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hardwarehftalgorithmdesign(sfnet) Hardware HFT Algorithm Design DOWNLOAD
xbook(sfnet) xbook كتب إكس برنامج كتب اكس لقراءة كتب الشاملة القرط... DOWNLOAD
mysqlmt(sfnet) Mysql Monitor Tool Mysql Monitor Tool is a useful application to m... DOWNLOAD
clib2(sfnet) clib2 Portable ISO 'C' (1994) runtime library for the... DOWNLOAD
knocker(sfnet) knocker Knocker is a simple, versatile, and easy-to-use... DOWNLOAD
javasketch(sfnet) JavaSketch JavaSketch is an Eclipse plugin that is both a ... DOWNLOAD
haven-framework(sfnet) Haven Application Framework An alternative framework for use with Python-Og... DOWNLOAD
mod-captcha(sfnet) captcha apache 2 module mod-captcha is an Apache 2 module to prevent we... DOWNLOAD
slug(sfnet) Slug Slug is a very simple CMS. It bases on HTML, CS... DOWNLOAD
netmail(sfnet) Open Source Agents for Novell NetMail This project is dedicated to creating open sour... DOWNLOAD
klk(sfnet) Karma Linux Kernel patches Karma Linux Kernel patches for workstations and... DOWNLOAD
lcdpd(sfnet) Linux Cisco Discovery Protocol Implementation of the Cisco Discovery Protocol ... DOWNLOAD
ezpbrdatatypes(sfnet) eZP Br Datatypes This package includes 2 popular Brazilian datat... DOWNLOAD
calc-a-tron(sfnet) Calc-a-Tron My first C# application. DOWNLOAD
malleo(sfnet) Malleo Malleo est un CMS permettant de créer rapidemen... DOWNLOAD
domainobjects(sfnet) DomainObjects for .NET DomainObjects is an object-relational mapping t... DOWNLOAD
eps-cms(sfnet) Easy Portal System Easy Portal System is a hierarchical CMS, which... DOWNLOAD
zencart-cn(sfnet) Zen Cart Chinese Chinese Localization for Zen Cart. Zen Cart is ... DOWNLOAD
shinken(freshmeat) Shinken Shinken is an advanced monitoring system that i... DOWNLOAD
emuprot(sfnet) protFiler (Protocol Profiler) This is a learning tool in wich you can test so... DOWNLOAD
python-ps3(sfnet) Python games library for PS3 Python PS3 support library, primarily designed ... DOWNLOAD
pphonesearch(sfnet) pPhoneSearch Search the Palm Contacts database using free st... DOWNLOAD
jpa2web(sfnet) Webapp Generator from JPA annotations The main purpose of this project is to quickly ... DOWNLOAD
upxau(sfnet) UPX Autoupdate for Firefox/Thunderbird UPX with Autoupdate Capability allows the user ... DOWNLOAD
gnome-commander(sfnet) Gnome Commander GNOME Commander is a fast and efficent file man... DOWNLOAD
ssafx(sfnet) SSAFX Server Side Application FrameworX; provides C++... DOWNLOAD
akogrimo(sfnet) Akogrimo Software originally realised by the Grid resear... DOWNLOAD
dyndotnet(sfnet) ShadowState.NET Simply put a component library for ASP.NET web ... DOWNLOAD
heroes-rebirth(sfnet) Heroes: Rebirth Heroes: Rebirth is the open source clone of Her... DOWNLOAD
hop-scotch(sfnet) HOP-SCOTCH HOP-SCOTCH: Tools to automate the installation ... DOWNLOAD
topsquid(sfnet) TopSquid TopSquiD is a plug-in of the server/host proxy ... DOWNLOAD
bonobo-draw(sfnet) BonoboDraw Component Library This library is an attempt to implement the Ope... DOWNLOAD
snmp4nagios(sfnet) SNMP4Nagios A collection of Nagios plugins which use SNMP t... DOWNLOAD
