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nsbide(sfnet) NSB-IDE This project is evolved from the basic IDE, the... DOWNLOAD
dicelib(sfnet) DiceLib DiceLib is a library written in Boo for the .NE... DOWNLOAD
phpdbdesigner(sfnet) PHP DB Designer PHP DB Designer is a tool written in PHP. This ... DOWNLOAD
pangzero(sfnet) pangzero Pang Zero is a reimplementation and extension o... DOWNLOAD
simple-gtd(sfnet) Simple GTD for Windows or Mac Scripts for Windows or Mac that implement a sim...
fptest(sfnet) FpTest Testing software for Freeplayer (distributing b... DOWNLOAD
walkbook(sfnet) WalkBook WalkBook is a J2ME application that provides lo... DOWNLOAD
jcardengine(sfnet) JCardEngine Engine for implementing card games. The core i... DOWNLOAD
xenom(sfnet) XenoM game XenoM is a remake of popular Spectrum game Xeno. DOWNLOAD
kinonk(sfnet) KinonK - pentomino playing software An open-source program playing pentominoes, a t... DOWNLOAD
virtualplaces(sfnet) Virtual Places Chat Server This is a server for the Virtual Places chat sy... DOWNLOAD
dompdf(sfnet) dompdf dompdf - the PHP 5 HTML to PDF converter. dompd... DOWNLOAD
fileszip(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
fundamentoscpp(sfnet) Fundamentos C++ Es un conjunto de clases en C++ que implementan... DOWNLOAD
armagednddos(sfnet) Armagedōn-LOIC A Lightweight DDOSing Client Built in C#, Built... DOWNLOAD
modevasive(sfnet) Mod_Evasive Installer simple bash script allow you to installing mod_...
pg-rman(sfnet) pg_rman pg_rman is an online backup and restore tool fo... DOWNLOAD
baseballboard(sfnet) Baseball Scoreboard Baseball Scoreboard is an open source program a...
mtracker(sfnet) MemberTrack (Member Management System) Web-based system for federated collection, repo... DOWNLOAD
beatsperminutev(sfnet) Beats per Minute Video Converter Converts a project's tempo from beats per minut...
jrideit(sfnet) JRideIt An open simulation of the casino game "let... DOWNLOAD
istanbul(sfnet) Developer and Server Virtual appliances This projects provides several virtual applianc... DOWNLOAD
geforce-driver-check(sfnet) Geforce Driver Check (GDC) Checks for new Nvidia Geforce Display Drivers t... DOWNLOAD
teacherplan(sfnet) Moodle Teacher Plan Module Activity module to function in the Moodle (mood... DOWNLOAD
icebg(sfnet) IceBG Icebg é um programa p/ trocar o bg do IceWM ,de... DOWNLOAD
qf4net(sfnet) qf4net qf4net: Quantum Framework for .Net Hierarchical... DOWNLOAD
livechatintegrationwithshopify(sfnet) Live Chat integration with Shopify Shopify is a leading eCommerce service provider... DOWNLOAD
beatrix(sfnet) Beatrix Beatrix: A malicious code analysis framework
binaryoptionstradingstation(sfnet) Binary Options Trading Station This is a spreadsheet. The user enters a price ... DOWNLOAD
pwwregionfe(sfnet) pwwRegionFeater DOWNLOAD
opense(sfnet) openSE OpenSE is a general Chinese search engine imple...
mywrt(sfnet) mywrt DOWNLOAD
echoeofeternity(sfnet) Echoes of Eternity A new program currently undergoing development ... DOWNLOAD
iso-creator-cs(sfnet) IsoCreator IsoCreator (could also be called Folder-to-ISO ... DOWNLOAD
apisgooglemaps(sfnet) apis googlemaps This project develops a middleware that connect... DOWNLOAD
drawingmessenge(sfnet) Drawing Messenger Drawing Messenger is an instant messaging progr... DOWNLOAD
sluhacs(sfnet) SL Universal HUD Avatar Controller SLUHACS, Second Life Universal HUD Avatar Contr... DOWNLOAD
kipesoft-ftppasswordsniffer(sfnet) FTP Password Sniffer Ever wanted to know where your data is being up... DOWNLOAD
phpfilebrowserx(sfnet) PHP File Browser PHP File Browser is a PHP based stand alone app... DOWNLOAD
hostersmate(sfnet) Hoster's Mate Hoster's Mate is an open source distributed pro... DOWNLOAD
genorphan(sfnet) genorphan genorphan is tool for gentoo which have same be... DOWNLOAD
kuller(sfnet) Kuller Kuller is a simple, fast color-selector for web... DOWNLOAD
killdiak(sfnet) Killdiak Rename all Directories and Folders to ASCII names. DOWNLOAD
nwn2-red-dragon(sfnet) Red Dragon This project provides Open-source mini modules ... DOWNLOAD
c128-bbs-devel(sfnet) Commodore 128 Modular BBS Proposed development of a new BBS platform for ... DOWNLOAD
easyvz(sfnet) EasyVZ: An openVZ management GUI EasyVZ is a GUI management console for the Linu... DOWNLOAD
notetaking(sfnet) note taking simplified *nts* provides a simple format for using text f... DOWNLOAD
prjplanner(sfnet) PrjPlanner - Agile Project Management This tool is designed to be useful for Agile pr... DOWNLOAD
liblogger(sfnet) liblogger liblogger is logging framework for C/C++. It su... DOWNLOAD
wde(sfnet) WDE - Web Desktop Environment WDE - Web Desktop Environment. Web OS which fea... DOWNLOAD
nfpd(sfnet) NetFlow Packet Dumper NetFlow Packet Dumper is a Windows 32 bit conso... DOWNLOAD
scopett(sfnet) scopett - Screenshot Updater Scopett is intended to be a program that takes ... DOWNLOAD
schooner(sfnet) Schooner browser Look at your browser now. Look at all of the f... DOWNLOAD
gvhupdater(sfnet) GVHUpdater Advanced update solution which is fully configu...
