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pklasku(sfnet) PkLasku laskutusohjelma PkLasku on avoimen lähdekoodin laskutusohjelma ... DOWNLOAD
tabletvk(sfnet) console virtual keyboard Linux Console program that make a virtual keybo... DOWNLOAD
nxunit(sfnet) NXUnit NXUnit is a NUnit-style unit testing framework ... DOWNLOAD
ansi2unicode(sfnet) Convert ANSI files to UNICODE files Console program to convert ANSI files to UNICOD... DOWNLOAD
xvidcap(sfnet) xvidcap xvidcap is a screen capture enabling you to cap... DOWNLOAD
cmreams(sfnet) CMReams: Extended CMS based on CMBasic CMReams is a Content Management System based on... DOWNLOAD
itrustpage(sfnet) iTrustPage iTrustPage prevents an Internet user from filli... DOWNLOAD
rfdevru(sfnet) rfdev RF Online game server dev russaian community DOWNLOAD
dbcoat(sfnet) dbcoat dbcoat is another database persistence solution... DOWNLOAD
milib(sfnet) MILib See MILib is ActionS... DOWNLOAD
scsi(sfnet) Simple C# Interpret SCSI means Simple C# Interpret which allows you... DOWNLOAD
mezmerize(sfnet) Mezmerize This series of software for your Mac OS X's Das... DOWNLOAD
geomobile(sfnet) GeoMobile Geospatial SDK for Windows Mobile. It supports ... DOWNLOAD
ejccmtools(sfnet) EJCCMTools EJCCMTools is a Java software package for compr... DOWNLOAD
qmail-spp(sfnet) qmail-spp - qmail SMTP plugin patch A qmail patch which provides plug-in support fo... DOWNLOAD
joseplayer(sfnet) joseplayer It is a litle windows multimedia player that pl...
musmap(sfnet) Musmap - a web GIS software Musmap is a web interface to UMN mapserver. It ... DOWNLOAD
gestigas(sfnet) Progetto e3g/GestiGAS "Progetto e3g" is a project aimed to ... DOWNLOAD
ocud(sfnet) OCUD Software developed to manage information about ...
kobelisk(sfnet) KObelisk KObelisk is a tool that connects to the Asteris... DOWNLOAD
phpnewsmod(sfnet) PHPNews Mod Powerful and user friendly news management soft... DOWNLOAD
rallyvsnetaddin(sfnet) RallyDev/Visual Studio.Net AddIn Provides basic Rally ( ... DOWNLOAD
jethro-pmm(sfnet) Jethro Pastoral Ministry Manager Jethro Pastoral Ministry Manager helps church s... DOWNLOAD
libopen(sfnet) libopen A library written in C for lossy image compress... DOWNLOAD
returnable(sfnet) Returnable Project,whats ur return type? Returnable serves as a open-platform architectu... DOWNLOAD
fgflightplanner(sfnet) Kelpie Flight Planner for Flightgear The Kelpie Flight Planner for Flightgear. This ... DOWNLOAD
gdatafs(sfnet) GDataFS (FUSE filesystem for PicassaWeb) Gdatafs is a FUSE implemtation that mount your ... DOWNLOAD
tht(sfnet) Trader's Home Task Trader's Home Task (THT) helps you to do your h... DOWNLOAD
sipie(sfnet) sipie Sipie is kinda dead it may come back someday bu... DOWNLOAD
matrixgen(sfnet) matrixGen MatrixGen is a Bioinformatics application used ... DOWNLOAD
emsimagentsim(sfnet) EMSIM -- EnergyMarketSIMulator EMSIM -- EnergyMarketSIMulator -- Agent-based E... DOWNLOAD
commandline(sfnet) CommandLine This is a .net library that helps scanning a co... DOWNLOAD
podtunes(sfnet) PodTunes A simulation of the iPod classic that connects ... DOWNLOAD
onixerpcrm(sfnet) Onix ERP/CRM Onix ERP/CRM is an easy to use web application... DOWNLOAD
blossom(sfnet) PHP Blossom MOVED - This project is now hosted at Google Co...
