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wificardmanager(sfnet) wificardmanager A command-line windows application to manage wi... DOWNLOAD
sentensa(sfnet) Sentensa SENTENSA Knowledge Miner is a platform independ... DOWNLOAD
vibase(sfnet) ViBase A system independent, object-oriented database ... DOWNLOAD
robotinics(sfnet) Robotinics O Robotinics é um projeto para construção de um... DOWNLOAD
flowchartvisualprogramming(sfnet) Flowchart Visual Programming DOWNLOAD
djperf-osc(sfnet) DJPerformer Digital Java Performer for OSC is an open sourc... DOWNLOAD
funlogon(sfnet) FunLogon Universal login-script processor for windows NT... DOWNLOAD
qt4tasks(sfnet) NAnt Qt4 tasks Enables NAnt to build C++ projects, and has spe... DOWNLOAD
dayta(sfnet) dayta dayta contains several products for integration... DOWNLOAD
geolocation(sfnet) IP2Location IP2Location is an open-source API to look up lo... DOWNLOAD
sqltoxmlconverter(sfnet) SQL To XML Converter DOWNLOAD
mbass(sfnet) mbass - Pd object bass drum synthesizer Full featured analogue modeled bass drum synthe... DOWNLOAD
ext2hide(sfnet) ext2hide ext2hide allows users and administrators to uti... DOWNLOAD
speedbasic(sfnet) SpeedBasic SpeedBasic Translator. Converts basic oop synta... DOWNLOAD
handreview(sfnet) Poker hand reviewer A program to allow users to browse poker hands ... DOWNLOAD
opoopress(sfnet) opoopress DOWNLOAD
tankclient(sfnet) TankClient DOWNLOAD
ts3gamevoice(sfnet) TeamSpeak 3 SideWinder Game Voice Plugin This TeamSpeak 3 plugin provides support for th... DOWNLOAD
snaputils(sfnet) SysSnap A Process viewer, a Service viewer and a Startu... DOWNLOAD
blueleech(sfnet) BlueLeech BlueLeech is an open source program which start... DOWNLOAD
cs5208qp(sfnet) queryprocessing database query processing DOWNLOAD
hsnfs(sfnet) Free Sudoku by HSN FreeSudoku based on the original Sudoku game. N... DOWNLOAD
vh-crypto000001(sfnet) vH Crypto API for Java Being that Sun\'s Java Cryptography Extension (... DOWNLOAD
grindars-os(sfnet) GrindarsOS GrindarsOS - 32bit protect-mode one-task operat... DOWNLOAD
nokaut(sfnet) Data exchange scripts, API examples and documen... DOWNLOAD
kppack(sfnet) Kpiwara Pack Software package for biological sequence analys... DOWNLOAD
xrf(sfnet) XRF XRF - XeXXXX Rex Fulmen (King Flash) is a small... DOWNLOAD
circuitchung(sfnet) circuit_chung circuit chung is an open source 3D circuit road... DOWNLOAD
csharpemu(sfnet) cemu Interpreter języka C# w języku JAVA Interpreter... DOWNLOAD
rur(sfnet) recently used recorder 'rur' is a very simple library that you can use... DOWNLOAD
nxtcommand(sfnet) iCommand iCommand is a Java API for controlling the Lego... DOWNLOAD
sonic(sfnet) Sonic Pong Sonic Pong is a fan-game based on Sonic The Hed... DOWNLOAD
my-list-fifo(sfnet) my-list-fifo list fifo template implements in C DOWNLOAD
mstp-lib(sfnet) mstp-lib A C++ cross-platform implementation of the Mult... DOWNLOAD
foocrypt(sfnet) foo crypt foo crypt, A Tale of cynical cyclical encryptio... DOWNLOAD
sssssssss(sfnet) sssssssss
cannagrower(sfnet) CannaGrower This software enable cannabis grower to manage ... DOWNLOAD
byblox(sfnet) byblox byblox is a PHP application conceived for munic... DOWNLOAD
carbonmod(sfnet) CarbonMod DOWNLOAD
icanhascpp(sfnet) IcanhasCPP A CPP noob trying to be better. This project is...
