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mathetrainer(sfnet) Sanity's Mathe-Trainer DOWNLOAD
reflectajdoc(sfnet) Ajdoc by Reflection A compiler extension to Ajdoc (the documentatio... DOWNLOAD
cubex(sfnet) CGI Rubik's Cube Solver CGI Rubik's Cube Solver - written in C++. Fast... DOWNLOAD
longship(sfnet) Longship An experimental patch project for the Mozilla-b... DOWNLOAD
nbass(sfnet) nBASS nBASS is a .NET wrapper for the BASS sound libr... DOWNLOAD
reattore(sfnet) Reattore HTTP Server A single threaded, non-blocking Java HTTP serve... DOWNLOAD
eclipsedesigner(sfnet) Eclipse SWT Designer Plugin Eclipse SWT Designer Plugin provides visual bui... DOWNLOAD
webanalyse(sfnet) Webanalyse Web site traffic statistics tool written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
wristcam(sfnet) Casio WQV Wristcam Database Casio Wristcam ( WQV ) Photo Script. Automates ... DOWNLOAD
gtkmaggot(sfnet) gtkMaggot gtkMaggot is an improved tron game DOWNLOAD
manauton(sfnet) Manauton Manauton is a sound recording program that can ... DOWNLOAD
ptag(sfnet) Plottable Tagboard System A tagboard (shoutbox) script written in PHP and... DOWNLOAD
gscmxx(sfnet) gscmxx - a frontend for scmxx gscmxx is a gtk-frontend to scmxx written in pe... DOWNLOAD
csv(sfnet) Client-side Validator This framework is written to support client-sid... DOWNLOAD
ildebinc(sfnet) ilDEBinc クリスタル クリアしましょう: それは別の [/proj...
inetremote(sfnet) iNetRemote A plugin-based webserver for Windows to remote ... DOWNLOAD
aspvcs(sfnet) ASP Version Control The aim of the project is to build a web based ... DOWNLOAD
chalaxy(sfnet) chalaxy Conquest the universe! Turn-based multiplayer s... DOWNLOAD
webhtmleditor(sfnet) Web HTML Editor A web based text editor for IE 5.5+ developers.... DOWNLOAD
phpxmlform(sfnet) phpXMLForm Automatilcy build in PHP script complete HTML ... DOWNLOAD
xsetup-xp(sfnet) Xpress Setup XP Xpress Setup XP is an advanced yet 'easy to use... DOWNLOAD
codesoup(sfnet) Code Soup Code Soup is a project to try and make evolving... DOWNLOAD
linstamp(sfnet) Basic Stamp II Sending and Parsing Util Basic Stamp II Sending and Parsing Utility, As ... DOWNLOAD
mailinsms(sfnet) mailinsms This is an e-mail to SMS formatter and SMS send... DOWNLOAD
phpfilels(sfnet) php files php files is a simple, yet extremly handy direc... DOWNLOAD
mpphp(sfnet) MobilePublisher PHP Fast and powerful CMS. It is easy to setup and ... DOWNLOAD
randomselector(sfnet) RandomSelector RandomSelector is a tool for classroom demonstr... DOWNLOAD
encode-arabic(sfnet) Encode Arabic Implementations for encodings of Arabic, in Has... DOWNLOAD
kgsoft0kg3d(sfnet) Kg3D Kg3D - an ascii-art first person shooter! DOWNLOAD
jimbovector3d(sfnet) JimboVector 3D JimboVector 3D is a suite of applications and s... DOWNLOAD
dumpster(sfnet) Dumpster - a file dumper/decoder Dumpster is a file dumper/decoder written in C... DOWNLOAD
jdcms(sfnet) JD Content Management System (JDCMS) JDCMS is a free opensource PHP/MySQL content ma... DOWNLOAD
javasignalslot(sfnet) Signal and Slot for Java Uses java.lang.reflect.Method to implement QT's... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-lib(sfnet) OCaml ExtLib A User-supported Extended Standard Library for ... DOWNLOAD
jimhr(sfnet) Interactive Math Handwriting Recognizer JIMHR or "Java Interactive Mathematical Ha... DOWNLOAD
lossless2lossy(sfnet) lossless2lossy Lossless2lossy is a conversion script for mass ... DOWNLOAD
performpa(sfnet) PerformPA PerformPA è una piattaforma che supporta l’impo... DOWNLOAD
arbsramdrv(sfnet) AR-B1047 SRAM Linux device driver AR-B1047 SRAM Linux device driver represents SR... DOWNLOAD
instant-linux(sfnet) Instant Linux The Instant Linux Manager provides automatic do... DOWNLOAD
skincalc(sfnet) SkinCalc/RPN SkinCalc/RPN is a skinnable RPN desktop calcula... DOWNLOAD
gpsmgr(sfnet) GPS Manager GPS Manager is a GUI for downloading, organizin... DOWNLOAD
terminator(sfnet) TerminAtor TerminAtor is a plug-in based PIM (Personal Inf... DOWNLOAD
mysql-dbx(sfnet) MySQL DBXpress Driver MySQL DBXpress Driver DOWNLOAD
hyades(sfnet) Hyades Hyades is a strategy game set in a 3D universe ... DOWNLOAD
cambridgerocket(sfnet) Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox for Octave Software for simulating the flight path of high...
spacewar-sdl(sfnet) Spacewar Spacewar is an arcade game in wich two players ... DOWNLOAD
nwn-hcm(sfnet) NWN PnP Rules The PnP Rules (PnPR) are the next generation of... DOWNLOAD
peppa(sfnet) peppa Framework: Project for Evolutionary Predator Pr...
