 1RETDNWW (3.19 ) 10/13/2005 Atmel v1.1b OK(3) NG(1)
DELL OptiPlex GX620OptiPlex GX620 A07 03/31/2006 ST Micro v1.2? ? NG(7) NG(6)
IBM Thinkpad T43 266872J 1YET65WW (1.29 ) 08/21/2006 NG(2,3) NG(1,2)
Lenovo Thinkpad T60 20076EJ 79ETC9WW (2.09 ) 12/22/2006 Atmel v1.2 OK(3) NG(1) Pls. update BIOS
Lenovo Thinkpad T60p 8741JMJ 7IET23WW (1.04 ) 12/27/2006 Atmel v1.2 OK(3) NG(1) Pls. update BIOS
Lenovo Thinkpad X60 1706Q6J 7BETC7WW (2.18 ) 03/07/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK OK? (9 to use XGA), Video: Intel GMA 950
Lenovo ThinkCenter M55 879998J 2JKT32AUS 03/13/2007 Atmel NG(1) (9,12), Video: Intel GMA 3000
Panasonic Y7 CF-Y7AWDAJS V1.00L11 04/11/2007 Infineon v1.2 OK OK
IBM Thinkpad T42 2373J8J 1RETDRWW (3.23 ) 06/18/2007 Atmel v1.1b OK(3) NG? NG(1)
Fujitsu Lifebook S2210 CP327301 V1.09 06/21/2007 Infineon v1.2 OK? OK? NG(5) (8), AMD SKINIT
DELL OptiPlex 755 OptiPlex 755 A01 08/10/2007 ? NG(5) (9)
GREATWALL BYOSOFT BIOS VERSION P5GATB23.225 Tiano.PreRelease0_7.EFI1.10 IA32 07/11/2007 v1.2 NG NG NG (7)
HP dc7800p GC760AV 786F1 v01.04 08/27/2007 NG(4) NG(4) (9,10,11)
Lenovo Thinkpad T60 20076EJ 79ETD9WW (2.19 ) 09/19/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK(3) OK OK
Lenovo Thinkpad T60p 8741JMJ 7IET31WW (1.12 ) 09/19/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK(3) OK OK
Panasonic W7 CF-W7BWHAJS V1.00L10 09/28/2007 Infineon v1.2 OK
Lenovo Thinkpad X61 76735BJ 7NET29WW (1.10 ) 10/22/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK? OK? OK (9 to use XGA), Video: Intel GMA 3100
Lenovo Thinkpad T61 645948J 7LETA7WW (2.07 ) 12/06/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK Video: nVidia Quadro NVS 140M
DELL OptiPlex 745 OptiPlex 745 2.6.1 12/06/2007 Atmel v1.2 OK? NG(5)
Intel DQ35JO v.0745 01/02/2008 v1.2 NG(4, Use USB-CD/DVD drive to boot, but slow) (9,10)
DELL Latitude D830 Latitude D830 A08 01/14/2008 Broadcom v1.2 OK? NG(5)
Lenovo ThinkCenter M57 6062A16 2RKT37AUS 01/25/2008 Winbond(WEC) NG(1) (9,12), Video: Intel GMA 3100
Intel DQ35JO v.0865 04/04/2008 Winbond(WEC) v1.2 NG(4,5) NG(4,5) tested by UbuntuHardy
Lenovo ThinkPad X200 6062A16 6DET28WW (1.05 ) 07/30/2008 Intel(INTC0102) OK ? OK (13), Video: Intel GMA 4500
Lenovo ThinkPad W500/T500/T400? Intel(INTC0102) ? ? ? (13)
Xen HVM DomU 3.2.0 3.2.0 N/A ETHZ v1.2 (TPM Emulator) OK VMKNOPPIX

  1. TCGBIOS do wrong measurement of CD Boot Image
  2. TCGBIOS can't use PCR #>7
  3. Measure 446 bytes of MBR
  4. Some trouble around TGCBIOS Int 1Ah Call (but MS BitLocker(R) may work)
  5. not measure MBR or El Torito Boot Image
  6. KNOPPIX511, Boot Fail
  7. No TCGBIOS?
  8. Linux 2.6.19, TPM drivers are not work
  9. Use kernel option, xmodule=vesa screen=1024x768, to enable X-Window
  10. Use kernel option, nopcmcia acpi=off, to boot the kenrel
  11. Use kernel option, tpm_tis.force=1 tpm_tis.interrupts=0, to enable the tpm driver
  12. Use kernel option, vsync=60 hsync=80, to enable X-Window
  13. Linux 2.6.27, TPM TIS driver does not support this chip (Intel Integrated TPM in GM45(Montevina) chipset)