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phpnewslist(sfnet) phpNewsList A PHP news list manager for GNU Mailman. DOWNLOAD
ftrack-as(sfnet) ftrack-as RNtrack (aka FTrack-AS) is a mail tracker/route... DOWNLOAD
cl-matrix(sfnet) CL Matrix CL - Matrix - GUI: The main purpose of the proj... DOWNLOAD
sa3d(sfnet) Space Arena 3D Space Arena 3D (SA3D) is a multiplayer, multith... DOWNLOAD
ispim(sfnet) iSPIM - MIPS compiler/simulator MIPS Processor Compilator and Simulator for Win32 DOWNLOAD
porterstemmers(sfnet) Oleander Stemming Library Word stemming library (Porter algorithms). Stem... DOWNLOAD
grue(sfnet) grue "grue" is an irc bot developed in per... DOWNLOAD
pyorq(sfnet) PyORQ PyORQ (Python Object Relational binding with Qu... DOWNLOAD
hazecms(sfnet) hazecms A simple CMS aimed at easy creation of standard... DOWNLOAD
ivatamasks(sfnet) ivata Masks Automatically creates lists and input/display s... DOWNLOAD
roae(sfnet) ROae eAthena RO emulator User Account / Kafra Stora... DOWNLOAD
ars4sdlnft(sfnet) Ars for SDL and FreeType The Ars4SdlnFt is a general purpose library fra... DOWNLOAD
iactf(sfnet) Inteligent Agent CT Framework Development of an Inteligent Agent Creation and... DOWNLOAD
singinharmony(sfnet) Sing in Harmony Program that is a Karaoke Revolution simulator ... DOWNLOAD
luta(sfnet) Luta framework Luta framework - is a PHP 5 framework based on ... DOWNLOAD
geoss(sfnet) GEOSS DOWNLOAD
barosmini(sfnet) BAROSmini - BAnner ROtation System mini BAROS mini is a banner (or advertisement) manag... DOWNLOAD
tgb(sfnet) [tG] - Bump [tG]-Bump is a clone of "Jump'n'Bump"... DOWNLOAD
p12import(sfnet) p12 import p12_import is an utility created to import pkcs... DOWNLOAD
jstaple(sfnet) JStaple JStaple is a Java library for building Swing/AW... DOWNLOAD
autolinguist(sfnet) AutoLinguist Automatically translate english/french/german t... DOWNLOAD
mobiledc(sfnet) Mobile DC Mobile DC - A Direct Connect Client for Symbian... DOWNLOAD
xerp(sfnet) XERP XERP is a very flexible/extensible Java ERP tha... DOWNLOAD
xplanner-idea(sfnet) XPlanner IntelliJIDEA plugin IDEA plugin for xplanner DOWNLOAD
rsswaba(sfnet) Rss Waba A rss reader for handheld devices that uses sup... DOWNLOAD
viewbuilder(sfnet) View Builder View Builder is software that will allow you to... DOWNLOAD
autoinspect(sfnet) autoinspect Automated Optical Inspection for loaded PCB's u...
anum(sfnet) ANum – Numerical Frameworks Interdependent Java frameworks: AMath (abstract...
kphotools(sfnet) kphotools KPhotools is a QT and ImLib2 based Web Album (i... DOWNLOAD
nodewars(sfnet) NodeWars NodeWars is a Space Empire Management game. Ima... DOWNLOAD
gokryo(sfnet) Go.Kryo Go.Kryo is a ASP(C#).NET simple content managem... DOWNLOAD
vython(sfnet) Vython Studio Vython Studio is an Visual RAD Integrated Devel... DOWNLOAD
sefaro(sfnet) Financial invoices printing Sefaro is a web application for Romanian SME de... DOWNLOAD
freekiss(sfnet) FreeKiSS FreeKiSS is an alternative easy-to-use server a... DOWNLOAD
daisymfcgui(sfnet) Daisy Pipeline GUI Rich user interface for the DAISY Pipeline. The... DOWNLOAD
orfeo-toolbox(sfnet) OTB The Orfeo Toolbox is a C++ library for high res... DOWNLOAD
bplusdotnet(sfnet) B plus tree in C#, java and Python Cross platform indexed file btree implementatio... DOWNLOAD
savito(sfnet) SaViTo SaViTo is a website architecture visualization ... DOWNLOAD
cksfv(sfnet) Check SFV cksfv is a simple program to create and verify ... DOWNLOAD
defectspy(sfnet) DefectSpy DefectSpy is a tool that allows non-interactive... DOWNLOAD
vox(sfnet) Voice eXchange Speech profile of Person is created that contai... DOWNLOAD
clawman(sfnet) none none DOWNLOAD
fairdice(sfnet) Fairdice Cooperative Fair Event Outcome Selection in a h... DOWNLOAD
cmsinfo(sfnet) Components for Components for Mambo Open Source and other CMS ... DOWNLOAD
epto(sfnet) epto Epto is a small library and framework for indus... DOWNLOAD
kamikaze(sfnet) Kamikaze IRCD Kamikaze IRCD is a premium class of russian IRC... DOWNLOAD
gg--(sfnet) GG++ Linuxowy klient gadu gadu... Lekki i szybki ;] ... DOWNLOAD
phpbb2modificat(sfnet) phpBB2-MODificat phpBB is the worlds leading Open Source flat st... DOWNLOAD
php-booba(sfnet) php-Booba Simple PHP framework for developing web applica... DOWNLOAD
nspit(sfnet) nSpit spit is a moduler packet constructor/transmiter... DOWNLOAD
salt-usability(sfnet) High-level SALT interactors High-level voice interactors based on SALT with... DOWNLOAD
