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falloutzero(sfnet) Fallout unlimited Fallout unlimited ist ein System mit dem Fans e... DOWNLOAD
hget(sfnet) HGET - Compare to WGET with Regex HGET is a command line tool written in VBS for ... DOWNLOAD
lamejb(sfnet) Lamejb Java wrapper for the LAME mp3 encoding library....
cms2go(sfnet) Jetstar CMS JetStar CMS is a full featured content manageme... DOWNLOAD
resizethingy(sfnet) ResizeThingy - Vista PowerToy ResizeThingy is a Windows Vista replacement for... DOWNLOAD
unt(sfnet) UNT UNT, Unix Network Tools. These are a number of ... DOWNLOAD
txtmnu(sfnet) Text Menu Library for .Net A simple console and telnet Menu Interface libr... DOWNLOAD
notnow(sfnet) Not Now A tool to start fake tasks with progress bars t... DOWNLOAD
systomath(sfnet) SysToMath Portable C/C++ Libraries The SysToMath portable C/C++ libraries and tool... DOWNLOAD
pstricks-tut-es(sfnet) Tutorial Pstricks en espanol Tutorial de Pstricks en espanol. DOWNLOAD
gnu-dotnet(sfnet) GNU.Net .Net wrapper for various GNU Open source librar... DOWNLOAD
eacc(freshmeat) eacc eacc is a bash script that allows a group of pe... DOWNLOAD
xgenerator2(sfnet) XGenerator 2.0 The XGenerator 2.0 is a generic software tool t... DOWNLOAD
dosgame(sfnet) DOSGame DOSGame Template can be used to quickly create ... DOWNLOAD
dashboardwidgets(sfnet) DashboardWidgets Get the best Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets DOWNLOAD
sendkey(sfnet) SendKey SendKey allows for keyboard input on one machin... DOWNLOAD
navalwar(sfnet) NavalWar NavalWar is a nice board-game written in Java6 ... DOWNLOAD
scada-tgz(sfnet) open-source .NET SCADA framework scada-tgz is a open-source .NET based framework... DOWNLOAD
dbeginnings(sfnet) DarkBeginnings Codebase SourceProject Dark Beginnings is a MUD server made in C++ usi... DOWNLOAD
spikestream(sfnet) SpikeStream Fast flexible simulator of spiking neural netwo... DOWNLOAD
mathtran(sfnet) MathTran - Translation of math content This project will provide translation of mathem... DOWNLOAD
jminesweepsorin(sfnet) JMinesweeper Observer Design Pattern Example - JMinesweeper.... DOWNLOAD
dttddigiar(sfnet) Digital Archive Java, combined with spring and hsqldb. Extendin... DOWNLOAD
ncavern(sfnet) Necros Cavern The legendary cave known as Necros Cavern is sa... DOWNLOAD
tibiaapi(sfnet) TibiaAPI Open source application programming interface t... DOWNLOAD
mosoa(sfnet) MoSOA MoSOA: Mobile Service Oriented Architecture is ... DOWNLOAD
zeptolisp(sfnet) ZeptoLisp interpreter An interpreter for a dialect of the lisp langua... DOWNLOAD
jvcforcsharp(sfnet) JvmConnector for C# Launch jvm in C#. Bridge Java to C#. when getti... DOWNLOAD
mypapserver(sfnet) MyPAPServer Mypapserver: Mypapserver is a Powerful server. ... DOWNLOAD
sortsmill(sfnet) sortsmill SourceForge hosts downloads for Sorts Mill proj... DOWNLOAD
volunteerbase(sfnet) Volunteer database A database front end to register volunteers, pa... DOWNLOAD
bloodbowlleague(sfnet) Blood Bowl League Imagine a football league composed of teams of ... DOWNLOAD
siafusimulator(sfnet) Siafu: an Open Source Context Simulator Siafu simulates individual agents and their con... DOWNLOAD
jdpapi(sfnet) Java DPAPI A JNI wrapper for the Microsoft Data Protection... DOWNLOAD
mailhist(sfnet) Mail History mailhist parses your procmail.log and shows whe... DOWNLOAD
tprf(sfnet) The Pascal Roguelike Framework TPRF is a framework (And working demo) for a Ro... DOWNLOAD
preview(sfnet) Preview Preview is a plotting utility for visualizing t... DOWNLOAD
wtkfree(sfnet) andrey Template processor DOWNLOAD
edutweets(sfnet) EduTweets This application allows students in class to in... DOWNLOAD
icysue(sfnet) puff DOWNLOAD
clippoly(sfnet) ClipPoly A C++ library for clipping polygons. DOWNLOAD
arrayplex(sfnet) arrayplex ArrayPlex integrates various forms of microarra... DOWNLOAD
nnewz(sfnet) nnewz NNTP client written in C# (Mono). Support for d... DOWNLOAD
gwfreaks(sfnet) GWFreaks the tool for Guild Wars freaks GWFreaks is a character builder for Guild Wars,... DOWNLOAD
xoops-magazine(sfnet) xoops-magazine Das stellt Programm Pake... DOWNLOAD
ircprobot(sfnet) Simulation software written in Java This project consists in a simulation software ... DOWNLOAD
virtualdisk(sfnet) Virtual Disk This device driver implements KMDF based virtua... DOWNLOAD
java-hangman(sfnet) Bob's Hangman This is a java swing version of traditional han... DOWNLOAD
nickvergessen(sfnet) nickvergessen-mods MODs for phpBB3 by nickvergessen DOWNLOAD
exgate(sfnet) exGate PHP Framework exGate is a PHP Framework ideal for (developing... DOWNLOAD
extended-era(sfnet) Extended Era (Battle for Wesnoth addon) The Extended Era is an multiplayer expansion ad... DOWNLOAD
phpblacklist(sfnet) PHPBlacklist PHPBlacklist is a PHP code snippet that you can... DOWNLOAD
vtillab(sfnet) VTILLAB VTIL practice laboratory
ydm(sfnet) StartOS/device-manager A userfrendily device manger for Linux. Let you... DOWNLOAD
winnie(sfnet) Winnie One-click solution for mailing weblinks to your...