puzzledsheepm(sfnet) Puzzled Sheep M Puzzled Sheep M is fun puzzle game made in J2ME... DOWNLOAD
excelpandd(sfnet) RPS_Excel_Precedent_and_Dependents Scans the selected area of any excel sheet and ... DOWNLOAD
freeadsp(sfnet) FreeADSP 無料、フリー、モジュール、オーディオ指向、リア... DOWNLOAD
bluprints(sfnet) Bluprints JSP templating framework Bluprints is a Java JSP template framework. Sim... DOWNLOAD
qt-webdav(sfnet) QT WebDav Explorer QT WebDav Explorer ist a graphical File interfa... DOWNLOAD
powerscribe3000(sfnet) PowerScribe3000 PowerScribe3000 is an application to index CD a... DOWNLOAD
php-saurus(sfnet) php-saurus php-saurus is a PHP extension written in C that... DOWNLOAD
svgconv(sfnet) svgconv svgconv is a content tool to convert SVG paths ... DOWNLOAD
gmf(sfnet) gmf GMF aims to provide a general framework to mana... DOWNLOAD
cutewiki(sfnet) cutewiki (wikipedia reader) cutewiki is wikipedia reader for symbian and me... DOWNLOAD
proviewpi(sfnet) ProviewPi ProviewPi is a SD image with an unofficial Prov... DOWNLOAD
yakwa(sfnet) Java Web based database browsing YaKwa is a Java Web application that allows CRU... DOWNLOAD
razormanager(sfnet) Razor Project Manager Razor Project Manager is a project manager crea... DOWNLOAD
ck-erp(sfnet) ck-erp CK-ERP is an edu/CRM/ERP system with 32 modules... DOWNLOAD
drscenario(sfnet) Dr. Scenario Dr. Scenario teaches health to youth through a ... DOWNLOAD
cx3djava(sfnet) CyberX3D for Java CyberX3D for Java is a development package for ... DOWNLOAD
mappingwidgets(sfnet) MappingWidgets MappingWidgets is a framework for making client... DOWNLOAD
planet-earth(sfnet) The Planet Earth Project Free web3D interactive, extensible, full-scale ... DOWNLOAD
msstat(sfnet) msstat Microstock statistics. Program accounting month...
oscpm(sfnet) osCommerce Product Manager for Windows Multilanguage Windows application to manage the... DOWNLOAD
payroll(sfnet) Payroll Payroll processing application for small or med... DOWNLOAD
lok-o-mat(sfnet) qrailway qrailway is a Qt/Linux based software to contro... DOWNLOAD
nx-routed(sfnet) The Nexus Routing Daemon A routing daemon supporting RIP-2 routing proto... DOWNLOAD
ilab(sfnet) Innovation Lab ILab is a web based portal which helps to manag... DOWNLOAD
gcmsystem(sfnet) Xero Portal This system has been renamed Xero Portal as it ... DOWNLOAD
clanserv(sfnet) ClanServ Eggdrop administration script with mIRC/KVIrc i... DOWNLOAD
zkapp(sfnet) zkapp A collection of reusable applications and mega ... DOWNLOAD
artcat(sfnet) Article Catalouge Article Catalouge or ArtCat, is a Content Manag... DOWNLOAD
gaswerk(sfnet) GASwerk GASwerk - Geronimo Application Server Assemblie... DOWNLOAD
msocialclient(sfnet) MultiSocialClient Client for various microblogging services. Cure... DOWNLOAD
libnetblock(sfnet) Network Blocking Library LibNetBlock is a library that prevents a progra... DOWNLOAD
ceb(sfnet) Custom Eclipse Builder The Custom Eclipse Builder is a lightweight an... DOWNLOAD
nunitaddin(sfnet) TestDriven.NET (AKA NUnitAddIn) TestDriven.NET is a zero friction unit testing ... DOWNLOAD
webskins(sfnet) Webskins Webskins is a project designed to make it easy ... DOWNLOAD
pymosaic(sfnet) PyMosaic A graphical mosaic rendering engine creating mo... DOWNLOAD
notepadpp-usb(sfnet) Notepad++ Portable Notepad++ Portable is a launcher for Notepad++ ... DOWNLOAD
exfix(sfnet) Exfix Exfix (Exchange forwarding fixer) allows users ... DOWNLOAD
phprapiddev(sfnet) phpRapidDev phpRapidDev will be a development tool to creat... DOWNLOAD
tklone(sfnet) TKlone TKlone, short for Tetris Klone, is a simple DOS... DOWNLOAD
phpmysetistats(sfnet) phpMySetiStats phpMySetiStats is a tool for displaying SETI@ho... DOWNLOAD
phpsc-source(sfnet) PHP - Hide It This project includes: 1 A php linux extension ...