audionut(sfnet) AudioNUT AudioNUT is an audio player for Windows. It sup... DOWNLOAD
carte(sfnet) Carte / CSS4J This Java-based reporting/publishing framework ... DOWNLOAD
bomborama(sfnet) BombORama A little old-style platform game using SDL DOWNLOAD
the-site(sfnet) The SITE An includes driven real directory web building... DOWNLOAD
buster(sfnet) Buster Buster is Model-View-Controller Engine for PHP5... DOWNLOAD
dockpanelsuite(sfnet) DockPanel Suite The docking library for .Net Windows Forms deve... DOWNLOAD
quickcode(sfnet) Coding Explorer Numerically estimate an efficiency of code cons... DOWNLOAD
phpwc(sfnet) WebCash A quick and simple Web-based account management... DOWNLOAD
xkbind(sfnet) XKB (X Keyboard Extension) Indicator. The XkbInd program (XKB Indicator) is an indica... DOWNLOAD
asteriskbilling(sfnet) Asterisk Prepaid Billing Application Prepaid Billing Application for the Asterisk PB... DOWNLOAD
cherrypy(sfnet) CherryPy CherryPy is a Pythonic HTTP toolkit. All releas... DOWNLOAD
krainacieni(sfnet) Kraina Cieni Nowa gra MMORPG: Kraina Cieni
bibus-biblio(sfnet) Bibus Bibliographic software Bibus is a bibliographic database. It uses a My... DOWNLOAD
mvcportlet(sfnet) MVC Portlet Framework A MVC framework similar to struts for building ... DOWNLOAD
jadab(sfnet) jadab Not yet playable. jadab is a Dots and Boxes pl... DOWNLOAD
ik-bot(sfnet) Inselkampf Bot Inselkampf is a famous german browser-game. We ... DOWNLOAD
xsnortman(sfnet) xsnortman Xsnortman is an IDS(Instrution Detection System... DOWNLOAD
spnsh(sfnet) The Spanish Inquisition This program takes an audio source and effects ... DOWNLOAD
ircrelay(sfnet) IRCRelay IRCRelay is an IRC message relay application. I... DOWNLOAD
majorsic(sfnet) MajorSic - Majordomo List Administrator MajorSic is a web-based administration tool for... DOWNLOAD
medic-assistant(sfnet) Double Dragon's Medical Assistant Are you tired of managing the countless number ... DOWNLOAD
jpnevulator(sfnet) jpnevulator jpnevulator - just another serial sniffer DOWNLOAD
baggielayout(sfnet) BaggieLayout BaggieLayout is a Java swing LayoutManager, as ... DOWNLOAD
k3ddesktop(sfnet) k3ddesktop A KDE applet that uses 3D Desktop (an opengl de... DOWNLOAD
amc(sfnet) Automated Music Composition Automated Music Composition can generate chords... DOWNLOAD
pdbaspshop(sfnet) A-shop A-shop is an ASP-based online shop. Multiple la... DOWNLOAD
autosweep(sfnet) Autosweep Increase your Minesweeper score by finding all ... DOWNLOAD
wxdiary(sfnet) wxDiary An Electronic Journal and Diary written using w... DOWNLOAD
mvtt(sfnet) MVTT LAMP(PHP) Based Multiple City Online Movie Tick... DOWNLOAD
atitunereditor(sfnet) MeD's ATI Tuner Editor A channel tuner editor for the ATI Multimedia C... DOWNLOAD
codewanted(sfnet) Code help wanted Find somewhere you can help with a free softwar... DOWNLOAD
jake2(sfnet) Jake2 Java port of the Quake2 game engine DOWNLOAD
trbdk3cgipp(sfnet) trbdk3 CGIPP C++ libraries for creation of CGI applications.... DOWNLOAD
autoivrdialer(sfnet) Auto IVR Dialer Auto IVR Dialer automatically dials telephones ... DOWNLOAD
tease(sfnet) tease (text editing and scripting env) The text editor for the frantic developer. Unc... DOWNLOAD
konwert(sfnet) Konwert Program for converting text files between Windo... DOWNLOAD
getlocal(sfnet) getLocal The getLocal system provides positioning inform... DOWNLOAD
js-pentago(sfnet) JS Pentago A javascript version of Pentago written as an e... DOWNLOAD
jsoncons(sfnet) jsoncons The jsoncons library implements C++ classes for... DOWNLOAD
ethnose(sfnet) Ethnose Ethnose is a network sniffing application desig... DOWNLOAD
ji2pccae(sfnet) Java Infix2Postfix Conversion/Evaluation Java based Infix2Postfix Conversion and Postfix... DOWNLOAD
dotuseful(sfnet) dotuseful A Java class library - functional and easy-to-u... DOWNLOAD
jstars(sfnet) JStars JStars is an astronomical ephemeris program wr... DOWNLOAD
underworldgame(sfnet) underworldgame Underworld is a massive multiplayer online role... DOWNLOAD
tiao(sfnet) TicTacToe Tic Tac Toe Game DOWNLOAD
xp4ide(sfnet) XP4IDE XP4IDE is a plugin for IDEs (Integrated Develop... DOWNLOAD
xslt4exml(sfnet) xslt4exml A fast, useful subset of XSLT implemented using... DOWNLOAD
mailangel(sfnet) MailAngel An antivirus software for email server that fil... DOWNLOAD
silvertejp(sfnet) Snigel heavy industries Silvertejp An ASCII UML class diagram interpreter and code... DOWNLOAD

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