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[RSS]Release Details: Wrapper / Wrapper バージョン 3.5.14

Release Info

Release Date: 2012-02-09 12:00

System Requirements

Operating System: MacOSX, POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), Windows
The Java Service Wrapper is released in the Community Edition (GPLv2) as well as Standard and Professional Editions (Commercial License). Community Editions can be found here along with its source. The Standard and Professional Editions are downloaded from the Wrapper web site. (

The "Wrapper" package contains the binary distributions for each platform. The delta-pack is a distribution that contains all supported platforms in one place, and is useful if you wish to redistribute the Community Edition Wrapper with an open source project. The Standard and Professional Editions can be used to distribute the Wrapper with commercial applications.

The "Wrapperソース" package contains the full Community Edition source.

The "Wrapperプリリリース" package is a partial Community Edition source distribution that can be used to quickly build a release by only compiling the C source for a given platform.


Name Size D/L
Wrapperスタンダード版とプロフェッショナル版は本家サイト上からどうぞ.txt 0.8 KB 2
wrapper-aix-ppc-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 482.4 KB 4
wrapper-aix-ppc-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 491.5 KB 1
wrapper-delta-pack-3.5.14.tar.gz 3.4 MB 2 3.4 MB 1
wrapper-freebsd-x86-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 429.5 KB 5
wrapper-freebsd-x86-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 449.0 KB  
wrapper-hpux-ia-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 524.9 KB 4
wrapper-hpux-ia-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 676.7 KB 4
wrapper-hpux-parisc-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 527.8 KB  
wrapper-hpux-parisc-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 526.8 KB 1
wrapper-linux-ia-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 499.4 KB 2
wrapper-linux-ppc-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 450.1 KB  
wrapper-linux-ppc-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 450.1 KB 3
wrapper-linux-x86-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 441.3 KB 8
wrapper-linux-x86-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 449.8 KB 17
wrapper-macosx-universal-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 532.8 KB 3
wrapper-macosx-universal-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 546.7 KB  
wrapper-solaris-sparc-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 460.9 KB 6
wrapper-solaris-sparc-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 466.4 KB 2
wrapper-solaris-x86-32-3.5.14.tar.gz 443.9 KB  
wrapper-solaris-x86-64-3.5.14.tar.gz 459.3 KB 4 587.4 KB 51
wrapper-windows-x86-64は本家サイト上からどうぞ.txt 0.7 KB 19

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