notepad2(sfnet) Notepad2 A small, fast and free text editor with syntax ... DOWNLOAD
papercut(sfnet) PaperCut Create, decorate and print paper models either ... DOWNLOAD
modelintegra(sfnet) ModelIntegra ModelIntegra is a method for model-driven analy... DOWNLOAD
pylibape(sfnet) APE Tag Libraries C, Python, Lua, and Erlang libraries for manipu... DOWNLOAD
opengeco(sfnet) OpenGeco PHP based accounting system DOWNLOAD
uniview(sfnet) UniView UniView is an universal image, text and multime... DOWNLOAD
fiji(sfnet) FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter FIJI the ForthIsh Java Interpreter is an intera... DOWNLOAD
greatcow(sfnet) GreatCOW This is a social club (or social network) by ha... DOWNLOAD
julplus(sfnet) JULPlus Library of utilities and helpers to help with u... DOWNLOAD
abicheck(sfnet) ABIcheck binary compatibility tool ABIcheck is a tool for checking an application'... DOWNLOAD
realtagcloud(sfnet) realtagcloud_plugin A TagCloud for b2evolution (Version 2.0.2+) DOWNLOAD
cakephpfacebook(sfnet) Cakephp Facebook Integration A cakephp facebook component with easy GUI inst... DOWNLOAD
ezupdate(sfnet) EZUpdate A simple PHP based content management system fo... DOWNLOAD
glmet(sfnet) G.L.M.E.T. DOWNLOAD
omsiszeged(sfnet) omsi_szeged DOWNLOAD
open-gest(sfnet) OpenGest بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم OpenGest هو برنامج مفت... DOWNLOAD
pollyscript(sfnet) PollyScript PollyScript é um cliente mIRC,leve e pratico, v... DOWNLOAD
xren(sfnet) Extended Rename File renaming utility for complex rename operat... DOWNLOAD
perl-nfslock(sfnet) File::NFSLock NFS compatible (safe) locking utility DOWNLOAD
torrentclient(sfnet) File Seeker File Seeker is a new P2P program based on the g... DOWNLOAD
practical4php(sfnet) Practical 4 PHP Practical PHP utilities I've been using that pe... DOWNLOAD
vtkmm(sfnet) vtkmm vtkmm is a small library for using vtk and gtkm... DOWNLOAD
interactivesb(sfnet) Interactive ShoutBox interactive shoutbox, very fast, no database re... DOWNLOAD
bisquest(sfnet) Bisquest Financial Application Bisquest is a fork of SQL Ledger pre-loaded wit... DOWNLOAD
jsurveylib(sfnet) JSurveyLib JSurveyLib is a Java survey/questionnaire engin... DOWNLOAD
refine(sfnet) ReFine ReFine is a lightweight cross-platform GUI tool... DOWNLOAD
labadmin(sfnet) Computer Lab Admin and Auth Computer Lab administration and authentication ... DOWNLOAD
viewer-analyzer(sfnet) ViEWER EpochLogAnalyzer A python package which aids in the analysis of ... DOWNLOAD
quickdicom(sfnet) Quick Dicom Toolkit QuickDicom is an easy to use dicom medical imag... DOWNLOAD
phphamlog(sfnet) phpHamLog Amateur radio log program written in PHP. Put y... DOWNLOAD
gauvain(sfnet) Gauvain OS Gauvain OS is an graphical interface for MS-DOS. DOWNLOAD
dodgethis(sfnet) Dodge This "Dodge This" is a 3D Dodge-Ball game ... DOWNLOAD
gpsinfo(sfnet) GPSInfo Plataforma de creación de información georefere... DOWNLOAD
tacticsgame(sfnet) Tactics Squad Tactics Squad is a real-time tactical game in w... DOWNLOAD
fuzzyadventure(sfnet) Fuzzy adventure Fuzzy, the funny bunny is on an adventure in th... DOWNLOAD