cbear(sfnet) cbear Public description: The 'cbear' framework is a ... DOWNLOAD
xconfig(sfnet) xconfig configure XF86Config and xorg.conf from the com... DOWNLOAD
vigilimp(sfnet) VigilImp This program is designed for discounting printi... DOWNLOAD
uircd-modules(sfnet) Unrealircd modules I am developing modules for Unrealircd. Feel fr... DOWNLOAD
artwiz-latin1(sfnet) ISO-8859-1 artwiz fonts A set of fonts based on artwiz/artwiz-aleczapka... DOWNLOAD
libface(sfnet) Face Recognition Library Libface is a cross platform framework for d... DOWNLOAD
oraman(sfnet) AD Oracle Manager Management of users, tables and views for an or... DOWNLOAD
orapartitioner(sfnet) Oracle Smart Table Partitioner Oracle Smart Table Partitioner enables easy par...
everyday-tools(sfnet) Handy Desktop Programs The tools I am making are tools for everyday us... DOWNLOAD
javabacula(sfnet) JavaBacula JavaBacula is a Java SWING based graphical fron... DOWNLOAD
kiara(sfnet) Kiara - Password Manager An open source tool written in python, to easil... DOWNLOAD
hectormapper(sfnet) Hector Mapper A vector based hexagonal grid mapper for role p... DOWNLOAD
ugsurvey(sfnet) UGSurvey Survey Definition and Input System. It permits ... DOWNLOAD
jafu-dpg(sfnet) Dynamic Presentation Generator Dynamic Presentation Generator (DPG) is a web C... DOWNLOAD
webwrench(sfnet) Web Wrench/DOOM CMS Web Wrench is a object oriented PHP website app... DOWNLOAD
emaildif(sfnet) emaildif emaildif is a small LDIF converter which conver... DOWNLOAD
pseudo(sfnet) Pseudo: Pseudo is not Sudo Pseudo is an attempt at providing super user fu... DOWNLOAD
java-libs(sfnet) Java Libraries (under GNU Lesser GPL) Collection of Java libraries, including Java cl... DOWNLOAD
nibbles-server(sfnet) Nibbles nibbles is a server for develop an intelligence... DOWNLOAD
jsaint(sfnet) JSAINT JSAINT is a opensource javascript library to ma... DOWNLOAD
wiipaint(sfnet) WiiPaint - Wiimote Painting for Windows WiiPaint is a program we have written which aug... DOWNLOAD
tropycal(sfnet) Tropycal RPG Engine The TP-1 (Tropycal RPG engine 1 ) is a set of m... DOWNLOAD
tablemaker(sfnet) TableMaker TableMaker is a point-and-click web-interface f... DOWNLOAD
jadis(sfnet) JADIS JADIS (Journalized Administration Data Informat...

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