calcola-pborg(sfnet) Calcolatrice The program simulates a desktop calculator, com...
wmus(sfnet) WMUS A music server for different formats with weigh... DOWNLOAD
hamshack-hack(sfnet) AI9NL - Harv's Hamshack Hack Harv's Hamshack Hack. A remaster of the KNOPPI... DOWNLOAD
cellpublisher(sfnet) CellPublisher CellPublisher is a free, open source program to...
sciml(sfnet) Software Component Integration ML Framework for software component integration, i... DOWNLOAD
oz(freshmeat) Oz Oz is a tool for automatically installing guest... DOWNLOAD
antprettybuild(sfnet) Ant Pretty Build Ant Pretty Build is a tool to easily show and r... DOWNLOAD
vhdlpp(sfnet) vpp - VHDL preprocessor A simple VHDL(VHSIC Hardware Description Langua... DOWNLOAD
tagsea(sfnet) TagSEA TagSEA is a framework for tagging locations of ... DOWNLOAD
icod(sfnet) ICOD Framework The complete ICOD Library, including all the ne... DOWNLOAD
linuxparaport(sfnet) Linux Parallel Port+ Read/write data to your parallel port from Linu... DOWNLOAD
pyfmgraph(sfnet) pyFmGraph pyLastFM graph is commandline tool for creating... DOWNLOAD
libusbdotnet(sfnet) LibUsbDotNet C# USB Library .NET C# USB library for WinUSB, LibUsb-Win32, a... DOWNLOAD
kibo-webgallery(sfnet) Web Gallery Generator Web gallery generator is simple tool for web de... DOWNLOAD
cube21(sfnet) Database of solutions for Cube21/Square1 Software to build database of all best solution... DOWNLOAD
gnoiching(sfnet) gnoiching A simple and good looking, yet complete, graphi... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbd-xmlgui(sfnet) XML API and Ajax frontend for sabnzbd sabnzbd-xmlgui is an Ajax based frontend built ... DOWNLOAD
japtitude(sfnet) japtitude This project is both a graphical user interface... DOWNLOAD
jstrips(sfnet) JStrips jstrips is a java MIDlet that allows you to dis... DOWNLOAD
ysoft(sfnet) StartOS/software-center StartOS Software Center lets you browse and ins... DOWNLOAD
phpdev(sfnet) phpDEV - PHP Development Framework phpDEV is similar to a content management syste... DOWNLOAD
plchart(sfnet) PHP-Light-Chart:PLChart PLChart is a PHP module for building charts suc... DOWNLOAD
trackmystuff(sfnet) Where's my stuff? Simple home inventory system for tracking colle... DOWNLOAD
clearparse(sfnet) ClearParse Open Edition The fast, flexible parsing engine. Parse anythi... DOWNLOAD
omen-music(sfnet) On-demand Metadata Extraction Network OMEN (On-demand Metadata Extraction Network) is... DOWNLOAD
graphviewer(sfnet) Graphviewer Generic data visualizer tool to display output ... DOWNLOAD
ng-scanner(sfnet) ng-scanner Network file scanner for FTP protocol DOWNLOAD
znf(sfnet) ZNF The goal of this project is to provide an open ... DOWNLOAD
tasktimetracker(sfnet) Task Tracking Monitor The Task tracking monitor is a Java application... DOWNLOAD
mykarma(sfnet) Mykarma Shows your Ubuntu Launchpad Karma. Can be used ... DOWNLOAD
jwizardcmponent(sfnet) JWizardComponent Java Swing Wizard Component designed to be trav... DOWNLOAD
calcgn(sfnet) Calc GN Calculatrice grands nombres DOWNLOAD
mg4j(freshmeat) Managing Gigabytes for Java MG4J is a highly customizable, high-performance... DOWNLOAD
tppcode(sfnet) tpp_code text persentation code maker DOWNLOAD
eleflex(sfnet) Production Ready Eleflex ELEFLEX™is an open source, enterprise applicati... DOWNLOAD
fannshell(sfnet) FANNshell FANNshell is a command-line wrapper for the FAN...
betterpc(sfnet) betterpc The ubuntu based dirivitive with chromium-brows...
polscripter(sfnet) PoL Scripter Is a little project for a POL IDE with: </br... DOWNLOAD
idearesinplugin(sfnet) Resin Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA Resin plugin adds support for Cau... DOWNLOAD
tpo(sfnet) tpo++ TPO++ is an object-oriented message passing lib... DOWNLOAD
ooosvn(sfnet) OOoSVN A project to provide change control for OpenDoc... DOWNLOAD
jmismo(sfnet) jmismo Mismo 2.3 value objects in Java, with XML const... DOWNLOAD
jtbrpg(sfnet) Java Tile Based Role Playing Game This project is intended to be a tile-based rol... DOWNLOAD
arraypipeline(sfnet) ArrayPipeline ArrayPipeLine is a web-based Laboratory Informa... DOWNLOAD
phpfox(sfnet) phpFox This is a library consists of browser class wit... DOWNLOAD

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