adminsistyredes(sfnet) Adminsistyredes DOWNLOAD
officeadmin(sfnet) office admin management Every company has requirment to manage the shar... DOWNLOAD
graphic-forms(sfnet) Graphic-Forms Graphic-Forms is a Common Lisp library for Wind... DOWNLOAD
tbase(sfnet) TBase J2EE servlet MVC framework supporting dynamic c... DOWNLOAD
jtourney(sfnet) JTourney Manage game tournaments: Seating, scoresheets, ... DOWNLOAD
gtkshots(sfnet) gtkShots GTKShots is a python/gtk program to grab multip... DOWNLOAD
installinux(sfnet) Easy linux installer This program, by default, will help you updatin... DOWNLOAD
trollrpg(sfnet) TrollRPG TrollRPG is a network application based around ... DOWNLOAD
gripie(sfnet) GripIE GripIE is an AJAX extension for Internet Explor... DOWNLOAD
asposeeclipse(sfnet) Aspose for Eclipse Aspose for Eclipse project enables Eclipse IDE ... DOWNLOAD
gxlibrary(sfnet) gxLibrary : C++ (CUDA+AMP+CPU) Helps to program ( in C++) simulations or long-... DOWNLOAD
osttopstconvertersoftware(sfnet) OST to PST Converter Software OST TO PST converter is 100% Safe and Secure OS... DOWNLOAD
exchangeostrecovery(sfnet) Exchange OST Recovery It is possible to convert OST files to PST file... DOWNLOAD
xhtmltemplator(sfnet) PHP&XML Templating System This is a templating system written in PHP, it ... DOWNLOAD
bot-msn(sfnet) Dark Forge Bot IMPORTANT This project is no longer actively be... DOWNLOAD
favoriteorg(sfnet) favoriteorg Organize your favorites and/or bookmarks. https... DOWNLOAD
customizedkali(sfnet) Özelleştirilmiş Kali İmajları Kali Linux v1.0.7 Özelleştirilmiş ISO Kalıpları... DOWNLOAD
n2r-multilite(sfnet) N2R MULTILITE Looking for a software that has multiple applic... DOWNLOAD
gmailpasswordrecovery(sfnet) Gmail Password Recovery We have always seen that ulterior user run off ... DOWNLOAD
spire(sfnet) Spire Spire is a print stream converter/manipulator. ... DOWNLOAD
gnome-shell-extension-taskbar(sfnet) GNOME Shell Extension TaskBar DOWNLOAD
mingro(sfnet) Mingro A collection of templates and units to help usi... DOWNLOAD
jnc-api(sfnet) JNC-API The Java Nessus Client API is a Nessus Transfer... DOWNLOAD
echo2gantt(sfnet) Echo2 Gantt Echo2 is the next-generation of the Echo Web Fr... DOWNLOAD
dwworkflow(sfnet) DwWorkflow Datawarehouse process workflow server and gener... DOWNLOAD
datsearcher(sfnet) NekoCatalogo Este es un basico Script que permite mostrar to... DOWNLOAD
mercury-ant(sfnet) Mercury-Ant Mercury-Ant is a framework of directory structu... DOWNLOAD
bci(sfnet) Bicubic Interpolation Library libbci is an interpolation library based on the... DOWNLOAD
villupuramrun(sfnet) Villupuram Run For Java Mobile Games For Vijayanna DOWNLOAD
e-sync(sfnet) E-Syncronisation esync-perl is a tool, which is designed to up-/... DOWNLOAD
nspode(sfnet) nspode nspode is a external component (library) develo... DOWNLOAD
ipod-mount(sfnet) ipod-mount ipod-mount is a small package that will be used... DOWNLOAD
jdbctools(sfnet) JDBCTools Collection of classes that make it more conveni... DOWNLOAD
draw(sfnet) draw vector graphics draw program written in java DOWNLOAD
sowa(sfnet) Sowa Sowa is modular CMS written in java. It's for a... DOWNLOAD
ipsone(sfnet) IPSOne IPSOne is a open-source client to provide a IPS... DOWNLOAD
semimulator(sfnet) SemiMulator A simple simulator using obstacles and vehicles... DOWNLOAD
gallerie2(sfnet) gallerie2 Gallerie2 is a web-application written in PHP t... DOWNLOAD
labwiki(sfnet) LabWiki Luke Blanshard's plugins for TiddlyWiki (see ti... DOWNLOAD
ragrotz(sfnet) Ragrotz A fast-paced arcade multiplayer game, which rel... DOWNLOAD
mangagrapper(sfnet) mangagrapper An application that allows you to download mang... DOWNLOAD
remviewer(sfnet) remviewer RemViewer is a 'bycicle' for remote controlling... DOWNLOAD
pazaakserver(sfnet) Pazaak Cantina Server PHP and MySQL based Server for Pazaak Cantina v...
jvxonlinehelp(sfnet) JVx OnlineHelp An Online Help system created with Vaadin DOWNLOAD
iky(sfnet) iky Provides local & web content (html, pdf, rs... DOWNLOAD
becpg-community(sfnet) beCPG PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) beCPG is an open source Product Lifecycle Manag... DOWNLOAD
douanecalc(sfnet) douanecalc Ce programme permet à un agent de douane ou un ... DOWNLOAD
opusminer(sfnet) OPUS Miner OPUS Miner finds self-sufficient itemsets. Thes... DOWNLOAD
rocfpp(sfnet) Roc Enterprise Dev-platform Roc is a J2EE/Ajax framework for enterprise rap... DOWNLOAD
nsispatchgen(sfnet) NSIS Patch Generator The nsisPatchGen utility recursively compares t... DOWNLOAD
isharp(sfnet) I Sharp A platform neutral Interpreter for Kids, Scient... DOWNLOAD
nitrito(sfnet) Nitrito Nitrito is a 3D car-arcade game, that provide a... DOWNLOAD
ftp-ssl(sfnet) ftp-ssl OS portable FTP server with SSL security. DOWNLOAD
countlines-py(sfnet) A Python script that counts lines in text files. DOWNLOAD
vinetto(sfnet) vinetto Vinetto is a tool intended for forensics examin... DOWNLOAD
penmaboard(sfnet) penmaBoard penmaBoard is a bulletin board software which i... DOWNLOAD
isis2sql(sfnet) isis2sql Isis2Sql is a bunch of tools suitable to export... DOWNLOAD
zipper00(sfnet) End User Java ZIp Compressor A Zip/Jar Compressor developed in java for End ... DOWNLOAD
ambit(sfnet) AMBIT:Chemical Structure DB&Web Service AMBIT offers chemoinformatics functionality via... DOWNLOAD
jangkar(sfnet) Jangkar Merupakan distro remastering orang rembang indo... DOWNLOAD

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