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imgchilidownloader(sfnet) imgchili.Downloader imgchili.Downloader is the fast and convenient ... DOWNLOAD
cupp(sfnet) cupp DOWNLOAD
ezmangareader(sfnet) ezMangaReader It provides a more (IMHO) userfriendly interfac... DOWNLOAD
xero(sfnet) Xero A collection of scripts (PHP/SQL) that i have m... DOWNLOAD
ftp-client-iut(sfnet) FTP client - simple programming Our client supports the following commands: The... DOWNLOAD
patang(sfnet) Patang Patang is a framework for testing server-side c... DOWNLOAD
curtsezclient(sfnet) Curts EZ Client Curts EZ Client - Runescape Client with many us... DOWNLOAD
profilemanager(sfnet) ProfileManager ProfileManager is a little utility for windows ... DOWNLOAD
crystal-cursor(sfnet) Crystal Cursor A cursor beautify tool with multiple follow cur... DOWNLOAD
oaip(sfnet) OAIP OAIP - OpenGL Accelerated Image Presenter is a ... DOWNLOAD
djmix(sfnet) DJMix DJMix is an API for mixing sounds like MP3's fi... DOWNLOAD
swlogger(sfnet) Stopwatch Logger Graphical or terminal-based stopwatch with many... DOWNLOAD
gdcwin(sfnet) GCC D Compiler for Windows GCC D Compiler (GDC) for Windows (NT-XP) See al... DOWNLOAD
jsfspringhib(sfnet) JSFSpringHib DOWNLOAD
application-database(sfnet) Resources Extended IO, Graph Database Wrapper and more us... DOWNLOAD
eluminate(sfnet) Eluminate Display System Eluminate is a system for building desktop &quo... DOWNLOAD
lamprad(sfnet) LAMPRAD The goal of LAMPRAD is to provide Cluster-able ... DOWNLOAD
dub(sfnet) dub >>>>>>>>>>>>...
colleaf(sfnet) Colleaf A simple note collaboration system, with passwo... DOWNLOAD
gamblekit(sfnet) GambleKit GambleKit is a free open-source C++ object orie... DOWNLOAD
mvule(sfnet) mvule A ready to use user-interface application for v... DOWNLOAD
ultrabeeper(sfnet) Ultra Beeper Ultra Beeper is small piece of software that al... DOWNLOAD
projectswithmikroe597(sfnet) Projects with MIKROE-597 Projects with MIKROE-597. DOWNLOAD
omuscd(sfnet) omuscd omuscd is an User Space Cluster Daemon for use ... DOWNLOAD
s3mockup(sfnet) S3Mockup S3 Mockup is an Amazon S3 emulator we develop f... DOWNLOAD
animatormirai(sfnet) AnimatorMirai AnimatorMirai is a simple 2D Animation Editor, ... DOWNLOAD
psycops(sfnet) psycops Python library for use in the generation of cso... DOWNLOAD
open-sh(sfnet) open-sh "open" is a shell script which opens ... DOWNLOAD
sitefile(sfnet) sitefile A directory-based website tool that's as easy a... DOWNLOAD
nomemory(sfnet) NoMemory NoMemory is a simple Mono/GTK# to-do list. DOWNLOAD
spv2(sfnet) SPv2 World of Warcraft mod for dealing with DKP DOWNLOAD
get-mp3-info(sfnet) CData Getter 2006 by MiKe CData Getter 2006 by MiKe is a shell script tha... DOWNLOAD
openwebservo(sfnet) Open WebServo OpenWebServo is an Open Source Hardware and Sof... DOWNLOAD
hswing(sfnet) hswing HSwing is java swing library for databound prop... DOWNLOAD
octod(sfnet) octod The Octopus Daemon (octod) is a network control... DOWNLOAD
jchm(sfnet) JChm JChm is a java program to read chm file. It is ... DOWNLOAD
mailartilce(sfnet) Mailarticle MailArticle is a PHP content management system ... DOWNLOAD
slidewriter(sfnet) SlideWriter SlideWriter is an Ink and Gesture based present... DOWNLOAD
wxremind(sfnet) wxRemind wxRemind is a wxPython-based front-end for Remi... DOWNLOAD
free-marketing(sfnet) Free Marketing Project A Vuze BitTorrent plugin to make possible free ... DOWNLOAD
gpuminer(sfnet) gpuminer gpuminer is a multi-threaded, highly optimized ...
msys2(sfnet) MSYS2 MSYS2 is an updated, modern version of MSYS, bo... DOWNLOAD
commonetl(sfnet) common-etl This project is meant to do all the dirty threa... DOWNLOAD
networkcloudcube2(sfnet) Network Cloud Cube-2 Network Cloud Cube-2 is the concept of network ... DOWNLOAD
psycoma(sfnet) PSyCoMa PSyCoMa is a utility for managing scientific co... DOWNLOAD
msvlib(sfnet) msvlib Crossplatfrom library (Windows Studio 2003-2008... DOWNLOAD
tskreator(sfnet) Ts Kreator Ts Kreator is a zone editor for Tempora Sanguin... DOWNLOAD
foo-title(sfnet) foo_title A skinnable graphical user interface plugin for... DOWNLOAD
javastates(sfnet) javastates JavaStates is a Java library designed to static... DOWNLOAD
scanhill(sfnet) Scanhill 0.5 Scanhill is a Microsoft Messenger Protocol Snif... DOWNLOAD
zipfilepasswordcracker(sfnet) zip-file_password_cracker DOWNLOAD
subconnector(sfnet) Subconnector THE PROJECT IS NOW HOSTED IN GITHUB. THIS PAGE ... DOWNLOAD
bebocd(sfnet) beboCD Cdplayer based on GTK2 and libcdaudio libraries. DOWNLOAD
xpt(sfnet) *niX Power Tools Power Tools for Unix/Linux (*niX) DOWNLOAD
basicskitimer(sfnet) Ski timer Currently this project is a 'bare bones' progra... DOWNLOAD
cphost(sfnet) CellPhone's Host This is CellPhone's personal website for free, ...
