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rometaglib(sfnet) ROME Tag Library rometaglib is a simple JSP taglib wrapper for t... DOWNLOAD
interpp(sfnet) Interpp Interpp is a light-weight C++ interpretor libra... DOWNLOAD
waterflea(sfnet) WaterFlea Database Maintenance Tool WaterFlea is a MySQL database maintenance tool ... DOWNLOAD
linpha(sfnet) LinPHA PHP Photo Gallery LinPHA is an easy to use, multilingual, flexibl... DOWNLOAD
networked-decision-making(freshmeat) Networked Decision Making Networked Decision Making is fun Web-based grou... DOWNLOAD
pihlaja(sfnet) Pihlaja Pihlaja is GOING TO BE a scene based video and ... DOWNLOAD
jpnbf(sfnet) JP's Numerical BrainF*ck JPNBF is best described as an extension on Urba...
isis(sfnet) ISIS The Malete database core is the new basis of Op... DOWNLOAD
webcreator(sfnet) WebCreator Do you need make web-site in a moment? If yes,... DOWNLOAD
rabak(sfnet) Rabak, a backup solution using rsync A reliable rsync based backup system, simple to... DOWNLOAD
uphoto(sfnet) µPhoto µPhoto is an easy to use photo gallery written ... DOWNLOAD
readynas-temp(sfnet) ReadyNAS HDD temperature Perl script to collect hard disks temperature s... DOWNLOAD
semsim(sfnet) SemSim SemSim is a framework for semantic similarity c...
savvyoffice(sfnet) Savvy Repair for Microsoft Office DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files are collections of co... DOWNLOAD
btable(sfnet) BTable BTable is a component for the Pentaho Community... DOWNLOAD
podcastdl(freshmeat) podcastdl Podcasdl is a CLI application to schedule audio... DOWNLOAD
olac(sfnet) Open Language Archives Community OLAC is creating a worldwide virtual library of... DOWNLOAD
nino(sfnet) NINO - Network Management NINO is a network and system management solutio... DOWNLOAD
owg-legion(sfnet) Obsidia Web Games :: Legion 3D RPG based on Ogre3d, written in C++. Target ... DOWNLOAD
momeunit(sfnet) MoMEUnit An instance of the xUnit architecture for unit ... DOWNLOAD
jzipupdate(sfnet) JZipUpdate A cross-platform, incremental update system for... DOWNLOAD
bsetplugin(sfnet) DataPlugInForEclipseTrader This is a Eclipse RCP plugin that will allow th...
jraport(sfnet) jRaport Prosta aplikacja służąca do tworzenia raportów ...
naken_asm(freshmeat) naken_asm naken_asm, a fork of naken430asm, can assemble... DOWNLOAD
rus-ikonboard(sfnet) rus-ikonboard rus-ikonboard is Russian Language Pack and stan... DOWNLOAD
checksumapp(sfnet) CheckSumApp A simple graphical application to calculate che... DOWNLOAD
dreamsbuilder(sfnet) dreamsbuilder DreamsBuilder is an open source game editor wic... DOWNLOAD
lpt1port(sfnet) lpt1port LPT1Port is a java library to facilitate the de... DOWNLOAD
rdfa-chem(sfnet) Chemical RDFa userscripts for Operator Userscripts for chemical RDFa semantics using t... DOWNLOAD
ripemulator(sfnet) Robot Information Protocol Protocol emulator for communications between a ... DOWNLOAD
kima(sfnet) Kima Kima - Kicker monitoring applet This applet mon... DOWNLOAD
wipesdk(sfnet) WipeSDK An SDK to help developers to add in their softw... DOWNLOAD
usbbackup(sfnet) USBBackup USBBackup is a shell script that performs easy ... DOWNLOAD
aam(sfnet) Android Applications Manager Android Applications Manager is a third party s... DOWNLOAD
haveclip(sfnet) HaveClip Have you ever grown tired of thinking how to tr... DOWNLOAD
phdsecuritycoza(sfnet) PhD Security We secure your home and business! DOWNLOAD
mbookviewer(sfnet) MobileBookViewer An J2ME aplication, which allows to view texts ... DOWNLOAD
unpechoservcli(sfnet) ECHO Server/Client This project is created for an example, but if ...
linuxoptimized(sfnet) Linux_optimized_servers iso images with a linux o.s optimized for serve...
autotorrent(sfnet) AutoTorrent This tool provides a simple way to schedule dow... DOWNLOAD
circledetection(sfnet) Hough Circle Detection This program is able to detect circles in image...
