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comanda(sfnet) comanda Comanda is windows console replacement. Feature... DOWNLOAD
jadeemail(sfnet) Jade Email The Jade Email library contains utilities for t... DOWNLOAD
spaycex(sfnet) spaycex The game called SpayceX. It is a side scrolling... DOWNLOAD
ragnajag(sfnet) RagnaJAG Framework RagnaJAG es un framework programado en Ruby que... DOWNLOAD
codons(sfnet) Codons When planning heterologous expression of a gene... DOWNLOAD
arachnid(sfnet) Arachnid Web Spider Framework Arachnid is a Java-based web spider framework. ... DOWNLOAD
ogurb(sfnet) ogurb A graphical user interface and IDE for GNU octa... DOWNLOAD
thebestcalc(sfnet) thebestcalc This is just a very basic calculator that I'll ... DOWNLOAD
phplittletools(sfnet) PHP Little Tools A pack of small tools, developed in PHP, to be ... DOWNLOAD
tovarfreewares(sfnet) tovarfreewares Conjunto de programas gratuitos con distintas u... DOWNLOAD
asfcomp(sfnet) asfc ASFC is a Win32 MFC visual file comparison prog... DOWNLOAD
jadeutil(sfnet) Jade Utilities Utilities whose goal is to simplify and speed u... DOWNLOAD
pftracker(sfnet) Portfolio Tracker Track and manage your stock portfolio of Eurone... DOWNLOAD
fixvmm32(sfnet) FixVMM32 Small (~700bytes) Assembler program and script ... DOWNLOAD
knoppix-doc(sfnet) Knoppix User Guide This Project is all about creating a comprehens... DOWNLOAD
passpatternsyst(sfnet) Pass Pattern System “Instead of remembering a sequence of character...
ptune(sfnet) ptune With a set of parameters to a program specified... DOWNLOAD
swix(sfnet) Swix Based on XML documents, SWIXML renders a Swing ... DOWNLOAD
gtkada-wrapper(sfnet) GTK Ada Simplified Wrapper GTKAda wrapper is a very simplified interface t... DOWNLOAD
demi3d(sfnet) Demi3D Demi3D is a multi-platform extensible 3D Render... DOWNLOAD
mathscratchpad(sfnet) Math scratch pad This project contains applications which allow ... DOWNLOAD
fastgal(sfnet) FastGal A simle fast Gallery without web-backend, just ... DOWNLOAD
sdlinvaders(sfnet) SDL Invaders A game inspired by the arcade classic Space Inv... DOWNLOAD
luvaul(sfnet) Evol Virtual machine/emulator; "holding pen&quo... DOWNLOAD
ituneslibparser-pms(sfnet) Itunes Library - PS3 Media Server Plugin This is a PS3 Media Server (PMS) plugin that re... DOWNLOAD
plus(sfnet) Planejamento Unificado de Software An eclipse plug-in used to plan software develo... DOWNLOAD
contingency(sfnet) contingency The Contingency Management Framework helps desi... DOWNLOAD
fructose(sfnet) fructose C++ unit testing framework, very cutdown compar... DOWNLOAD
vamp-busters(sfnet) Vamp Busters "Vamp Busters" is a funny single- and... DOWNLOAD
flowkeeper(sfnet) Flowkeeper Flowkeeper is a desktop software timer for Pomo... DOWNLOAD
hibernate-swf(sfnet) Spring Hibernate-WebFlow Template App This is a template application that implements ...
photolocker(sfnet) Photo Locker Advanced Digital Photo Album using XML as file ... DOWNLOAD
ivswap(sfnet) iVSwap iVSwap is a simple function which can be used a... DOWNLOAD
thallo(sfnet) Thallo Thallo is a command line tool (+scheduler libra... DOWNLOAD
ipw-client-soft(sfnet) NETAYT enhanced IPWireless dialer&driver NETAYT releases driver and dialer for IPWireles... DOWNLOAD
asgard-pm(sfnet) Asgard Asgard is a simple project manager work with yo... DOWNLOAD
openrssreader(sfnet) Open RSS Reader Open RSS Bar is an open source flash RSS reader... DOWNLOAD
shorty(sfnet) shorty its a PHP Script for shortening urls. it uses m... DOWNLOAD
jvscalculuatorp(sfnet) jvscalculuatorp This is a calculator project for the JvS text b... DOWNLOAD
rodneyspr(sfnet) rodneyspr This project comprises two main parts: 1. The... DOWNLOAD
throttle(sfnet) Throttle - control your RPMs Throttle is a python GUI program to manage the ... DOWNLOAD
seadogs(sfnet) SeaDogs.NET A code-versus-code Real-Time-Strategy Naval war... DOWNLOAD
joomla15uzbekla(sfnet) joomla15uzbekla This is a Joomla 1.5x language pack localised f... DOWNLOAD
simplex-in-php(sfnet) SimplexInPHP Simplex-in-PHP are PHP scripts that solve small... DOWNLOAD
zugator(sfnet) Zugator - Ein graphischer Klient Graphical client for email-games like GermanAtl... DOWNLOAD
vomon(sfnet) VOMON VOMON (Virtual Observatory Monitor) is a web ap... DOWNLOAD
j2memobeng(sfnet) 2D Board based Mobile game engine A 2D board based mobile game engine written in ... DOWNLOAD
openbpms(sfnet) SPA Model business processes and execute those in a... DOWNLOAD
eartraining1(sfnet) Ear Training Lower Higher "Ugo Capeto's Ear Training Lower Higher&qu... DOWNLOAD
rtvp(sfnet) videopedia PA, projeto destinado a criaçao de um site para...
