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Release Note (separate-plus - 0.5.8)

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Major changes

  • Enable to separate a layer containing the alpha channel and to create transparent TIFF files.
  • Support Little CMS version 2 (lcms2). When you build, you can choose either version 1.x (lcms) or lcms2.
  • Change the design of Profile selection dialog to let you know the information of the profile in detail.
  • Fix a problem that the deficiency of data check when the name acquisition of ICC profiles may cause a crash from altered ICC profiles.
  • Fix a problem that a x86_64 binary crashes in Mac OS X.


Limitations about the version of Little CMS

Some of the contents of the information indication of the profile in Profile Choice dialog are different between when you use lcms and when you use lcms2.

In addition, dithering is not available currently in lcms2.

Limitations about the export of transparent images

It is only to TIFF format that you can export transparent images containing the alpha channel.

JPEG format images cannot contain the alpha channel. In addition, because Photoshop PSD format requires outputting the data structure of the layer, the support was postponed this time.

Win32 binaries

Win32 binaries files for lcms and lcms2 were included in the beta release, but only for lcms is included in the final version. The binaries for lcms2 should be downloaded separately.

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