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lppf(sfnet) Linux PPF Patcher lppf is an application for handling PPF patches... DOWNLOAD
dotter(sfnet) Dotter A tiny arcade-ish game, like a simplified gravi... DOWNLOAD
abstractmodeler(sfnet) Java Abstract Modeler Swing-based abstract frame or applet for visual... DOWNLOAD
becia(sfnet) Becia Becia script is the easiest way to manage your ... DOWNLOAD
phppcontainer(sfnet) PHP Portlet Container PHP Portlet Container is a portlet application ... DOWNLOAD
monopas(sfnet) monoPAS monoPAS is a C# to octave bridge. Octave is a M... DOWNLOAD
gnomesshman(sfnet) Gnome-Sshman Gnome-sshman is an SSH session manager for GNOM... DOWNLOAD
eviltris(sfnet) eviltris Have you ever felt like the computer isn't play... DOWNLOAD
makehtml(sfnet) makehtml Makes html web page from information supplied o... DOWNLOAD
jxt4mocktestj(sfnet) Jxt4MockTestJ ===============================================... DOWNLOAD
jsclasspath(sfnet) JSharpClassPath JSharpClassPath is J# version of GNU ClassPath... DOWNLOAD
umlspeed(sfnet) UMLSpeed UMLSpeed is a compiler for a C-style language o... DOWNLOAD
phpexplorerv2(sfnet) phpexplorerv2 An enhancement to Zorex's PHP Explorer V1.2 Thi... DOWNLOAD
eiscript(sfnet) EIScript EIScript is minimalistic scripting language for... DOWNLOAD
redline(sfnet) RedLine - Net Services Tool for Ubuntu Ubuntu RedLine works like a "command trans... DOWNLOAD
shbatcheditor(sfnet) SH Batch Editor The SH Batch Editor allows to apply automated c... DOWNLOAD
pascalclassics(sfnet) Pascal Classics Solved classic algorithms in Pascal for the Uni... DOWNLOAD
jsearchtool(sfnet) JSearchTool Application provide indexing and searching capa... DOWNLOAD
ethercircuit(sfnet) EtherCircuit - AVR Embedded Webserver EtherCircuit Webserver SW / HW Project works wi... DOWNLOAD
auditlog(sfnet) AuditLog Log for auditing is part of business logic. For... DOWNLOAD
phpmysqlajaxdat(sfnet) PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier This is a framework for displaying MySQL data o... DOWNLOAD
gnupinch(sfnet) GNUPinch GNU Pinch is a tool for the analysis of the ene... DOWNLOAD
szte-wsn(sfnet) szte-wsn This is the public repository of open source co... DOWNLOAD
hsc-repository(sfnet) HSC-Repository • SQL-based Enterprise Data Store. Central repo... DOWNLOAD
x2blog(sfnet) X2Blog The blog is completly based on AJAX and DOWNLOAD
jbingfa(sfnet) jbingfa This is the Presentation i distribute from time... DOWNLOAD
nzvoice(sfnet) New Zealand voice for Asterisk PBX New Zealand Voice Prompts for the Asterisk Open... DOWNLOAD
gnuniversity(sfnet) gnuniversity We aim to provide tools and a repository for GP... DOWNLOAD
chant(sfnet) ChaNT ChaNT is a open source web-based chat system wr... DOWNLOAD
oceanmodelfiles(sfnet) OceanModel NetCDF Tools Fortran tools to write standardized NetCDF o... DOWNLOAD
glipssvgeditor(sfnet) GLIPS Graffiti editor SVG Graphics Editor written in Java DOWNLOAD
phpdbedit(sfnet) phpDbEdit phpDbEdit is a database independant code genera... DOWNLOAD
teastats(sfnet) teastats web log analysis Web log analyzer... Written in Java, aims to pr... DOWNLOAD
yf-library(sfnet) yf cpp libraries OpenSource C++ libraries. Full list of classes ... DOWNLOAD
uranie(sfnet) Uranie Uranie is a sensitivity and uncertainty analysi... DOWNLOAD
dacx760sw(sfnet) DACx760EVM Easy-to-use evaluation software for the DAC8760... DOWNLOAD
csv2xml(sfnet) CSV to XML Unsupported. Do not use.
starcat(sfnet) STARCAT STARCAT (STAtiscic Reporting, Collecting and An... DOWNLOAD
gridbusbroker(sfnet) GridbusBroker The Gridbus Grid Service Broker, is a service-o... DOWNLOAD
wst(sfnet) WebSecurityTester Set of libraries and user-interfaces usefull to... DOWNLOAD
evhomeostasis(sfnet) EvHomeostasis This is a computer model to study Evo-devo. It ... DOWNLOAD
jsemticservice(sfnet) jSemanticService jSemanticService is a lightweight framework tha... DOWNLOAD
urlrewriter4j(sfnet) URLRewriter4J Port of famous to Java DOWNLOAD
urlconnbuilder(sfnet) Groovy URLConnectionBuilder A Groovy builder for URLConnection DOWNLOAD
deluxeraoelinfr(sfnet) Devastacionao 1.4.5 Descargalo y podras jugar al DevastacionAO DOWNLOAD
systemsolution(sfnet) System Solution This is a system solution software. It solve a... DOWNLOAD
microthread(sfnet) microthread MicroThread is a minimal Borland/Turbo C multi-... DOWNLOAD
jsdb(sfnet) JavaScriptDB Javascript DB, es un minimotor de base de datos... DOWNLOAD
kvirc(sfnet) Kvirc KVIrc is a free portable Internet Relay Chat cl... DOWNLOAD
opensynch(sfnet) OpenSynch The OpenSync project aim is to synchronize ente... DOWNLOAD
turtlesprojects(sfnet) Turtle's Projects Turtle's homebrew, apps, games, and more!
