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hamsam(sfnet) Hamsam - Instant Messaging API A Java API for transparent access to instant me... DOWNLOAD
x-power-format(sfnet) Common Power Format Power format: CPF, UPF, xPF parsers, utilities ... DOWNLOAD
haplogenemapper(sfnet) HaploGeneMapper HaploGeneMapper is a tool to visualise the geno... DOWNLOAD
xamppadmin(sfnet) XAMPPadmin XAMPPadmin is software that makes xampp adminst... DOWNLOAD
eeuer(sfnet) eEÜR mini Buchhaltung mit LibreOffice Mini-Buchhaltung mit LibreOffice oder OpenOffic... DOWNLOAD
pqadmin(sfnet) Linux Print Quotas Webmin Module PQAdmin is a frontend to configure the linux pr... DOWNLOAD
platformjfs(sfnet) Platform JFS - Teleoperation with SRV1 - This one is a project centred on the teleope... DOWNLOAD
mgf-ai-1(sfnet) MGF-AI Projekt1 DOWNLOAD
kbsizer(sfnet) kbSizer A desktop utility let you to control window wit... DOWNLOAD
ubuntu-bp(sfnet) Ubuntu Backports Project The Ubuntu Backports project's goal is to provi... DOWNLOAD
pyeasydb(sfnet) PyDB PyDB es un módulo para Python con el cuál podrá... DOWNLOAD
community-aid(sfnet) Community Aid This is a LAMP-based call center system to supp... DOWNLOAD
ez-acces(sfnet) EZ-Access EZ-Access is an audit tool verifying website co... DOWNLOAD
mathtrainer(sfnet) Math Trainer Math Trainer trains your brain by creating easy... DOWNLOAD
quickcache(sfnet) QuickCache QuickCache (formerly jpcache) is a lightweight,... DOWNLOAD
quickskin(sfnet) QuickSkin QuickSkin is renamed from the original (SmartTe... DOWNLOAD
souvenance(sfnet) Souvenance Souvenance is a lightweight Photo album... DOWNLOAD
jpalm(sfnet) jpalm jpalm is an api for manipulating PalmDB and Mob... DOWNLOAD
mailbot(sfnet) mailbot - IRC messaging system Mailbot implements a messaging service in form ... DOWNLOAD
e-domino(sfnet) electronic domino this is a domino game playable by IP DOWNLOAD
feyasoft(sfnet) feyasoft Web2.0 desktop application FeyaSoft introduce a simple, qualify template t... DOWNLOAD
gridutility(sfnet) Grid Utility The Grid Utility is based on JavaCoG Kit and pr... DOWNLOAD
pracowniainform(sfnet) Pracownia Informatyczna nr 13 Pracownia Informatyczna nr 13 to gra tworzona n... DOWNLOAD
slrrp(sfnet) SLRRP This project is no longer active. It was an imp... DOWNLOAD
pikey(sfnet) pikey Pikeyは、Gateアプリケーションの構築を簡単にしま... DOWNLOAD
otscms(sfnet) OTSCMS Content Management System for websites based on... DOWNLOAD
saxmagique(sfnet) SaxMagique SaxMagique is a c++ library that offers an API ... DOWNLOAD
freede(sfnet) freede freede is a free defragmenter for linux filesys... DOWNLOAD
swf-reader(sfnet) Swf Reader Adobe Flash SWF editor which can read and edit ... DOWNLOAD
karma(sfnet) the Karma System { karma } the Karma System - a distributed, terminal inde... DOWNLOAD
torrentsa(sfnet) Torrent Searcher SA Torrent Searcher SA Edition is a open source fi... DOWNLOAD
infobot(sfnet) Infobot - Original Perl IRC Infobot The original Infobot, a networked, language-int... DOWNLOAD
clonuswiki(sfnet) ClonusWiki ClonusWiki is designed to be ultra-lightweight ... DOWNLOAD
libtad(sfnet) librerias alternativas para TAD Grupo de librerías para implementar tipos abstr... DOWNLOAD
clearwork(sfnet) ClearWork Easy tools suite & framework for fast devel... DOWNLOAD
stegida(sfnet) StegIDA Projeto de software parte integrante do trabalh... DOWNLOAD
file-editor-pro(sfnet) File Editor Pro This project is a fully working editor called F... DOWNLOAD
searchaggregate(sfnet) Aggregated Search The search aggregator allows users to initiate ... DOWNLOAD
cc-mpulse(sfnet) cc-(M)Pulse cc-(MPulse)is a COM add-in for Microsoft® Proje... DOWNLOAD
qercus(sfnet) Qercus Desktop free-form text database in which each r... DOWNLOAD
maxsrandompythonscripts(sfnet) Max's Random Python Scripts DOWNLOAD
osmailcleaner(sfnet) MailCleaner [antispam] mailcleaner is an anti-spam / anti-v... DOWNLOAD
doksproject(sfnet) DoKS: Document and Knowledge Sharing DoKS (Document and Knowledge Sharing applicatio... DOWNLOAD
tkpysudoku(sfnet) TkPySudoku Sudoku solver written in Python using the TkInt... DOWNLOAD
netpoint(sfnet) netpoint the netpoint is a linux internet point and cybe... DOWNLOAD
wemboss(sfnet) wEMBOSS wEMBOSS is a Web interface for the EMBOSS softw... DOWNLOAD
ext(sfnet) EXT C++ Library The EXT Library is set of various useful classe... DOWNLOAD
alphasoft(sfnet) alphaSoft Editors alphaSoft Editors are a set of editors for spec... DOWNLOAD
qgpsplot(sfnet) QGPSPlot - A GPS Plotting Tool for Linux QGPSPlot is a program to visualize your route u... DOWNLOAD
odcnms(sfnet) OpenDataCenter Network Management System ODCNMS is an Open DataCenter Network Management... DOWNLOAD
