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Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver lp_solve solves pure linear, (mixed) integer/binary, semi-cont and special ordered sets (SOS) models.lp_solve is written in ANSI C and can be compiled on many different platforms like Linux and WINDOWS


windows Windows lp_solve_5.5.2.0_IDE_Setup.exe (Date: 2010-08-12, Size: 2.1 MB)
mac Mac lp_solve_5.5.2.0_exe_osx32.tar.gz (Date: 2010-08-12, Size: 645.1 KB)
linux Linux lp_solve_5.5.2.0_exe_ux32.tar.gz (Date: 2010-08-12, Size: 858.0 KB)

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2010-02-05 20:05
Review by Anonymous

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The product is good.
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