calc32tompl(sfnet) calc32ver1 Useful calculator with options hex, dec, bin, s... DOWNLOAD
file-sort(sfnet) File::Sort Sort a file or merge sort multiple files. This... DOWNLOAD
waterfall-opt(sfnet) Waterfall Receiver Sensitivity Automater Waterfall is a LabView package which automates ... DOWNLOAD
vrmirage(sfnet) VRMirage Cross Platform API that provieds the interface ... DOWNLOAD
phpyoutube(sfnet) phpYoutube This is a PHP client for the Youtube web servic... DOWNLOAD
yae-gpl(sfnet) Yet Another Emulator This is a version of YAE Apple II emulator rele... DOWNLOAD
mypaddotnet(sfnet) MyPadDotNet The free and open source text editor for Mono DOWNLOAD
flynnsprint(sfnet) Flynn Sprint Flynn Sprint is a side-scrolling arcade game si... DOWNLOAD
monoserv(sfnet) MonoServ A module based Java server with out of the box ... DOWNLOAD
p2s(sfnet) Peer to Speaker Peer to speaker is an open p2p application that... DOWNLOAD
jbudget(sfnet) jBudget jBudget is a program for tracking personal fina... DOWNLOAD
pynigma(sfnet) Enigmatic CGI pastebin Simple CGI script which allows you to transfer ... DOWNLOAD
swapassembler(sfnet) SWAP-Assembler There is a growing gap between the output of ne... DOWNLOAD
virtualrisk(sfnet) Virtual Risk Board A Java based virtual Risk-board for internet pl... DOWNLOAD
adb(sfnet) Active Directory Browser Active Directory Browser (AD Browser) is a remo... DOWNLOAD
ermanager(sfnet) ER Manager This is a tool to track External Relations, app... DOWNLOAD
srcml(sfnet) SrcML Framework The SrcML Framework allows converting Sourcecod... DOWNLOAD
fma(sfnet) floAt's Mobile Agent FMA is a SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Rem... DOWNLOAD
braindump(sfnet) BrainDump BrainDump is a hierarchical note-taking applica... DOWNLOAD
cp-gfx(sfnet) CP Guitar Effect Proccessor CP-GFX is simply a Cross Platform Guitar Effect... DOWNLOAD
embxml(sfnet) embXml: XML library for embedded systems A LGPL library to handle xml documents in a DOM... DOWNLOAD
monograph(sfnet) the monograph programming language an easily extensible language, both in content ... DOWNLOAD
jiania(sfnet) Jiania Power CMS Jiania is power CMS,it can easy to use dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
ibmon(sfnet) InifiniBand monitor Fast and small InfiniBand monitoring tool. Disc... DOWNLOAD
hodgkin(sfnet) Hodgkin A library of data objects that simulate mathema... DOWNLOAD
ploneadldapauth(sfnet) Simple LDAP Auth Plugin for Plone A Plone Authentication Plugin (requires PAS) to... DOWNLOAD
pylife(sfnet) PyLife PyLife is an implementation of the game of life... DOWNLOAD
data4php5(sfnet) Database Access Through Arrays for PHP5 DATA stands for Database Access Through Arrays.... DOWNLOAD
dksystem(sfnet) dkSystem dkSystem, the first Open Source CMS (Content Ma... DOWNLOAD
acsccid(sfnet) acsccid acsccid is a PC/SC driver for Linux/Mac OS X an... DOWNLOAD
sddw-phpmysql(sfnet) Senimandigital Dreamweaver Extension Demi kenyamanan pengguna Dreamweaver untuk meng... DOWNLOAD
msnew(sfnet) msnew - script for mplayer A BASH script for playing movies and audio file... DOWNLOAD
tclish(sfnet) Tclish, the Tcl Install Shell This is a simple, highly configurable install t... DOWNLOAD
clajr(sfnet) CLAJR - Command Line Arguments with Java A command line parsing system. Through Java Ref... DOWNLOAD
grid-portal(sfnet) GRIDportal GRIDportal is a web-based application portal fo... DOWNLOAD
gridescaranaro(sfnet) Pivot DataTable Helper The PvtTable transforms a simple SQL consult in... DOWNLOAD
ibdc(sfnet) iBDC iBDC is a Cocoa application on Mac OS X for Chi... DOWNLOAD
picklegallery(sfnet) picKLE picKLE is an image gallery system created in PH... DOWNLOAD
pbwebgui(sfnet) WebGUI A perl-based web application and web site frame... DOWNLOAD
soffid-iam(freshmeat) Soffid IAM Soffid IAM offers a complete and integrated sol... DOWNLOAD
activismnetwork(sfnet) Activism Network A web based system for activists to share conta... DOWNLOAD
siggen(sfnet) siggen siggen is a cool email signature generator for ... DOWNLOAD
stratos-php(sfnet) Stratos PHP Framework The Stratos Framework is an application framewo... DOWNLOAD
cgeddie(sfnet) CgEddie Very simple editor with syntax highlighting for... DOWNLOAD
epi-ace(sfnet) epi-ace epi-ACE is a tool for examining the hierarchica...
clickfield(sfnet) Clickfield Clickfield generates a visual field of where us... DOWNLOAD
force(sfnet) Force FORce based Cluster Editing (FORCE) is a Java s... DOWNLOAD
collage(sfnet) Collage Collage helps users in the process of creating ... DOWNLOAD
picnc(sfnet) piCNC Controller piCNC is a PIC based stepper motor controller f... DOWNLOAD
easysudoku(sfnet) EasySudoku EasySudoku is a powerful tool to create and sol... DOWNLOAD
pyminigolf(sfnet) PyMiniGolf PyMiniGolf is a 2D simulation of mini golf, wri... DOWNLOAD
mvcinsert(sfnet) MvcInsert A toolkit to make inclusion of JavaScript and C... DOWNLOAD
aaltsysserver(sfnet) AAltSys Server A Linux server distribution for small business ... DOWNLOAD
microhex(sfnet) microhex Microhex is an intuitive HEX editing applicatio... DOWNLOAD
gotofile(sfnet) gotofile This plugin is for the jEdit text editor. Use ... DOWNLOAD
safehaven(sfnet) Safe Haven Studios Defunct project. DOWNLOAD
java3dsloader(sfnet) 3DS Java3D Loader Java3D 3DS FileLoader for platforms supporting ... DOWNLOAD
conf-management(sfnet) CMS - Conference Management System CMS is built based on the SOA design principle ... DOWNLOAD
mytravelbook(sfnet) MyTravelBook Planning a trip is tedious, as many things chan... DOWNLOAD

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