syncop(sfnet) Syncop synchronization of tree structures of files DOWNLOAD
metms(sfnet) metMS Mass Spectrometry analysis Pipeline DOWNLOAD
ne7ssh(sfnet) NetSieben Secure Shell C++ Library NetSieben SSH Library is a Secure Shell client ... DOWNLOAD
dynprobe(sfnet) Dynamic Probe Class Library Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object... DOWNLOAD
mobilecensus(sfnet) Mobile Census link checker Is a WAP/XHTML link checkers for multiple sites... DOWNLOAD
netdetect(sfnet) Net Detect This application can start and stop other proce... DOWNLOAD
pmpmod(sfnet) PMP Mod+ PMP Mod+ is a homebrew Media Player for Sony PSP. DOWNLOAD
pyvix(sfnet) pyvix pyvix is a Python wrapper for the VMWare(R) VIX... DOWNLOAD
game-of-sprouts(sfnet) The Game of Sprouts A graphical implementation of The Game Of Sprou... DOWNLOAD
jajppd(sfnet) Just Another Java Print Preview Dialog Just Another Java Print Preview Dialog brings P... DOWNLOAD
nuzimazz(sfnet) A novel web photo album in ajax A Web photo album in ajax and a new way of brow... DOWNLOAD
translate2(sfnet) Translate2 A word translator. Supported languages: Spanish... DOWNLOAD
pkplusplus(sfnet) PK++ Further development of the PK++ mod for the Pai... DOWNLOAD
supercomboassisant(sfnet) Super Combo Assisant DOWNLOAD
pptr(sfnet) PPT Remote A java based presentation controller/remote CH... DOWNLOAD
gnhast(sfnet) gnhast gnhast - Garbled's NetBSD Home Automation Scrip... DOWNLOAD
virtutoolbox(sfnet) Virtualization Toolbox A set of small tools to assist in the maintenan... DOWNLOAD
opensourceuniversity(sfnet) Open Source University Open Source University is a comprehensive educa... DOWNLOAD
autocalendar(sfnet) Auto Calendar A highly customizable and easy to install web a... DOWNLOAD
jrawio(sfnet) jrawio jrawio is a Service Provider Implementation for... DOWNLOAD
jarcraft(sfnet) Jarcraft - JSE Container Toolkit Jarcraft is a framework for creating Java Inver... DOWNLOAD
hbp-for-brother(sfnet) Documentation for Brother HBP mode Project providing documentation for the "H... DOWNLOAD
pocketloop(sfnet) PocketLoop PocketLoop is an addictive game based on Slithe... DOWNLOAD
impresscms-pl(sfnet) Polish translations for CMS XOOPS Polskie wsparcie dla systemu XOOPS CMS! Zaprasz... DOWNLOAD
damnwin(sfnet) dAmn[WIN] A client for deviantArt's Messaging Network (dA... DOWNLOAD
ispware(sfnet) ISPware - Administracion de Wireless ISP ISPware es un sistema de administración de usua... DOWNLOAD
simplejta(sfnet) SimpleJTA The SimpleJTA project implements a standalone J... DOWNLOAD
asla(sfnet) ASLA ASLA (Automated software license analyzer) is a... DOWNLOAD
thinkfinger(sfnet) ThinkFinger ThinkFinger is a driver for the UPEK/SGS Thomso... DOWNLOAD
javanote(sfnet) JNote a java based text editor. CHECK OUT AND SUPPOR... DOWNLOAD
jfontchooserx(sfnet) JFontChooser a font chooser component for java. provide se... DOWNLOAD
jhammer(sfnet) JHammer a fun app that breaks your screen CHECK OUT AN... DOWNLOAD
jscreenrecorder(sfnet) JScreenRecorder JScreenRecorder is a free and opensource pure j... DOWNLOAD
recentfilesapi(sfnet) Recent Files API a Recent Files API for java. CHECK OUT AND SUP... DOWNLOAD
aios4win(sfnet) AIOS4Win AIOS4Win is an Open-Source menu for Windows tha... DOWNLOAD
dsacc(sfnet) DSACC Destiny Sphere Alliance Control Center - управл... DOWNLOAD
sdlsplash(sfnet) SDL Splash SDL Splash is a program that displays a splash ... DOWNLOAD
futurewar(sfnet) Wars to Wars Wars to Wars is a RTS game like Age of Empires,... DOWNLOAD
ircxom(sfnet) ircxom - IRC to blosxom gateway ircxom is an IRC bot that allows channel member... DOWNLOAD
nabaztagapiwrap(sfnet) Nabaztag API .NET wrapper Wraps the Nabaztag API in a .dll specifically f... DOWNLOAD
pyxiph(sfnet) pyxiph Python wrappers for's libraries (i.e. ... DOWNLOAD
eqms(sfnet) EQ_math_software It is a very good math software.
eventnotifier(sfnet) Event Notifier A little tool written in C#(.NET 2.0) to notify... DOWNLOAD
tradebook(sfnet) Tradebook Tradebook is a flexible, easy to use web-based ... DOWNLOAD
odbc2odbc(sfnet) ODBC2ODBC Converter This is a programm which converts table schemas... DOWNLOAD
spring-gwt(sfnet) SpringGWT This project centers around the goal of bringin... DOWNLOAD

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