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as2lib(sfnet) as2lib The as2lib is an opensource framework targeted ... DOWNLOAD
abcrypt(sfnet) ABCrypt A C++/Qt program for use in encrypting and decr... DOWNLOAD
matex(sfnet) Matex- symbolic math interpreter <p>Matex is the first opensource modul th... DOWNLOAD
gamp(sfnet) Gnome AMP Gamp is a clean/simple audio player for Gnome. ... DOWNLOAD
nipbot(sfnet) nipbot shell IRC client for Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, inclu... DOWNLOAD
mstruts(sfnet) MStruts MStruts - Modified Struts - is a framework for ... DOWNLOAD
chicabyte(sfnet) Chicabyte! WAP Suite Chicabyte! Wap Suite is intended to be an Open ... DOWNLOAD
ympyris(sfnet) Ympyris A game about navigating falling blocks in a cir... DOWNLOAD
thundernote(sfnet) ThunderNote ThunderNote let you write and manage your daily... DOWNLOAD
cushaw3(sfnet) CUSHAW3: Accurate Short-read Alignment CUSHAW3 is an open-source parallelized, sensiti... DOWNLOAD
xslt-selfdoc(sfnet) XSL Transform Self-Documentation The project defined an XML format for documenti... DOWNLOAD
xhelix(sfnet) xhelix encryption/authentication module xhelix: python C extension implementing Helix e... DOWNLOAD
papillon(sfnet) papillon Papillon is a visual designer for Fourfive Web ... DOWNLOAD
xdcc-search(sfnet) XDCC Search XDCC Search alows you to quickly search IRC lis... DOWNLOAD
secwatch(sfnet) secwatch IDS Secwatch is an intrusion detection system using... DOWNLOAD
fixedpointlibra(sfnet) FixedPoint library Found various fixed point and integer in C#; wo... DOWNLOAD
tc-exec(sfnet) TC Executer This application can launch Total Commander wit... DOWNLOAD
edu-ir(sfnet) UT Educational IR Package This code supplies miniature pedagogical Java i... DOWNLOAD
openemcee(sfnet) OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java The OpenEmcee Microflow engine is a Java framew... DOWNLOAD
codpad(sfnet) Codpad IDE for C/C++ Complete IDE for the free Borland C/C++ 5.5 com... DOWNLOAD
themekit(sfnet) ThemeKit Common reference framework for themes on Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
libdata(sfnet) LibData LibData is an open source (GPL) web delivered d... DOWNLOAD
timedshutdown(sfnet) Timed Shutdown Ever wanted to shut your Windows down at a cert... DOWNLOAD
mpigalib(sfnet) MPIGALib MPIGALib is a parallel genetic algorithms libra... DOWNLOAD
bfserverstats(sfnet) bfserverstats A Web-Frontend to view live stats of Battlefiel... DOWNLOAD
vbox3web(sfnet) vbox3web vbox3web is a Perl Web Frontend with Multi-Lang... DOWNLOAD
uptodater(sfnet) UpToDater UpToDater allows teams to easily manage the mig... DOWNLOAD
snippet(sfnet) Java Snippets Scripts and data to display snippets on your sc... DOWNLOAD
joesnmp(sfnet) joeSNMP joeSNMP is an open-source Java SNMP class libra... DOWNLOAD
phpemailer(sfnet) PHPEmailer a public email form writen in php with template... DOWNLOAD
jchatplus(sfnet) Java IRC (possible codename: jchat++) This is an open source IRC client written in java. DOWNLOAD
dspack(sfnet) DSPack DSPack is a set of Components and class to writ... DOWNLOAD
lucane(sfnet) Lucane Groupware Lucane is a free groupware platform written in ... DOWNLOAD
template-menu(sfnet) Template Menu For Emacs template-menu is an Emacs package that adds an ... DOWNLOAD
virtualife(sfnet) VirtuaLife - Coders VChat is the IRC Daemon used by VirtuaLife DOWNLOAD
cfmanual(sfnet) CFM Manual Cold Fusion CHM (Compiled HTML) manual, same as... DOWNLOAD
ibquota(sfnet) IBQUOTA DOWNLOAD
autocrc(sfnet) autocrc autocrc uses 32-bit CRC-sums to verify the inte... DOWNLOAD
experimentalerp(sfnet) Experimental ERP It consist of 4 web-apps of the same business l... DOWNLOAD
beholder(sfnet) Beholder IDS The subject of this project is development of t... DOWNLOAD
slbd(sfnet) Server Load Balancing with OpenBSD PF Server load-balancing software for the OpenBSD ... DOWNLOAD
saxy-xmlparser(sfnet) SAXY - A SAX XML parser for PHP SAXY is a Simple API for XML (SAX) parser for P... DOWNLOAD
superalbum(sfnet) SuperAlbum SuperAlbum is a java based digital photo album ... DOWNLOAD
findertool(sfnet) FinderTool FinderTool is a utility that will enhance your ... DOWNLOAD
spipem(sfnet) SpipEM : Easy Mod for SPIP SpipEM provides Easy MOD installation for Spip ... DOWNLOAD
phpvnc(sfnet) PHPVNC PHPVNC allows for system administrators and tec... DOWNLOAD
karekol(sfnet) Karekol Karekol is a small convertor that turns code in... DOWNLOAD
fantasy-mapper(sfnet) Fantasy Mapper A vector drawing program for creating fantasy/R... DOWNLOAD
epalsts(sfnet) EPAL Scenario Testing System The purpose of the EPAL Scenario Testing System... DOWNLOAD
ccontroller(sfnet) jonax cms powerfull php-based CMS; features: one-click mo... DOWNLOAD