at-gallery-box(sfnet) Plone at-gallery-box This Plone-CT-Bundle contains contenttypes that... DOWNLOAD
utn-proy-311(sfnet) UTN Bigbang Proyecto de Ayuda a la gestión de Escuelas DOWNLOAD
ideoreport(sfnet) IdeoReport - java reporting solution IdeoReport is a java-based set of packages that... DOWNLOAD
locallucene(sfnet) Local Lucene Geographical search extension to the java lucen... DOWNLOAD
pulse-engine(sfnet) Pulse Engine The Pulse Engine is a game engine that has been... DOWNLOAD
flash3dengine(sfnet) Flash MX 2004 3D Engine OpenSource 3D Engine for Flash MX 2004: Create ... DOWNLOAD
chksumverify(sfnet) A Simple Checksum Verifier A simple checksum verifier DOWNLOAD
jukx(sfnet) JukX - Touchscreen Jukebox for XMMS2 JuKX aims to be a software Jukebox designed for... DOWNLOAD
cakephpgallery(sfnet) Picflow An easy web Image Gallery made with CakePHP. Ch... DOWNLOAD
at3mod(sfnet) at3mod This project provides an improved interface to ... DOWNLOAD
oscillatorwin32(sfnet) Oscillator win32 Simple oscillator made only on win32 platform w... DOWNLOAD
sybr(sfnet) syBR Engine The syBR Engine is a multi-platform game engine... DOWNLOAD
t-dose(sfnet) T-DOSE:Technical Dutch Open Source Event t-dose stands for Technical Dutch Open Source E... DOWNLOAD
dhcpm(sfnet) dhcpm This software help view leases from dhcpd datab... DOWNLOAD
stakker(sfnet) The Linux CD/DVD archiving project The Stakker project aims to develop Linux drive... DOWNLOAD
gfhcm(sfnet) GTK Folding@home Remote Client Monitor Folding@home Linux Client Monitor Using this pr... DOWNLOAD
dircb(sfnet) Deepy's IRC Bot Its a simple IRC Bot, made in Visual Basic. Cur... DOWNLOAD
hamsam(sfnet) Hamsam - Instant Messaging API A Java API for transparent access to instant me... DOWNLOAD
x-power-format(sfnet) Common Power Format Power format: CPF, UPF, xPF parsers, utilities ... DOWNLOAD
haplogenemapper(sfnet) HaploGeneMapper HaploGeneMapper is a tool to visualise the geno... DOWNLOAD
xamppadmin(sfnet) XAMPPadmin XAMPPadmin is software that makes xampp adminst... DOWNLOAD
eeuer(sfnet) eEÜR mini Buchhaltung mit LibreOffice Mini-Buchhaltung mit LibreOffice oder OpenOffic... DOWNLOAD
pqadmin(sfnet) Linux Print Quotas Webmin Module PQAdmin is a frontend to configure the linux pr... DOWNLOAD
platformjfs(sfnet) Platform JFS - Teleoperation with SRV1 - This one is a project centred on the teleope... DOWNLOAD
mgf-ai-1(sfnet) MGF-AI Projekt1 DOWNLOAD
kbsizer(sfnet) kbSizer A desktop utility let you to control window wit... DOWNLOAD
ubuntu-bp(sfnet) Ubuntu Backports Project The Ubuntu Backports project's goal is to provi... DOWNLOAD
pyeasydb(sfnet) PyDB PyDB es un módulo para Python con el cuál podrá... DOWNLOAD
community-aid(sfnet) Community Aid This is a LAMP-based call center system to supp... DOWNLOAD
ez-acces(sfnet) EZ-Access EZ-Access is an audit tool verifying website co... DOWNLOAD
mathtrainer(sfnet) Math Trainer Math Trainer trains your brain by creating easy... DOWNLOAD
quickcache(sfnet) QuickCache QuickCache (formerly jpcache) is a lightweight,... DOWNLOAD

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