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snmpgraph(sfnet) SNMPGraph SNMPGraph is a simple graphing tool for SNMP in... DOWNLOAD
www-get(freshmeat) WWW-Get WWW-Get can download complete Web sites to a di... DOWNLOAD
surfviz(sfnet) SurfViz Application to organize your(listed)eMule serve... DOWNLOAD
ushar(sfnet) Ushare Ushare is a script to make a Linksharing websit... DOWNLOAD
eekeeper(sfnet) EE Keeper EE Keeper is saved game editor for Baldur's Gat... DOWNLOAD
gt-jdbc-korean(sfnet) gt-jdbc-korean The Development of Domestic Spatial DBMS Driver... DOWNLOAD
smartide(sfnet) SmartIDE SmartIDE is a very simple, yet extremely powerf... DOWNLOAD
mimiek(sfnet) Mimiek Mimiek is a gui for administrating QEMU virtual... DOWNLOAD
sgjq(sfnet) sgjq SiGuoJunQi(四国军棋) is a chinese traditional b... DOWNLOAD
icqbotd(sfnet) icqbotd icqbotd - icq "bot" with plugins support DOWNLOAD
iastrohub(sfnet) iAstroHub iAstroHub is: - the world's first solution for ... DOWNLOAD
ios7inhouse(sfnet) ios7_inhouse DOWNLOAD
ultimaterom-n9005(sfnet) Ultimate Rom SM-N9005 KitKat SM-N9005 Custom Rom Work in progress...... DOWNLOAD
vbnetassocarray(sfnet) VB.NET Associative Array Class A VB.NET class to create easly associative arra... DOWNLOAD
serverorchestrator(sfnet) Cluster Orchestrator The Orchestrator server is responsible for lunc...
ebrigade(sfnet) eBrigade eBrigade est une application web qui permet la ... DOWNLOAD
xfactor(sfnet) XFactor XFactor is a Gnutella file sharing client which... DOWNLOAD
spacewalk(freshmeat) Spacewalk Spacewalk is a Linux and Solaris systems manage... DOWNLOAD
dvb-ws-linux(sfnet) DVB WebScheduler for Linux This is a port of the popular DVB Web Scheduler... DOWNLOAD
copher(sfnet) copher Automates management of projects on sourceforg... DOWNLOAD
qnetlogger(sfnet) QNetLogger The wildly popular application on Windows calle... DOWNLOAD
navigationalalgorithms(sfnet) Navigational Algorithms - Celestial Navigation: Sight Reduction, Line O... DOWNLOAD
fast-fedora-pl(sfnet) FAST (PL) Jest to program instalujacy kilka najwazni... DOWNLOAD
npl-lang(sfnet) npl NPL is a programming language designed to ease ... DOWNLOAD
metroideclipse(sfnet) Metroid: Eclipse A side-scrolling game made with GameMaker based... DOWNLOAD
starpy(sfnet) StarPy Asterisk Protocols for Twisted Twisted protocols providing access to the Aster... DOWNLOAD
columns(sfnet) Columns This is Columns, the game. The player can manip... DOWNLOAD
delphiphpform(sfnet) DelphiPHPForm DelphiPHPForm is a small and simple Delphi DFM ... DOWNLOAD
genarm(sfnet) Generator ARM This software generate a complete project for A... DOWNLOAD
javacom(sfnet) JavaCom Server/client chat environment that allows a ... DOWNLOAD
dx2dlib(sfnet) DirectX9 2D Library The DirectX 2D Library provides support for cre... DOWNLOAD
replaytool(sfnet) Replaytool Replaytool provides an environment for the repl... DOWNLOAD
tskim(sfnet) T(a)S(hi)K(ai) Instant Messenger tskIM is an Instant Messenger service which wil... DOWNLOAD
sumjode(sfnet) JODE2 The only differerence from previous version of ... DOWNLOAD
luksus(freshmeat) Luksus Luksus makes it quick and easy to create encryp... DOWNLOAD
gmckompendium(sfnet) GMCKompendium GMCKompendium is a database application dedicat... DOWNLOAD
rdpman(sfnet) RDPMan RDPMan is a simple utility to manage your remot... DOWNLOAD
ngale(sfnet) Nightingale Nightingale is a community created fork of the ... DOWNLOAD
mila-ajax-map(sfnet) Mila_Ajax_Map Mila Ajax Map is an AJAX web application that m... DOWNLOAD
mp3catalog(sfnet) MP3catalog MP3catalog is a program, to store information a... DOWNLOAD
altruby(sfnet) AltRuby Ok AltRuby is very small. and I made it mostly ... DOWNLOAD
advance-project(sfnet) ADVANCE Public resources of the ADVANCE European FP7 pr... DOWNLOAD
dapta(sfnet) DAPTA DAPTA (Distributed AdaPtive Triangulation Algor... DOWNLOAD
glwt(sfnet) OpenGL Window Toolkit GLWT is a API to build OpenGL app,like famous G... DOWNLOAD
esearch(sfnet) esearch esearch is an extensible firefox-like searchbar... DOWNLOAD
industrytycoon(sfnet) Modern Industry Tycoon In these Project we will try to create a new Ga... DOWNLOAD
pmlunit(sfnet) PMLUnit Unit testing framework for PDMS/PML DOWNLOAD
japs(sfnet) Entando Entando is the leading lean Open Source portal ... DOWNLOAD
pcdoctorgt(sfnet) PCDoctorGT Aplikácia na liečenie počítača, jeho údržbu a o... DOWNLOAD
twip(sfnet) TwiP "Tests with Parameters" allows you to... DOWNLOAD
consolewidget(sfnet) consolewidget Route the Console and Debug output of .NET to y... DOWNLOAD
fontforgebuilds(sfnet) FontForge Windows builds The aim of this project is to compile up-to-dat... DOWNLOAD
projectmars(sfnet) Project Mars Simple MIDP2.0 shoot'em-up game to study MIDP, ... DOWNLOAD
helen(sfnet) Helen Helen provides a Java Programming Language fram... DOWNLOAD
battleforge(sfnet) BFS-C3: Strategy-Tool (BattleTech) C3 is a simulation of the BattleTech-Universe, ...
