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cdnavigator(sfnet) CDnavigator CDnavigator is an application that files your C... DOWNLOAD
md-xed(sfnet) MonoDevelop XML Editor MonoDevelop XML Editor. An XML Editor add-in f... DOWNLOAD
gestininventari(sfnet) Gestión Inventarios y Ventas Programa de gestión de inventarios y facturació... DOWNLOAD
udf-regexp(sfnet) MySQL regular expression functions udf-regexp is a reimplementation of the oracle ... DOWNLOAD
opensudoku(sfnet) OpenSudoku OpenSudoku is a command line program that gener... DOWNLOAD
microsoftonlineapps(sfnet) Microsoft Online Apps Unofficial project that help linux (read Ubuntu... DOWNLOAD
northo-live(sfnet) northo-live This will be a collection of LiveCD/DVD images ... DOWNLOAD
kmp3tag(sfnet) Audio id3Tag Editor KMp3Tag is a simple id3 tag modifier needs - Ta... DOWNLOAD
cpframework(sfnet) CP Web Framework PHP website framework with classes and examples... DOWNLOAD
polarscript(sfnet) PolarScript Polar is a scripting language spun off from PHP... DOWNLOAD
remote-editor(sfnet) Remote Editor - Edit any file any where. Remote Editor – Edit any file any where… Is a S... DOWNLOAD
tuxcards(sfnet) Tuxcards: Notes software for Linux TuxCards - A Notes software for Linux. Allows o... DOWNLOAD
exomatic(sfnet) Exomatic As a cross-platform application, Exomatic large... DOWNLOAD
yafsm(sfnet) YAFSm YAFSm, mIRC maar dan anders. DOWNLOAD
datalogger-gui(sfnet) Datalogger GUI A GUI for viewing data from a Cypris chip based... DOWNLOAD
edk2-startcore(sfnet) edk2-startcore An UEFI application demonstrating use of the Mp... DOWNLOAD
readesmfr(sfnet) readesm-fr readesm can open the files used by digital tach... DOWNLOAD
listtextchung(sfnet) listtext_chung listtext chung is a small text file browser wri... DOWNLOAD
dopewarsbb(sfnet) Dope Wars (blackberry) dopewarsbb is the blackberry version of the dru... DOWNLOAD
jagafa(sfnet) JaGaFa - Jass Game Framework Project My plan is to provide a Framework for (m)any po... DOWNLOAD
slfcfd(sfnet) San Le's Free Comp. Fluid Dynamics SLFCFD stands for San Le's Free Computational F... DOWNLOAD
scite-tm(sfnet) scite-tm defining templates grouped by programming-langu... DOWNLOAD
omartomandjerry(sfnet) Om@r Tom And Jerry Tom and Jerry Game , the mouse run , cats chase... DOWNLOAD
plsmover(sfnet) PLS Mover Simple VB program to move MP3s listed in .pls p... DOWNLOAD
kfemate(sfnet) KFEMate Open Source Cyber Coffee System Admin your own Cyber-Cafe or Cyber, this Softwa... DOWNLOAD
smartcache(sfnet) SmartCache SmartCache is a cache project which provides st... DOWNLOAD
aejaks(sfnet) Aejaks Aejaks combines the server-side Ajax windowing ... DOWNLOAD
starpound(sfnet) StarPound An open source software project delivering conv... DOWNLOAD
mturksdk-java(sfnet) Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Java The Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK for Java is a se... DOWNLOAD
lzwstream(sfnet) LZWStream Implementation of the LZW algorithm in C#, adhe... DOWNLOAD
xnovaredesigned(sfnet) XNova Redesigned XNova Redesigned is beign Developed using the X... DOWNLOAD
vooddo(sfnet) vooddo Vooddo is a new and easy way to enhance your vi... DOWNLOAD
labmanager44(sfnet) LabManager manage many servers in a R&D environment DOWNLOAD
yansimplecalc(sfnet) SimpleCalc Simple calculator with easy-to-use for some use... DOWNLOAD
btavg(sfnet) Boolean True Averager The Boolean True Averager performs averaging wi... DOWNLOAD
consoleaudiotools(sfnet) Console Audio Tools Console Audio Tools is a powerful and simple co... DOWNLOAD
p89pgm(sfnet) P89 Serial Programmer p89pgm is a simple, command-line based serial I... DOWNLOAD
mount-image(sfnet) Mount 'n Image Mount/unmount/view your iso, cue/bin, nrg, ccd/... DOWNLOAD
ebizzy(sfnet) ebizzy ebizzy is designed to generate a workload resem... DOWNLOAD
veyes(sfnet) veyes The windows equivalent of the popular xeyes pro... DOWNLOAD
ele(sfnet) enCore Learning Environment ele (enCore Learning Environment) is a moo- and... DOWNLOAD
decoagentlibrary(sfnet) DeCoAgent Library This project is an extension to Jadex Framework... DOWNLOAD
pingpongpro(sfnet) PingPongPro Piwi-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) are a class of s... DOWNLOAD
beanform(sfnet) BeanForm Tapestry 4.x component that eliminates the boil... DOWNLOAD
mitosisclustering(sfnet) Mitosis-Clustering Applying Mitosis Clustering Algorithms. Noha A.... DOWNLOAD
smallx264(sfnet) THandBrake THandBrake is a batch GUI for Handbrake. You ca... DOWNLOAD
antdns(sfnet) antdns Antdns provides a minimalistic management inter... DOWNLOAD
htmltutor(sfnet) HTML Tutor This is a tutor which teaches how to use HTML a... DOWNLOAD
basengine(sfnet) Base If you want to make a game in Java, Base shoul... DOWNLOAD
njorlssagaman(sfnet) Njorl's Saga Manager Intended to be a comprehensive Campaign Manager... DOWNLOAD
stllcv(sfnet) STL like OpenCV wrapper Aims of this Project are 1. Integrating various... DOWNLOAD
tsourcelib(sfnet) TSourceLib New version released in 2014-02-04. TSourceLib... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeg-builds(sfnet) FFmpeg builds for GNU/Linux Windows (x86 の) および [/projects/freshmeat_li...
