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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
python(sfnet) Python The Python programming language, an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
sovenet(sfnet) sove's admin tool An remote admin system with http protocol. DOWNLOAD
freevofreebox(sfnet) plugin freebox pour freevo A freevo plugin to choose and watch TV provided... DOWNLOAD
openimage(sfnet) openimage Java image viewer, an open source java learning... DOWNLOAD
jpsizer(sfnet) jpSizer jpSizer is javascript script that informs PHP a... DOWNLOAD
mmc-client(sfnet) mobile media content client mmc-Client is a DLNA client for the apple Iphon... DOWNLOAD
rib-mode(sfnet) rib-mode RenderMan(R) Interface Bytestream (RIB) ASCII m... DOWNLOAD
empir(sfnet) Empir Project moved to github DOWNLOAD
ccsentry(sfnet) CCSentry CCSentry takes the pain out of CruiseControl bu... DOWNLOAD
java-direct3d(sfnet) Java-Direct3D Wrapper A Java class library that supports building 3D ... DOWNLOAD
base64decoder(sfnet) base64 file encoder/decoder Very small utilities that encode/decodes files ... DOWNLOAD
opennmea(sfnet) OpenNMEA OpenNMEA is an open-source Java library for par... DOWNLOAD
wftp(sfnet) wftp(a eclipse plugin for ftp client) a ftp client soft base on eclipse rcp/plugin ap... DOWNLOAD
ldrawloader(sfnet) LDrawLoader LDrawLoader is an implementation of the com.sun... DOWNLOAD
mobile-control(sfnet) mobile control device manager mcDeviceManager is a midlet that uses pure java... DOWNLOAD
sourceprotector(sfnet) Vamsys PerlSourceProtector Use this tool to protect the source of your Per... DOWNLOAD
cih-with-bt(sfnet) Can I Hack with Bluetooth CIHwBT is a Bluetooth Security Framework for Wi... DOWNLOAD
jointmaneuvers(sfnet) Joint Maneuvers Joint Maneuvers is an implementation of Avalon ... DOWNLOAD
sqlitepp(sfnet) VSQlite++ A well designed and portable SQLite wrapper lib... DOWNLOAD
linuxvoiceauth(sfnet) Voice Authentication on Linux A system for Voice Based Biometric Authenticati... DOWNLOAD
mathurath(sfnet) Mahsoorath v2.1 Mahsoorath is a collection of supplications to ... DOWNLOAD
libsigc(sfnet) Libsigc++ Libsigc++ is a callback system for widget libra... DOWNLOAD
icyinuits(sfnet) Icy Inuits Help Icy the inuit find his lost fish and escap... DOWNLOAD
gwvrml(sfnet) 3D VRML dynamic data generator toolkit GWVrml is a toolkit/component for PHP developpe... DOWNLOAD
ontolisp(sfnet) ontolisp A Common Lisp framework for the Semantic Web, o... DOWNLOAD
windwalkerchron(sfnet) WindWalker Chronicles version .001 This is a MMORPG game that incorporates several... DOWNLOAD
therobox(sfnet) TheROBox TheROBox project is working to devlop software ... DOWNLOAD
icontroltunes(sfnet) iTunesControl A simple and essential control for iTunes: allo... DOWNLOAD
communeclient(sfnet) Commune Client This is the Client program for the Commune clie... DOWNLOAD
sipmediaserver(sfnet) sipmediaserver SEMS is a GPLv2+ media and application server f... DOWNLOAD
efidevkit(sfnet) EFI Dev Kit EFI Dev Kit (EDK) is a development code base fo... DOWNLOAD
tankwarz(sfnet) tankwarz a simple game still in beta that involves you a... DOWNLOAD
xvrstudio(sfnet) XVR Developer Studio The new XVR Developer Studio is based on Eclips... DOWNLOAD
keywordsmanager(sfnet) Lightroom Keywords Manager You can export keywords hierarchy from Adobe Li... DOWNLOAD
digicamcontrol(sfnet) digiCamControl digiCamControl is an free and open source softw... DOWNLOAD
schach(sfnet) Chess A 2D-Chess with many features, such as a upcomi... DOWNLOAD
sharper(sfnet) SHARPER The SHARP Executable Release (SHARPER) project ... DOWNLOAD
mobilesecurityapp(sfnet) mobile_security_app 基于安卓平台,利用百度地图定位api开发的手机防盗... DOWNLOAD
lightson(sfnet) Simple Logical/Problem solving game Simple UI game in which the users turns all of ... DOWNLOAD
davedap(sfnet) DaveDAP DaveDAP is now phpLDAPadmin. Go to http://phpld... DOWNLOAD
simpack(sfnet) simpack Multibody dynamics simulation package with fric... DOWNLOAD
binaryclock(sfnet) Graphical binary clock for WIN A binary clock for your Windows Computer. It di... DOWNLOAD
erinaceus(sfnet) Erinaceus Erinaceus is an esoteric two dimensional progra... DOWNLOAD
hessianpy(sfnet) HessianPy Implementation of Hessian 1.0 protocol in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
automobile(sfnet) automobile DOWNLOAD
goattracker(sfnet) GoatTracker GoatTracker collects information about your web... DOWNLOAD
tclodb-lame(sfnet) TclODB-Lame { Lame TCL Object DB } is an XoTCL class librar... DOWNLOAD
theseus-riddles(sfnet) Theseus Riddles Theseus is a web based content management syste... DOWNLOAD
gmapschunker(sfnet) Google Maps Database Chunker Integrate large databases of points with Google... DOWNLOAD