winsmon(sfnet) Windows Service Monitor Monitor and automatically restart Windows Servi... DOWNLOAD
cnibbles(sfnet) cNibbles cNibbles is a curses based version of the old n... DOWNLOAD
berniestest(sfnet) berniestest DOWNLOAD
mapbender(sfnet) Mapbender Important information!!! The Mapbender project ... DOWNLOAD
nms2006(sfnet) maat4 High performance network monitor. DOWNLOAD
hsc-tools(sfnet) HSC - Education Tools Higher Education Solution Collaborative Tools -... DOWNLOAD
sbedictionary(sfnet) SBEDictionary This is Bulgarian - English - Bulgarian diction... DOWNLOAD
miare(sfnet) miare Minimum Information About an RNAi Experiment (M... DOWNLOAD
qid3iconv(sfnet) qid3iconv An ID3 tag encoding converter Features: * Be... DOWNLOAD
samba4ubuntu(sfnet) Samba4 Ubuntu Build Samba4 build for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64Bit Current... DOWNLOAD
cf2xmi(sfnet) CFM / CFC 2 XMI : Coldfusion to UML Coldfusion to UML Convert coldfusion cfm / cfc ... DOWNLOAD
ibdom(sfnet) IBDOM IBDOM is a JavaScript framework that enables th... DOWNLOAD
afterdeath(sfnet) After Death After Death is a handy and reliable program des... DOWNLOAD
taglets(sfnet) JavaDoc Taglet Collection The Taglet Collection is set of general pupose ... DOWNLOAD
pencil-planner(sfnet) Pencil Pencil is a cross-platform open-source 2D anima... DOWNLOAD
cadi(sfnet) CADI Software CADI is an implementation of the JPIP standard ... DOWNLOAD
tfluxhandler(sfnet) TorrentFluxHandler TorrentFluxHandler is a filetype handler for Wi... DOWNLOAD
jsfwiki(sfnet) jsfwiki Java Server Faces Wiki -- Wiki software based o... DOWNLOAD
pdfconcatcmd(sfnet) pdfConcatCommand None of the code was writen by me, its only a t... DOWNLOAD
augrok(sfnet) augrok augrok is a Linux audit log analysis tool writt... DOWNLOAD
retaliation(sfnet) Retaliation Do you enjoy the fun of playing Risk but you've... DOWNLOAD
pel(sfnet) PEL: PHP Exif Library Project has moved to: DOWNLOAD
perlbox(sfnet) perlbox Perlbox Voice is an voice enabled application t... DOWNLOAD
partartspace(sfnet) Spaceship Generator || PartArt: Space part2art ( takes this idea further... DOWNLOAD
wakeupalarm(sfnet) wakeupalarm A fully customizable and extensible talking ala... DOWNLOAD
gfime11webstat(sfnet) GFI ME 11 Web Stat Web statistics for the GFI MailEssentials 11 an... DOWNLOAD
skulls(sfnet) Skulls! Multi-Network WebCache Skulls is a Multi-Network WebCache in PHP used ... DOWNLOAD
owl-interactive(sfnet) Owl Interactive OWL Interactive is a visualization environment ... DOWNLOAD
gnetwatch(sfnet) GNetWatch GNetWatch is a free open source Java applicatio... DOWNLOAD
mibview(sfnet) SMI-Mib Browser MibViewer is a tool for browsing SNMP-SMI docum... DOWNLOAD
joules(sfnet) Joules Joules is an cross-platform clone of Atomix for... DOWNLOAD
elementviewer(sfnet) ElementViewer ElementViewer visualizes the elements of the PS... DOWNLOAD
rnat-abc(sfnet) RNAT based mobility support We have implemented a remote NAT based solution... DOWNLOAD
easyubuntu(sfnet) EasyUbuntu EasyUbuntu adalah tools yang memudahkan anda da... DOWNLOAD
hzsync(sfnet) hzsync hzsync is inotify based directory syncronized d... DOWNLOAD
php-flp(sfnet) FLP project moved to DOWNLOAD
marahammer(sfnet) Hammer: Marathon Level Editor Hammer is a level editor for the Marathon serie... DOWNLOAD
planning(sfnet) GESTIME Ce projet permet la gestion de planning des sal... DOWNLOAD
fpcbol(sfnet) fpcbol This project is not maintened since 2006 as sdl... DOWNLOAD
nmdeluxe(sfnet) NMDeluxe NMDeluxe is an advanced news and blog managemen... DOWNLOAD
waire(sfnet) Waire Wireless link/frequency planner Wireless AP/Frequency/Link planner GPS based wi... DOWNLOAD
clockapplet(sfnet) ClockApplet Applet to display the current time. Attempts to... DOWNLOAD
vblib(sfnet) VBLib plus: cross-platform C++ libraries VBLib - general purpose. VBMcgi - library for 3... DOWNLOAD
idsprobe(sfnet) IDS Probing IDS-probing Project is a testing project for ID... DOWNLOAD
ttxinsert(sfnet) ttxInsert The aim of this project is to provide teletext ... DOWNLOAD
ddns-pl(sfnet) Dynamic DNS CGI Tool - A cgi-bin Perl script to manipulate t... DOWNLOAD
rssim(sfnet) rssim Implementación en código MATLAB de un sistema ... DOWNLOAD
thecounter(sfnet) TheCounter TheCounter was designed as a helping hand for p... DOWNLOAD
audshare(sfnet) AudShare This application comes up with a serverless P2P... DOWNLOAD

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