pikevideo(sfnet) Pike Video Pike video module DOWNLOAD
peninktrees(sfnet) Pen and Ink Illustrations Drawings convey visual information to the viewe... DOWNLOAD
sechk(sfnet) sechk - SEcurity CHecKer sechk - SEcurity CHecKer It is a powerful and ... DOWNLOAD
sppm(sfnet) Simple Perl Package Manager Track added/deleted files from a system by usin... DOWNLOAD
nullabletypes(sfnet) NullableTypes If you have worked with the .NET built-in types... DOWNLOAD
auto-autofs(sfnet) auto-autofs The script generates an automounter map with al... DOWNLOAD
gsuffix(sfnet) gsuffix The gsuffix library implements serveral algorit... DOWNLOAD
ldifgrep(sfnet) An LDIF grep tool that returns records i This utility will provide grep-like functionali... DOWNLOAD
flymake(sfnet) Flymake: on-fly syntax checker for Emacs Flymake is a universal on-the-fly syntax checke... DOWNLOAD
reflexivecms(sfnet) RefleXiveCMS RefleXiveCMS is a general purpose PHP component... DOWNLOAD
teha(sfnet) The Elizabeth Home Accountant The Elizabeth Home Accountant is a simple java ... DOWNLOAD
quantitymanager(sfnet) Unit Management Framework The goal of the framework is to provide generic... DOWNLOAD
pfct4net(sfnet) C-Function pointer for .NET This project intend to provide C-Function helpe... DOWNLOAD
pr0n(sfnet) Automated Downloader An automated client developed for downloading s... DOWNLOAD
osqlp(sfnet) Open SQL Parser Open SQL Parser is a database independant SQL p... DOWNLOAD
periodical(sfnet) periodical periodical is a Peiodic Table Text Mode.
jhpropertiestyp(sfnet) JHPropertiesTyped Version 1.6 is now available. JHPropertiesTyped... DOWNLOAD
stonesthrow(sfnet) Stone's Throw Stone's Throw is a 2D accurate physics clone of... DOWNLOAD
liquidproj(sfnet) Liquid Project Liquid Project (LP) is a group of web site deve... DOWNLOAD
wxquran(sfnet) wxQuran The wxQuran project is aimed to be a comprehens... DOWNLOAD
universeproject(sfnet) The Universe Simulator The Universe Simulator project's goal is to pro... DOWNLOAD
waimeaconfig(sfnet) Waimea Configurator A waimea configurator with a gui interface DOWNLOAD
trivialjava(sfnet) trivialjava TrivialJava is a client-server Trivia Q&A g... DOWNLOAD
cabaweb(sfnet) CabaWeb CabaWeb is business simulation use as business ... DOWNLOAD
phpmonannuaire(sfnet) phpMonAnnuaire phpMonAnnuaire is a directory written in PHP. I... DOWNLOAD
nofglrx(sfnet) nofglrx nofglrx is a tool that allows you to use the AT... DOWNLOAD
tag2html(sfnet) tag2html tag2html is a tool that converts most important... DOWNLOAD
aareport(sfnet) AAReport An IRC bot which queries America's Army Operati... DOWNLOAD
gamebuilder(sfnet) GameBuilder Engine GameBuilder is card based engine for Mac OS X. ... DOWNLOAD
omega-hsm(sfnet) Omega State Machine Framework Omega is a light-weight framework for the imple... DOWNLOAD
ganux(sfnet) Ganux Linux terminal simulator through javascript. Wi... DOWNLOAD
gsim51(sfnet) gSim51 - 8051 microcontroller simulator gSim51 is a powerful, efficient and cool simula... DOWNLOAD
nefinity(sfnet) The Nefinity Project An ambitious project being undertaken by the te... DOWNLOAD
clrunner(sfnet) Command Line Runner CLRunner provides an object oriented interface ... DOWNLOAD
phppginfo(sfnet) phpPgInfo Php Script which displays large amount of Postg... DOWNLOAD
webaprez(sfnet) WebAPrez WebAPrez generates power-point like presentatio... DOWNLOAD
rmcombat(sfnet) RMCombat This a php program that will allow you to resol... DOWNLOAD
spkg(sfnet) spkg spkg is a slackware package management utility.... DOWNLOAD
genchemlab(sfnet) General Chemistry Lab Simulator GenChemLab is an OpenGL-based application inten... DOWNLOAD
gfaimg(sfnet) GFA Imager Generalized Finite Automata (GFA) Imager is a s... DOWNLOAD
ufup(sfnet) UFUP UFUP is a decompression utility that handles co... DOWNLOAD
gablackjack(sfnet) Genetic Algorithms Engine - Blackjack DOWNLOAD
asterisk(sfnet) Asterisk PBX Projects Asterisk PBX Project Repository. This is a cent... DOWNLOAD
myfuzzy(sfnet) is an easy to use and well documente... DOWNLOAD
mozillakr(sfnet) Mozilla Korean Project Mozilla Korean(Hanguel) is a project that makes... DOWNLOAD
macs-sched(sfnet) Macs - middleware adaptive CPU scheduler M.A.C.S is a middleware adaptive CPU scheduler.... DOWNLOAD
wirelesssw(sfnet) Wireless Switch Applet Wireless Switch Applet provides the applet for ... DOWNLOAD
queryviewer(sfnet) queryviewer QueryViewer is a visual (swing) javabean where ... DOWNLOAD
aedgui(sfnet) aedGUI A cross-platform C++ Graphics User Interface li... DOWNLOAD
patchmonkey(sfnet) PatchMonkey Windows Update Tool PatchMonkey is a simple software tool that can ... DOWNLOAD
releasemaker(sfnet) releasemaker You develop software and your boss doesn't want... DOWNLOAD
jbookmarks(sfnet) JBookmarks JBookmarks makes it easy to administrate, impor... DOWNLOAD

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