parser(sfnet) Configuration File Parser This is a simple configuration file parser libr... DOWNLOAD
nonsens(sfnet) nonsens A selection of programs without any real sense. DOWNLOAD
dinua(sfnet) Dinua : social network Dinua created in 2011. Dinua has purposes to im... DOWNLOAD
mod-autoroster(sfnet) Jabberd14 automatic roster population This module lets specify which users to add to ... DOWNLOAD
jopenttdlib(sfnet) jOpenTTDLib Library for polling OpenTTD-servers in java app... DOWNLOAD
omnics(sfnet) OmniCS Omnics is a constraint programming engine, desi... DOWNLOAD
oxtools(sfnet) 0xTools 0xTools - set of small system utilities for MS ... DOWNLOAD
cratermatic(sfnet) Cratermatic topography analysis toolkit command line image/2D dataset analysis environment DOWNLOAD
php-my-cvs(sfnet) PHP My CVS PHP My CVS est un serveur de gestion de fichier... DOWNLOAD
css-anim(sfnet) CSS-Anim CSS-Anim is a framework making easy to create a... DOWNLOAD
aesg(sfnet) AES.g AES.g is a port of the Advanced Encryption Stan... DOWNLOAD
nettymaster(sfnet) Netty Master Know the foreign addresses your system is acces... DOWNLOAD
ardp(sfnet) Antenna Radiation Diagram Plotter Antenna Radiation Diagram Plotter - Polar plots... DOWNLOAD
annoscheme(sfnet) Annoschemer Annoschemer is a little tool for easy editing o... DOWNLOAD
ieeecalc(sfnet) ieeecalc IEEE Flaoting point Calculator is a conversion ... DOWNLOAD
edk-apps(sfnet) edk apps tiano core test apps DOWNLOAD
lemp-raspberry-pi(sfnet) LEMP Raspberry Pi Change log: 07-16-2014 – After today’s changes ... DOWNLOAD
sequoia-dap(sfnet) sequoia-dap The purpose of SEQUOIA is to provide a flexible... DOWNLOAD
exodus(sfnet) Exodus The Next Generation Winjab client. A robust jab... DOWNLOAD
opensystem(sfnet) OpenSystem A web application based on J2EE+Spring+Hibernat... DOWNLOAD
drop-downjscalc(sfnet) Drop-down Javascript Basic Calculator This is an on-focus drop-down javascript calcul... DOWNLOAD
zenavault(sfnet) ZenaVault The ZenaVault Project is where you will find th... DOWNLOAD
roster-in-a-box(sfnet) Roster-in-a-Box This is an online course management system. It ... DOWNLOAD
dircproxy(sfnet) dircproxy dircproxy is a detachable IRC proxy server that... DOWNLOAD
ci4xmasas(sfnet) Chicken Invader's 4.1 DOWNLOAD
spamint(sfnet) SpamIntelligence for Outlook SpamIntelligence brings SpamAssassin 3 and Clam... DOWNLOAD
hbpidew(sfnet) Harbour Minigui (MinGW) Harbour Minigui (MinGW Package) ---------------... DOWNLOAD
mingetty(sfnet) small Linux console getty Small Linux console getty that is started on th... DOWNLOAD
meatbrowser(sfnet) meatbrowser A minimalistic designed browser; ready to use! DOWNLOAD
xmlboard(sfnet) xmlboard XMLBoard is a news/message board script written... DOWNLOAD
binpacking(sfnet) BinPacking This project is a highly flexible implementatio... DOWNLOAD
antilibs(sfnet) antilibs The ANTILibs are light-weight PHP classes meant... DOWNLOAD
lednt52(sfnet) lednt52 PC race game outgauge, by 89S52 MCU, to show li... DOWNLOAD
prjmis(sfnet) prjmis The new host for the MIS project. DOWNLOAD
silver-bprc(sfnet) SILVER With the advance of experimental technologies, ... DOWNLOAD
glassbox(sfnet) Glassbox Glassbox is an automated troubleshooting and mo... DOWNLOAD
pamntlm(sfnet) pam_ntlm This project lets you authenticate users off a ... DOWNLOAD
fjkey-st4000(sfnet) Stylistic ST4000 Key Driver Linux driver and daemon for Fujitsu Stylistic S... DOWNLOAD
ircz(sfnet) IRC Z Z is a security service for IRC networks writte... DOWNLOAD
fitdecorator(sfnet) FIT Decorator Framework for writing decorator for FIT [Framew... DOWNLOAD
sickness(sfnet) Sickness Sickness is a FPS build around OGRE 3D. It's us... DOWNLOAD
scps-money(sfnet) $how Me The Money!! This tool is quick and easy to use which was de... DOWNLOAD
oip(sfnet) Open Instrumentation Project The Open Instrumentation Project provides open ... DOWNLOAD
fidoaccess(sfnet) FidoAccess library / SquishIndexer FidoAccess is a .NET assemble that provides cla... DOWNLOAD
longjs(sfnet) LongJS Long JavaScript is a full featured web client U... DOWNLOAD
jstools(sfnet) jsTools jsTools is usefull small script (tools) written... DOWNLOAD
smoother(sfnet) Freeway Traffic Smoothing Neural Network The Freeway Traffic Smoothing Neural Network pr... DOWNLOAD
horserace(sfnet) Horse Race Prediction Game for Windows Horse race prediction game. DOWNLOAD
phptagengine(sfnet) PHP Tag Engine PHP Tag Engine is a library that allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
sandy(sfnet) Sandy Sandy is a 3D library written in ActionScript2.... DOWNLOAD
opencd-sdl(sfnet) OpenCD SDL OpenCD SDL is a simple CD Player written with S... DOWNLOAD

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