oplot(sfnet) oplot Oplot is a graphical backend for GNU Octave (ht... DOWNLOAD
srteditor(sfnet) Subtitle Editor A GUI to resynchronize and modify subtitle file... DOWNLOAD
wawawiki(sfnet) The Wawawiki Diary, Torrent Hound The WawaWiki Diary is a wiki like diary that ut... DOWNLOAD
tmx-editor(sfnet) TMX Localization Editor A simple graphical editor for the manipulation ... DOWNLOAD
mimru(sfnet) Miranda-IM Russian Translation Russian Translation for Miranda-IM by main russ... DOWNLOAD
myideasoftide(sfnet) Myideasoft IDE Interfaccia grafica per la scrittura di program... DOWNLOAD
mandelbrot3d(sfnet) Mandelbrot3D The programme for generation of the Mandelbrot ... DOWNLOAD
zymultiscale(sfnet) QM/MM A mechanical coupled QM/MM approach developed i... DOWNLOAD
mpxtended(sfnet) Python based frontend (gui) for Mplayer The project aims to build a frontend to mplayer... DOWNLOAD
singsing(sfnet) Singsing Singsing is a syn scan library. Made in C, fast... DOWNLOAD
thief(sfnet) thief Thief is a free chess client to play on chess s... DOWNLOAD
perun(sfnet) Perun ALife world A world of alife based on Physis, inspirated by... DOWNLOAD
grabui(sfnet) gphoto2 frontend for stereo shooting Simple GUI frontend for gphoto2 with features u... DOWNLOAD
typecasting(sfnet) TypeCasting Font Manager A user-space font management library for dynami... DOWNLOAD
snapsie(sfnet) snapsIE Screen Capture API for IE snapsIE is an ActiveX object that enables Inter... DOWNLOAD
pyparport(sfnet) parport Python module to allow native (C) support to co... DOWNLOAD
privind(sfnet) Privilege Indicator This tool indicates whether the currently activ... DOWNLOAD
mbscript(sfnet) Multiboxscript a script used to control multiple characters in... DOWNLOAD
googleworldbank(sfnet) WorldBankKML Transforming World Bank indicators to Google Ea... DOWNLOAD
prophor(sfnet) prophor BNC An easy multiuser IRC BNC server. Supporting ma... DOWNLOAD
tunneldork(sfnet) WinTunnel needed to learn how tunneling works, together w... DOWNLOAD
mysqljson(sfnet) mysqljson This is a project that will provide tools for w... DOWNLOAD
proxychains-ng(sfnet) proxychains-ng proxychains is a hook preloader that allows to ... DOWNLOAD
equalityanalyze(sfnet) Equality AnalyzerTask for iQser GIN AnalyzerTask for annotating content objects in ... DOWNLOAD
hgce(sfnet) hgce DOWNLOAD
svnauthcheck(freshmeat) svnauthcheck svnauthcheck checks the syntax of a subversion ... DOWNLOAD
pygtksourceview(sfnet) PyGtkSourceView PyGtkSourceView provides Python bindings for th... DOWNLOAD
tws-c-api(sfnet) C language API for TWS Multiple platform C language API for users of t... DOWNLOAD
konnections(sfnet) Konnections Konnections is an open source Donorbase / Donor... DOWNLOAD
sifter(sfnet) Sifter: filesystem transfer program Sifter is a file and directory transfer program... DOWNLOAD
citadel(sfnet) Citadel Groupware Citadel is a unique fusion of groupware, cms, b... DOWNLOAD
faal-e-hafez(sfnet) Faal e Hafez It is an old Iranian tradition to randomly open... DOWNLOAD
se290(sfnet) se290 se290 is a tool for uploading files into Sony E... DOWNLOAD
cfgrs(sfnet) Configuration Repository System Configuration Repository System is a set applic... DOWNLOAD
herculeum(sfnet) Herculeum Herculeum is yet-another-rogue-like written in ... DOWNLOAD
girlbackgammon(sfnet) Girl Backgammon Project for Project-Oriented Computer Science (... DOWNLOAD
leico(sfnet) LeICo - The Install and Config Tool Webbased fully automated installation and confi... DOWNLOAD
pn-yellowphp(sfnet) YellowPHP Multi-Lingual Yellowpages for PostNuke and the ... DOWNLOAD
turboprof(sfnet) TurboProf - Open Source Java Profiler Create a high-quality JVM profiler, capable to ... DOWNLOAD
mp3clock(sfnet) MP3 Alarm Clock MP3 Alarm Clock is a Windows compatible alarm c... DOWNLOAD
waynbot(sfnet) WaynBot A mind game for those who enjoy acting, WaynBot... DOWNLOAD
customerarea(sfnet) customerarea The Minotaur Customer Area gives you the abilit... DOWNLOAD
bitxml-m2m(sfnet) BITXml M2M protocol BITXml is an open xml based protocol for Machin... DOWNLOAD
bulkcontact(sfnet) Bulk Contact The aim of Bulk Contact is to allow a user to s... DOWNLOAD
sed-ml(sfnet) Simulation Experiment Description ML The Simulation Experiment Description Markup La... DOWNLOAD
ooovidtutors(sfnet) video tutorials Filmiki szkoleniowe z programow Inkscape i Gimp DOWNLOAD
wbr(sfnet) WoW Browser A software pack Including Chromium(BSD) by Chr... DOWNLOAD
jloc(sfnet) JLOC JLoc is made in Java and provides analysis of t... DOWNLOAD
omapi(sfnet) Open Model API The Open Model API (OMA) isn't only an API, it'... DOWNLOAD

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