grumpometr(sfnet) GRUMPOMETR DOWNLOAD
bedesk(sfnet) BeDesk WebOS Open Source BeDesk is a Web Operating system powered by Bin... DOWNLOAD
netnoma(sfnet) NoMa NoMa, which stands for "Notification Manag... DOWNLOAD
knowyourlocalit(sfnet) knowyourlocalit A web application with PHP and extJs DOWNLOAD
hotshots(sfnet) HotShots HotShots is an application for capturing screen... DOWNLOAD
gridfs-fuse(sfnet) gridfs-fuse GridFS FUSE: Allows you to mount a MongoDB's Gr... DOWNLOAD
faktorial(sfnet) Faktorial DOWNLOAD
ascend(sfnet) ASCEND ASCEND is a collection of libraries to build P2... DOWNLOAD
nrl(sfnet) Natural Rule Language (NRL) NRL is a near-English, model-driven language fo... DOWNLOAD
basicpgmeditor(sfnet) Basic PGM Editor **NOTE** : Currently tested on Linux and needs ... DOWNLOAD
hippie(sfnet) HiPPIE The purpose of the Hi-Performance Protocol Iden... DOWNLOAD
pushex(sfnet) pusheX - eBay pusher detector Software which tries to detect eBay-pusherrings... DOWNLOAD
linfo(sfnet) Linfo Very fast cross-platform php script that descri... DOWNLOAD
apecombat(sfnet) Ape Combat DOWNLOAD
tobs(sfnet) TOBS - [torrent observer] The project TOBS will be a plugin for the BitTo... DOWNLOAD
libkdtree(sfnet) libkdtree++ a C++ template container implementation of k-di... DOWNLOAD
pagezoom(sfnet) PageZoom Mozilla Firefox Extension PageZoom is an extension for Mozilla Firefox th... DOWNLOAD
micropocha(sfnet) micropocha Micropocha is a kjvm program (j2me) designed to... DOWNLOAD
gecco-uml(sfnet) Gecco Gecco is a modular "UML to Sourcecode"... DOWNLOAD
jspy18n(sfnet) Jspy 18 This is currently a bunch of scripst used to ma... DOWNLOAD
cas(sfnet) Community Application Service The Community Application Service is a tool for... DOWNLOAD
occulti(sfnet) Occulti A crossplatform key manager for GnuPG. DOWNLOAD
quarkwm(sfnet) quarkwm QuarkWM is a keyboard-driven, small and fast wi... DOWNLOAD
pixmagick(sfnet) PixMagick PixMagick is a lightweight web image gallery wh... DOWNLOAD
spank(sfnet) spank project General information, code and documentation for... DOWNLOAD
mw2sweps(sfnet) mw2sweps Modern warfare 2 weapons for garrysmod. DOWNLOAD
xit(sfnet) XiT Transformation Engine [XiT is defunct. All code has moved to XGen] Xi... DOWNLOAD
theblog(sfnet) TheBlog TheBlog is a public domain CMS for your persona... DOWNLOAD
slimphp(sfnet) slimPHP A PHP 5 framework to develop web applications u... DOWNLOAD
videoeffect(sfnet) Video Effect Plugin This is as plug-in for the Winamp (2.x) Compati... DOWNLOAD
ai-evolution(sfnet) ai-evolution DOWNLOAD
escrutinio(sfnet) Vote Counting System Data entry system for vote counting DOWNLOAD
omniloader(sfnet) OmniLoader Encapsulating a simple hex-encoding API, the Om... DOWNLOAD
keepasspasswordcounter(sfnet) KeePass Password Counter KeePass Password Counter is a plugin to get num... DOWNLOAD
glgamegui(sfnet) GlGameGui GlGameGui is a GNU Lesser/Library GPL-licensed ... DOWNLOAD
qmednafen(sfnet) QMednafen QMednafen is a Qt 5 GUI interface for Mednafen,... DOWNLOAD
junitext(sfnet) JUnit 4 Extensions JUnitExt is an extension of JUnit 4, which adds... DOWNLOAD
knockknock(sfnet) KnockKnock - Port Knocking for Windows Windows Port Knocking. A Windows implementation... DOWNLOAD
elementaryj(sfnet) Graph4j This project aims to provide developers a conve... DOWNLOAD
glmdkp(sfnet) GLMDKP Rolling System It is an addon for the online game World of War... DOWNLOAD
ovito(sfnet) OVITO (The Open Visualization Tool) OVITO is a scientific 3d visualization software... DOWNLOAD
yacas(sfnet) yacas YACAS is an easy to use, general purpose comput... DOWNLOAD
smith-project(sfnet) Locale Prediction with Neural Networks A rudimentary 3D computer game that utilises ar... DOWNLOAD
wist(sfnet) WIST - Web Interface for SIP Trace WIST is a PHP Web Interface who permits you to ... DOWNLOAD

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