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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
kinorpi(sfnet) kinorpi L:) łaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaaha DOWNLOAD
screen-up(sfnet) screenshot upload tool screen up konvertiert screenshots in ausgewählt... DOWNLOAD
open-v-chat(sfnet) openVchat This is an independent web based messenger appl... DOWNLOAD
arac-suite(sfnet) ARaC ARaC (Almost Random Cipher) is (or will become)... DOWNLOAD
jgame-java(sfnet) JGame for Java Easy (yet powerful) Java game library. DOWNLOAD
nmsync(sfnet) nmSync - disconnected synchronization The nmSync tool provides file synchronization a... DOWNLOAD
genn(sfnet) GeNN GeNN is a GPU enhanced Neuronal Network simulat... DOWNLOAD
ingresdbwrkbnch(sfnet) ingresdbwrkbnch The Ingres Database Workbench (IDW) is an Eclip... DOWNLOAD
obskurator(sfnet) Obskurator Obskurator is a program which converts the norm... DOWNLOAD
clipmon32(sfnet) Clipboard.NET A modern alternative to the Windows Clipboard. ... DOWNLOAD
dblink-odbc(sfnet) DBLink-ODBC DBLink-ODBC for PostgreSQL: Cross-database acce... DOWNLOAD
cocasetool(sfnet) 3CoCasetool A CASE tool provides a GUI design environment a... DOWNLOAD
jatss(sfnet) JATSS Time Sheet JATSS Time Sheet is pile of Perl code hastily t... DOWNLOAD
phpbbmodders(sfnet) phpBBModders All phpBB MODs from can be fou... DOWNLOAD
maps-n-dragons(sfnet) Maps and Dragons Create your map with MapNDragons and play your ... DOWNLOAD
tie(sfnet) Tie : Java Method Interception Tie is a simple method interception library for... DOWNLOAD
easyvob2divx(sfnet) Easy Vob 2 DivX Easy Vob 2 DivX conversion. Easy and simple to... DOWNLOAD
gstreamer(sfnet) GStreamer GStreamer is a streaming-media framework, based... DOWNLOAD
gcicppinterface(sfnet) GCI GCI is an interface to gcc. It adds some more p... DOWNLOAD
stressful(sfnet) stressful general purpose stress test tool. stressful ins... DOWNLOAD
feedcreator(sfnet) Feedcreator - PHP feeds creator FeedCreator.class.php provides an easy way to c... DOWNLOAD
cumt(sfnet) CUMT Modeler This projects aims to be an UML modeling tool a... DOWNLOAD
irsync(sfnet) IRSYNC (file transfer utility) Flexible, secure file-transfer utility similar ... DOWNLOAD
cuthate(sfnet) omni-x Office 2003,2007,2010; Media Player 11; Net Fra... DOWNLOAD
doublecpp(sfnet) Doublecpp A preprocessor for C++ that handles a new lingu... DOWNLOAD
psched(sfnet) proc-sched A library to manage "batches" of (pos... DOWNLOAD
anypicviewer(sfnet) Any Pic Viewer This is an Open Source Picture Viewer that will... DOWNLOAD
hosxe(sfnet) HOSxE DOWNLOAD
flightsimxrepai(sfnet) FlightSimX-Repaints Just for a bit of fun I did some repaints for M... DOWNLOAD
gneutronica(sfnet) Gneutronica This program is a MIDI drum machine for linux w... DOWNLOAD
nur(sfnet) nur Nur Kuran Meal Programı DOWNLOAD
qtasyncsql(sfnet) QtAsyncSql QtAsyncSql is lightweight "API", that... DOWNLOAD
java4u(sfnet) Omonia (formerly Quicksilver) 8. Mai 2005: We have discontinued SourceForge a... DOWNLOAD
burn-cd(sfnet) burn-cd This is a handy console-based frontend for the ... DOWNLOAD
perleditor(sfnet) Perl(TK) Editor Perl Development Environment DOWNLOAD
opencdma(sfnet) opencdma OpenCDMA is a software based CDMA system, desig... DOWNLOAD
clipsyll(sfnet) ClipSyll Clipsyll is a collection of scripts and program... DOWNLOAD
dlasim(sfnet) DLA simulation This is a physics simulation, of the phenonemen... DOWNLOAD
xmlengine(sfnet) XmlEngine XmlEngine is a web-based development framework.... DOWNLOAD
autodafe(sfnet) autodafe - fuzzer framework Autodafé is a fuzzing framework able to uncover... DOWNLOAD
guiminer(sfnet) GUIMiner GUIMiner is a graphical frontend for mining Bit... DOWNLOAD
loteria(sfnet) Loteria DOWNLOAD
chipotle-2(sfnet) ChIPOTle 2.0 Peak Discrimination Tool ChIPOTle 2.0 is a user friendly tool for perfor... DOWNLOAD
iperfwince(sfnet) iPerf for Windows CE Porting of the powerfull iPerf program for band... DOWNLOAD
eguardtcl(sfnet) eGuard TCL for Eggdrop == Please download the script from here: http:/...