vhostbot(sfnet) VhostBot A vhost services management script for IRC eggd... DOWNLOAD
phpcolleague(sfnet) phpColleague With phpColleague you can manage the colleagues... DOWNLOAD
androidonbeaglebonebtutorials(sfnet) Android on Beaglebone Black Tutorials These tutorials includes: Create SDCard with An... DOWNLOAD
vhostd(sfnet) Vhostd - MySQL/Apache Vhost Interface MySQL-Apache Interface for generating vhosts fr... DOWNLOAD
openmaint(sfnet) openMAINT openMAINT is an enterprise open source solution... DOWNLOAD
tictactoesimple(sfnet) Tic Tac Toe - Simple Simple Tic Tac Toe Game For Android User to Use... DOWNLOAD
scalago(sfnet) Scala Go An implementation of GTP and SGF in Scala. Mai... DOWNLOAD
yougenmap(sfnet) yougenmap YouGenMap is a genetic map viewer that allows u... DOWNLOAD
anybackup(sfnet) AnyBackup AnyBackup is designed to keep two pools of volu... DOWNLOAD
icqkid2(sfnet) ICQKID2 ICQKID2 is crossplatform library which presents... DOWNLOAD
fractopt(sfnet) Fractal Optimizer This project aims at creating a software dedica... DOWNLOAD
gsa-japi(sfnet) Google Search Appliance Java API A Java library as a wrapper for the Google Sear... DOWNLOAD
ddachurch(sfnet) Distroy Da Church This is a game where you are an antichristand y... DOWNLOAD
htaxess(sfnet) htAxess htAxess manages .htaccess/.htpasswd protection ... DOWNLOAD
muzaq(sfnet) Muzaq Muzaq is a musical and graphical library for th... DOWNLOAD
jphwebpad(sfnet) Jphweb pad A Text editing program with the "Jphweb Te... DOWNLOAD
chakra-linux-pf(sfnet) Chakra Linux-PF Linux-pf is a kernel package based on the stock... DOWNLOAD
directorystructuretojson(sfnet) Directory Structure To Json Just select any folder from your computer and s... DOWNLOAD
mooz(sfnet) Mooz A versatile desktop magnifying glass. Customiza... DOWNLOAD
open303(sfnet) Open303 Open303 is a free, open source emulation of the... DOWNLOAD
miagameon(sfnet) MIA GameOn - Light version MIA GameOn is a Linux based operating system th... DOWNLOAD
internetsharing(sfnet) Internet Sharing "Internet Sharing " software is built... DOWNLOAD
tgiott(sfnet) TGIOTT - The Guestbook Is On The Table This is a multi-language and full customizalbe ... DOWNLOAD
jdg-qos-script(freshmeat) Jim diGriz's QoS Script What makes this QoS script different than many ... DOWNLOAD
sylexphpforms(sfnet) Sylex PHP forms Is a collection of PHP classes understood to cr... DOWNLOAD
unmazed(sfnet) Unmazed Unmazed implements an interpreter for a scripti... DOWNLOAD
libepubgen(sfnet) libepubgen DOWNLOAD
factor(sfnet) Factor programming language SourceForge sucks big time, so we only use the ... DOWNLOAD
paagent(sfnet) pa-agent an agent for passing through and accelerating n... DOWNLOAD
ramust(sfnet) RAM Usage Scan Tool The RAM Usage Scan tool is a simple C based com... DOWNLOAD
notepadsf(sfnet) Notepad for Smartphone 2003 Notepad application for Smartphone 2003 DOWNLOAD
chorderator(sfnet) The Chorderator Chord Generator This is an algorithmic chord generator for stri... DOWNLOAD
cfsst(sfnet) Compressed File System Sizing Tool The Compressed File System Sizing Tool scans a ... DOWNLOAD
cevideocore(sfnet) cevideocore Provides support for video streams to an window... DOWNLOAD
safemicrofin(sfnet) S.A.F.E. Open Source Microfinance Suite S.A.F.E. is a "Open Source Microfinance Su... DOWNLOAD
wowyagh(sfnet) Yet another group healer Yagh (Yet another group healer) is a addon for ... DOWNLOAD
jmovie(sfnet) jMovie jMovie is a movie collection manager that simpl... DOWNLOAD
ibzedit(sfnet) iBZEdit A macintosh map creator for BZFlag. Includes iB... DOWNLOAD
easyfileexc(sfnet) EFE - Easy FileExchange this programm is kind of the minimum to exchang... DOWNLOAD
liquidusfluiddynamicsdemo(sfnet) Liquidus Fluid Dynamics (Demo) Newtonian fluid sandbox + game w/ OpenGL/GLSL/O... DOWNLOAD
ep2p(sfnet) easy p2p Easy P2P is a peer to peer filetransfer and cha... DOWNLOAD
xen4centos6-x86-32(sfnet) Xen4Centos6-x86_32 32bit Xen RPMS for Centos6 i686 DOWNLOAD
group-office(freshmeat) GroupOffice groupware and CRM GroupOffice is a groupware suite that takes you... DOWNLOAD
intervals(freshmeat) Interval arithmetic for Ada The library provides an implementation of inter... DOWNLOAD
xios-cpp(sfnet) xios-cpp This project gives the opportunity to student t... DOWNLOAD

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