sdtlib(sfnet) Smart data library This is a C++ template class library for generi... DOWNLOAD
q-scripting(sfnet) CUE: Developing a Programming Language. Are you a fan of FORTH/RPN math? Need an easy, ... DOWNLOAD
cbb(sfnet) CBB CBB has moved! Please visit us at our new home:... DOWNLOAD
dicomemail-test(sfnet) DICOM-e-mail Test Suite Test Suite for DICOM-E-Mail Teleradiology Protocol DOWNLOAD
punchout(sfnet) Punchout! Timecard System Punchout! is a simple and straightforward time ... DOWNLOAD
gridmeister(sfnet) Gridmeister This program is a small tool for the automated ... DOWNLOAD
gmgamegroup(sfnet) GM Game Group Free games for the world to help develop. DOWNLOAD
complat(sfnet) Communication Platform e3 = jabber + java + plugins + svg ||| web star... DOWNLOAD
x-portal(sfnet) PHP X Project This is not another CMS script, it involes OOP ... DOWNLOAD
psjavalibrary(sfnet) Poetica Studios Java Library A general Java library used by all Poetica Stud... DOWNLOAD
timeconverter(sfnet) timeconverter A python script that helps people convert from ... DOWNLOAD
biblos(sfnet) Biblos Biblos is an easy-to-use X11/MSWindows applicat... DOWNLOAD
spaceangst(sfnet) Space ANGST Space Angst is short for Space Asteroids Next G... DOWNLOAD
myvelcont(sfnet) MyVelocityController MyVelocityController is an MVC Controller (Serv... DOWNLOAD
tamelj(sfnet) TameLJ TameLJ is an advanced client to the LiveJournal... DOWNLOAD
networkdaemon(sfnet) Network Daemon A python script that allows a non-root user to ... DOWNLOAD
dnswl(sfnet) Tools and scripts to retrieve, prepare and use ... DOWNLOAD
appkonference(sfnet) AppKonference AppKonference , a high-performance Asterisk con...
kdiskrescue(sfnet) KDiskRescue KDiskRescue is a gnu/ddrescue KDE frontend. DOWNLOAD
id3v2-atxt-tool(sfnet) ID3v2 Audio Text Tools Audio Text Tools allow authors to add audible m... DOWNLOAD
etodb(sfnet) PHP Email To DB ETODB is a free PHP class which allows to parse... DOWNLOAD
horosquope(sfnet) Horosquope Software for displaying astrological Charts (ho... DOWNLOAD
pyodbc-orm(sfnet) pyodbc-orm This is a very simple module for those that don... DOWNLOAD
netamsadmin(sfnet) NeTAMS Web Admin Web-based frontend for NeTAMS traffic managemen... DOWNLOAD
invisiblebasic(sfnet) Invisible Basic Invisible Basic is an Excel Add-in that compile... DOWNLOAD
dmx(sfnet) Distributed Multihead X The DMX software has been integrated into the X... DOWNLOAD
asmfind(sfnet) AsmFind high speed disk search AsmFind is a small, fast disk search utility. ... DOWNLOAD
piros(sfnet) piros Virtual Configuration Management made easy with... DOWNLOAD
knews(sfnet) Kreative News This project is a very powerful news script des... DOWNLOAD
php-hangman(sfnet) PHP-Hangman A web-based version of hangman, which uses PHP ... DOWNLOAD
phpmysqlconsole(sfnet) phpMySQLConsole PMC (phpMySQLConsole) is a web based MySQL comm... DOWNLOAD
mybooklist(sfnet) My Book List a simple clean book collection web application:... DOWNLOAD
nsts(sfnet) nsts NS-2 Trace Statistics is a tool for easy genera... DOWNLOAD
geocalcpy(sfnet) Daniel's Geometry Calculator A Calculator for Geometry purposes, has commons... DOWNLOAD
detectiv(sfnet) DetectiV DetectiV is an R package for the analysis of pa... DOWNLOAD
superlnk(sfnet) superlnk SuperLnk is a Windows utility to create menus t... DOWNLOAD
askpappy(sfnet) askapy AskApy is a task server. In more words, it is a... DOWNLOAD
kernin(sfnet) Kernin Kernin is an easy to use, menu driven script to... DOWNLOAD
ibmtts-sdk(sfnet) IBM TTS SDK This is a development package for IBM Text To S... DOWNLOAD
aecp(sfnet) AJAX Education & Communication Platform A web-based AJAX education and communication pl... DOWNLOAD
check-packeteer(sfnet) is a plugin for the Nagios n... DOWNLOAD
phpapp(sfnet) PHP Job Application With Edit This is a web based job application that will a... DOWNLOAD
pyip(sfnet) pyip pyip is a Python package offering assembling/di... DOWNLOAD
mporter-bda(sfnet) mporter-bda BDA is an automotive repair shop ('autoshop' or... DOWNLOAD
jregedit(sfnet) jRegEdit jRegEdit is a tool to show, edit, import, expor... DOWNLOAD
gaia-clean(sfnet) gaia Open 3D earth viewer with GPS support DOWNLOAD
intrabb(sfnet) intraBB This is phpBB modified to to be viewed within a... DOWNLOAD
phpbb2wp(sfnet) phpbb2 plugin for wordpress It's a plugin which embeds some phpbb procedure... DOWNLOAD
modscaleform(sfnet) modScaleForm modScaleForm is a module für MS Access that sca... DOWNLOAD
windingac10(sfnet) windingac10 java application for plotting AC Stator Winding... DOWNLOAD

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