tnice(sfnet) TNice DOWNLOAD
icrpfinder(sfnet) ICRPfinder ICRPfinder finds or generates DNA patterns whic... DOWNLOAD
alternativatut(sfnet) Alternativa Tutorials A collection of examples demonstrating the use ... DOWNLOAD
snake10(sfnet) snake 1.0 This is the snake game we used to play for year... DOWNLOAD
servletex2(sfnet) ServletEx2 A java WEB B/S development framework. Include: ... DOWNLOAD
myparser(sfnet) myparser this is my first parser. DOWNLOAD
corba-mico(sfnet) CORBA::MICO - Perl interface to MICO ORB CORBA::MICO is a Perl interface to the MICO ORB... DOWNLOAD
geltcalc(sfnet) GeltCalc GeltCalc is a simple Financial Calculator with ... DOWNLOAD
crossmap(sfnet) crossmap CrossMap is a program for convenient conversion... DOWNLOAD
beesnest(sfnet) Beesnest - Personal Application Server Beesnest - Personal Application Server, is an e... DOWNLOAD
scopeshapes(sfnet) ScopeShapes ScopeShapes uses the left and right sound outpu... DOWNLOAD
jsptabcontrol(sfnet) JSPTabControl Taglib JSPTabControl is JSP taglib for manage tabs in ... DOWNLOAD
ekonomos(sfnet) EkonomOS EkonomOS is a free, open source double-entry ac... DOWNLOAD
wxgladewidgets(sfnet) wxGlade widgets Library of wxGlade local widgets plus documenta... DOWNLOAD
halsteadmetricstool(sfnet) Halstead Metrics Tool DOWNLOAD
theproject(sfnet) theproject - apache,php,mysql installer This shell script will install Apache webserver... DOWNLOAD
acountthing(sfnet) acountthing LAN(ethernet) accounting system. Adding users, ... DOWNLOAD
vbigenomebrowse(sfnet) VBI Genome Browser VBI Genome Browser - Allows viewing of Genomic ... DOWNLOAD
ksurfer(sfnet) K-Surfer K-Surfer is a novel and unique software plugin ... DOWNLOAD
fix-exe-file-problem(sfnet) th33 DOWNLOAD
th3pro-up(sfnet) المحترف للتحميل DOWNLOAD
leaf(sfnet) LEAF Linux Embedded Appliance Framework A secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded L... DOWNLOAD
pkreport(sfnet) pkreport A reporting pipeline for checking population ph... DOWNLOAD
epidoc(sfnet) EpiDoc: Epigraphic Documents in TEI XML The EpiDoc Collaborative is developing specific... DOWNLOAD
kanpy(sfnet) kanpy KanPy is a python framework to easily interact ... DOWNLOAD
osctools(sfnet) osctools this project intend to provide a bunch of Open ... DOWNLOAD
sies(sfnet) Simple Inference Engine Server (SIES) SIES is a forward-chaining rule engine server. ... DOWNLOAD
felore-lux(sfnet) Felore-Lux Felore-Lux is a simple php5 class library for i... DOWNLOAD
spring-json(sfnet) spring-json Spring Json-View adds JavaScript Object Notatio... DOWNLOAD
deprin(sfnet) deprin M2M/IOT Application DOWNLOAD
bitmanipulation(sfnet) 8051 Bit Manipulation Programs DOWNLOAD
aoedisk(sfnet) AoE Disk AoE DIsk is a project based on WinAoE driver, b... DOWNLOAD
untahris(sfnet) Untahris Common Playground In this game you can play several classic fun, ... DOWNLOAD
gmetadom(sfnet) Gnome DOM Bindings Library GMetaDOM is a collection of librares, each libr... DOWNLOAD
misterjson(sfnet) Mister JSON Mister JSON is a Delphi class to parse JSON. Sl... DOWNLOAD
thymol(sfnet) thymol Thymol is a javascript implementation of Thymel... DOWNLOAD
xml-ezparse(sfnet) xml-ezparse A very simple XML parsing API based on event li... DOWNLOAD
ursulaerp(sfnet) Ursula ERP This project is an attempt to bring all the fun... DOWNLOAD
gears(sfnet) GEARS Air Traffic Conflict Resolution GEARS Conflict Resolution is an innovative expe... DOWNLOAD
grpmultihack(sfnet) GRP MULTIHACK DOWNLOAD
samoshd(sfnet) SAMOS HelpDesk SAMOS HelpDesk was originally created as a very... DOWNLOAD
webgateway(sfnet) CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance CacheGuard is an All-in-One Web Security Gatewa... DOWNLOAD
incrementalmitosis(sfnet) IncrementalMitosis Incremental Mitosis code for paper: Rania Ibrah... DOWNLOAD
refix(sfnet) refix Refix solves the problem of binary dependency m... DOWNLOAD
mcmwt(sfnet) Mike's Wiki Tool MWT is a windows application that allows recent... DOWNLOAD
nmap-banners(sfnet) nmap+banners Patch for Nmap that adds banner grabbing functi... DOWNLOAD
khaliy(sfnet) bincodec For Education or Communication, this project ca... DOWNLOAD

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