monoradio(sfnet) Monocle Radio Monocle Radio is a lighteight web frontend writ... DOWNLOAD
jsdc(sfnet) JSDC - Javascript Data Components JSDC are libraries, giving developers of dynami... DOWNLOAD
linora(sfnet) Linora Linora helps in the installation of Oracle prod... DOWNLOAD
secure-webmail(sfnet) Secure WebMail SWM (Secure WebMail) is an applet that provides... DOWNLOAD
bnpp(sfnet) bnpp A C++ Library for modelling and analyzing bioch... DOWNLOAD
tizozos(sfnet) TizOz OS : Operating System TizOz OS is an operating system thought to lear... DOWNLOAD
j2dcg(sfnet) 2D Computer Graphics / Imaging Framework j2dcg: Java 2D Computer Graphics and Imaging Fr... DOWNLOAD
axe(sfnet) AXE Game Engine AXE is a modular 3D game engine using Windows a... DOWNLOAD
twais(sfnet) Twais php framework Twais is an object-oriented library for improvi... DOWNLOAD
poisoned(sfnet) Poisoned Poisoned is a Cocoa Interface to the giFT Daemo... DOWNLOAD
fe2(sfnet) Falcon's Eye Remake A java remake of the legendary BBS door game Fa... DOWNLOAD
larytet(sfnet) emLib If you reach this page most likely you are look... DOWNLOAD
resxwrap(sfnet) CRL Resource Wrapper ResxWrap is utility makes working with textual ... DOWNLOAD
ediagame(sfnet) EDIA Game A small action game developed for DOS (using DJ... DOWNLOAD
softprosim(sfnet) RSQSim The project is aimed at producing software for ... DOWNLOAD
ezwebebserver(sfnet) webserver A _VERY_ simple httpd / webserver. DOWNLOAD
bspolyglot(sfnet) Balmsoft Polyglot Formely known as Balmsoft POlyglot - now goes p... DOWNLOAD
mlcrosswords(sfnet) Multilingual Crosswords Multilingual Crosswords - it finds solutions fo... DOWNLOAD
jvc-addins(sfnet) JVC addins * * * This project is being moved to a sub modu... DOWNLOAD
php-irc-b0t(sfnet) php-ircbot php-ircbot is being made with php4, php-ircbot ... DOWNLOAD
gvcd(sfnet) gvcd GVCD - yet another frontend to mencoder. This o... DOWNLOAD
velomix(sfnet) VelocityMix Plugin VeloMix is an eclipse Plugin, that provides a m... DOWNLOAD
mml2b(sfnet) Mml2B MathML to Braille translator. It's writen in Ja... DOWNLOAD
webphotoalbum(sfnet) Web Photo Album Web Photo Album using Java Servlets and MySQL. ... DOWNLOAD
pelt(sfnet) POSIX Emulation Layer for WindowsThreads POSIX Threads emulation layer for Windows Threads DOWNLOAD
modwaste(sfnet) WASTE (modWASTE) The modWASTE project is used by WASTE developer... DOWNLOAD
juno6(sfnet) Juno 6 Juno 6 is an VST based virtual Analogue Synthes... DOWNLOAD
orionsbelt(sfnet) Orion's Belt Orion's Belt it's a turn-based, web-based, spac... DOWNLOAD
yinyang(sfnet) Yin-Yang (Realtime On-Access File Scan) Real-time file scanner using Linux kernel space... DOWNLOAD
fotoon(sfnet) Fotoon Fotoon is an application that helps you manage ... DOWNLOAD
redundantdb(sfnet) One Method Of A Database Design the article describes one simple method to deci... DOWNLOAD
bgplookingglass(sfnet) BGP Looking-glass Flowlab BGP looking-glass allows the collection... DOWNLOAD
emulephoenix(sfnet) eMule pHoeniX Mod eMule pHoeniX Mod - Based on Maella Mod with a ... DOWNLOAD
modeclipse(sfnet) Eclipse MOD Editor Eclipse based editor for phpBB MOD files DOWNLOAD
assetrecovery(sfnet) Asset Recovery Toolkit Knoppix-based live linux .ISO will perform all ... DOWNLOAD
opendhtmlspy(sfnet) Open DHTML Spy Spy HTML pages from all perspectives: HTML Sour... DOWNLOAD
placebo(sfnet) placebo The platform for the creation of a broad range ... DOWNLOAD
calyxo(sfnet) Calyxo Web Application Framework Calyxo encourages in MVC-Model2 Java web applic... DOWNLOAD
cwexml(sfnet) cweXML The cweXML library can be used for easy XML par... DOWNLOAD
bibtexparser(sfnet) A bison/java parser for bibtex files The goal of this project is to provide an empty... DOWNLOAD
claytek(sfnet) ClayTek 3D Game Library &amp; Editor ClayTek is a 3D games library based on SDL and ... DOWNLOAD
lircer(sfnet) LIRCer ("lurker") IRC Client (eventually a plugin for Miranda), S... DOWNLOAD
ariza(sfnet) ARIZA: Bug/Request Tracking Tool ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with... DOWNLOAD
ixhash(sfnet) ixhash iXhash is a plugin for the popular spam filter ... DOWNLOAD
phase2(sfnet) Phase2 programming language An experimental language API and interpreter wh... DOWNLOAD
migas-sbackup(sfnet) Simplebackup Simplebackup is a cross-platform backup program... DOWNLOAD
tuxserve(sfnet) TuxServe An fserve (fileserver) for X-Chat that allows y... DOWNLOAD
caddlight(sfnet) CADDLight This project is inactive DOWNLOAD
zoomportfolioma(sfnet) Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager for your listed Stocks and Sh... DOWNLOAD
prebop(sfnet) Prebop Multi-Language Preprocessor Prebop Preprocessor. Ant task runnable in or ou... DOWNLOAD

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