base64-encoder(sfnet) Base64-encoder for Wondows XP, MASM source code, resource obje... DOWNLOAD
mancalalinwin(sfnet) mancalalinwin A simple 2-Player Board-Game, in which you have... DOWNLOAD
pracsb(sfnet) pracbs This is just the preview version ,, i will make... DOWNLOAD
lasteichhof(sfnet) Last Eichhof Port of Last Eichhof to the Allegro library. DOWNLOAD
text-based-cms(sfnet) text-bases-cms-jonascms this is an open-source content management syste... DOWNLOAD
serial-manager(sfnet) Serial Manager A tool for managing and distributing software w... DOWNLOAD
vocaleliminator(sfnet) VoiX VoiX is an open-source vocal eliminator (vocal ... DOWNLOAD
derive(sfnet) SottoventoDerive Library for performing derivative on an input s... DOWNLOAD
coreasset(sfnet) CoreAsset CoreAsset is a Open Source Enterprise Asset Man... DOWNLOAD
openhospital(sfnet) Open Hospital This application is the first of a set of softw... DOWNLOAD
blackspot(sfnet) Black Spot Leaf Area Calculator Black Spot is a free stand alone software and m... DOWNLOAD
discuzcmd(sfnet) Discuz Command Prompt Discuz! Command Prompt is a plugin for Discuz! ... DOWNLOAD
vezirs5dx(sfnet) Sense5 Protou DOWNLOAD
opensonicportab(sfnet) OpenSonic Portable Open Sonic Portable is a free open-source game ... DOWNLOAD
xmldb4php(sfnet) XMLdb for PHP You want to use XML as a SGBD for PHP ? It is p... DOWNLOAD
clxmlserial(sfnet) Xml Serialization for Ruby Xml Serialization for Ruby allows Ruby classes ... DOWNLOAD
zunetools(sfnet) Zune Tools Collection of tools/applications created for AR... DOWNLOAD
souvenirs(sfnet) Souvenirs, conceptual file manager This project presents a functional prototype of... DOWNLOAD
textcomparetool(sfnet) TextDoc Compare Utility This tool can allow you to compare two differen... DOWNLOAD
croizat(sfnet) Croizat Croizat is a free, user-friendly, cross-platfor... DOWNLOAD
espocrm(sfnet) EspoCRM - Open Source CRM One Of The Most Promising Open Source CRM. Thi... DOWNLOAD
jturboexplorer(sfnet) JTurboExplorer It is a tool to help programmers to check your ... DOWNLOAD
zeninitie(sfnet) Zen A Zen game programmed in c++ DOWNLOAD
wiise(sfnet) wiise Wiise reads data from the Wii remote using the ... DOWNLOAD
raevupc(sfnet) Redesign of technology architecture(UPC) DOWNLOAD
cpumon(sfnet) cpumon CubieBoard ARM Temperature Monitor. Front-end ... DOWNLOAD
newview(sfnet) NewView Application that shows you the last news from w... DOWNLOAD
lattu(sfnet) lattu Framework for testing Eclipse RCP Applications.... DOWNLOAD
ssh2all(sfnet) ssh2all 'ssh2all' is a program for sending commands sim... DOWNLOAD
dbwrapgen(sfnet) Database Wrapper Class Generator Eclipse plugin that generates Java database wra... DOWNLOAD
flashdatepicker(sfnet) Flash Actionscript Date Picker A flash date picker intended to be used in html... DOWNLOAD
dmcms(sfnet) dmcms DMCMS is a Content Management System based on P... DOWNLOAD
pluginforfckedi(sfnet) plugin for fckeditor - youtube youtube plugin for fckeditor with color and opt... DOWNLOAD
ghostmgr(sfnet) Ghost Manager Semi-universal package manager currently for De... DOWNLOAD
fido(sfnet) Fido Fido is a library of Java classes that accept n... DOWNLOAD
python(sfnet) Python The Python programming language, an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
sovenet(sfnet) sove's admin tool An remote admin system with http protocol. DOWNLOAD
freevofreebox(sfnet) plugin freebox pour freevo A freevo plugin to choose and watch TV provided... DOWNLOAD
openimage(sfnet) openimage Java image viewer, an open source java learning... DOWNLOAD
jpsizer(sfnet) jpSizer jpSizer is javascript script that informs PHP a... DOWNLOAD
mmc-client(sfnet) mobile media content client mmc-Client is a DLNA client for the apple Iphon... DOWNLOAD
rib-mode(sfnet) rib-mode RenderMan(R) Interface Bytestream (RIB) ASCII m... DOWNLOAD
empir(sfnet) Empir Project moved to github DOWNLOAD
ccsentry(sfnet) CCSentry CCSentry takes the pain out of CruiseControl bu... DOWNLOAD
java-direct3d(sfnet) Java-Direct3D Wrapper A Java class library that supports building 3D ... DOWNLOAD
base64decoder(sfnet) base64 file encoder/decoder Very small utilities that encode/decodes files ... DOWNLOAD
opennmea(sfnet) OpenNMEA OpenNMEA is an open-source Java library for par... DOWNLOAD
wftp(sfnet) wftp(a eclipse plugin for ftp client) a ftp client soft base on eclipse rcp/plugin ap... DOWNLOAD
ldrawloader(sfnet) LDrawLoader LDrawLoader is an implementation of the com.sun... DOWNLOAD
mobile-control(sfnet) mobile control device manager mcDeviceManager is a midlet that uses pure java... DOWNLOAD
sourceprotector(sfnet) Vamsys PerlSourceProtector Use this tool to protect the source of your Per... DOWNLOAD
cih-with-bt(sfnet) Can I Hack with Bluetooth CIHwBT is a Bluetooth Security Framework for Wi... DOWNLOAD
jointmaneuvers(sfnet) Joint Maneuvers Joint Maneuvers is an implementation of Avalon ... DOWNLOAD
sqlitepp(sfnet) VSQlite++ A well designed and portable SQLite wrapper lib... DOWNLOAD
linuxvoiceauth(sfnet) Voice Authentication on Linux A system for Voice Based Biometric Authenticati... DOWNLOAD

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