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traffik(sfnet) Traffik A Linux Traffic Control Management Interface: b... DOWNLOAD
project-vdw(sfnet) Project VDW Project VDW serves as a repository for all thin... DOWNLOAD
genoinfer(sfnet) genotype inference Given low-density genotypes for pedigrees, and ... DOWNLOAD
fcrawler(sfnet) fcrawler A daemon which retrieves a list of hosts from D... DOWNLOAD
saga(sfnet) SAGA SAGA - Simple API for Grid Application. The OGF... DOWNLOAD
squidit(sfnet) Squidit - edit the Squid Squidit is an administration-tool for Squid. Yo... DOWNLOAD
murmurwebadmin(sfnet) Murmur WebAdministrator Murmur WebAdministrator is an web interface for... DOWNLOAD
redaxbookreader(sfnet) BookReader BookReader is a file converter from txt to mp3.... DOWNLOAD
macxrenamer(sfnet) macXrenamer A objective-c/cocoa bulk file-renamer for Mac osx. DOWNLOAD
ayam(sfnet) Ayam Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the... DOWNLOAD
stubcc(sfnet) StubCC StubCC is a code generation tool to automatical... DOWNLOAD
tapdancebio(sfnet) TAPDANCE-bio DOWNLOAD
texton(sfnet) Text On TextOn is a open-source text editor with basic ... DOWNLOAD
trafficcenter(sfnet) TrafficCenter With 'TrafficCenter' it is enable to swap your ... DOWNLOAD
ogoglio(sfnet) Ogoglio A web platform for browser based social 3D spaces. DOWNLOAD
aircash(sfnet) aircash An application to provide a worldwide mobile se... DOWNLOAD
probot(sfnet) pRobot pRobot is something like Pokémon for computer s... DOWNLOAD
heliumbaloon(sfnet) HeliumBaloon Php script. When you try to constract Inflatabl... DOWNLOAD
xylftp(sfnet) XYLFTP XYLFTP is an FTP suit that contains both an FTP... DOWNLOAD
betterec(sfnet) Better Recorder Open source good quality and simple sound recor... DOWNLOAD
flatironsvisage(sfnet) VISAGE A generic geospatial analysis and viewing capab... DOWNLOAD
jschx(sfnet) JSch X This is a fork of the JSch project (Java Secure... DOWNLOAD
vmlmapbrowser(sfnet) VML Map Browser A webtool for publishing mapinfo MIF files with... DOWNLOAD
e-advice(sfnet) Knock-out Expression Advice This project concerns the development of a stra... DOWNLOAD
recoverystar(sfnet) Recovery Star Recovery of damaged data on optical media. DOWNLOAD
antminer(sfnet) AntMiner Inspired by the idea of ant colony optimization... DOWNLOAD
whybabycry(sfnet) WhyBabyCry DOWNLOAD
finitevolumecode1dsaintvenant(sfnet) Finite volume code 1D Saint Venant DOWNLOAD
mysudokusolver(sfnet) Mobile Sudoku Solver Mobile Sudoku Solver is a Java (J2ME) applicati... DOWNLOAD
g03mem(sfnet) g03mem g03mem takes a Gaussian 03 input file and gives... DOWNLOAD
eduminfosys(sfnet) EduMInfoSys EduMInfoSys is a Management Information System ... DOWNLOAD
gutenpalm(sfnet) Weasel Reader Weasel Reader is a document reader for Palm OS.... DOWNLOAD
mrn-mp3(sfnet) MRNs MP3system MRNs MP3system is written in mIRC and it has he... DOWNLOAD
scm-sql(sfnet) SqlDiff & SqlUpdate SCM-SQL includes two mssql server tools for adm... DOWNLOAD
mymailagent(sfnet) MyMailAgent Sometimes there is no necessity to receive the ... DOWNLOAD
tomcat-auth(sfnet) Tomcat-Auth A collection of tomcat authentication modules, ... DOWNLOAD
dcget(sfnet) dcget Open Source Direct Connect client for embeded l... DOWNLOAD
jsimmacs(sfnet) jSim for Gromacs jSim for Gromacs is a Graphical User Interface ... DOWNLOAD
pa-mirc(sfnet) mIRC-Planetarion After Planetarion became P2P (Pay to Play) - I ... DOWNLOAD
nebulacards(sfnet) Nebula Cards Nebula Cards (NC) is a networked, modular card ... DOWNLOAD
browserair(sfnet) BrowserAir DOWNLOAD
tracknode(sfnet) TrackNode TrackNode is designed to become a robust, exten... DOWNLOAD
apk-tools(sfnet) apk-tools A shell based package manager for embedded *nix... DOWNLOAD
jsticker(sfnet) Amnesia Amnesia is a reminder that allow to define alar... DOWNLOAD
languagemachine(sfnet) The Language Machine The Language Machine is a toolkit for language ... DOWNLOAD
raccoon(sfnet) Mobile Web Server S60/Symbian port of Apache httpd and connectivi... DOWNLOAD
mywebtv(sfnet) MyWebTV MyWebTV is a software writen in Python, using P... DOWNLOAD
fcca(sfnet) fcca Remake of the old fantastic game Colonization, ... DOWNLOAD
mymultiverse(sfnet) myMultiverse The myMultiverse Source Forge project is aimed ... DOWNLOAD
warthog-ftp(sfnet) Warthog FTP Client Warthog FTP client provides a web based FTP cli... DOWNLOAD
advancedbbcodeb(sfnet) Advanced Bbcode Box 3 phpbb 3.x MOD Title: Advanced BbCode Box 3 MOD ... DOWNLOAD
ballisticslib(sfnet) GNU Ballistics Library An optimized C library for numerically solving ... DOWNLOAD
cent-de(sfnet) Cent-DE Cent-DE : Central Download Engine Cent-DE is an... DOWNLOAD
laptopbase(sfnet) LaptopBase LaptopBase is meant to serve as a database of l... DOWNLOAD
tibimathematics(sfnet) Tibi's Mathematics Suite The Tibi's Mathematics Suite is a package of va... DOWNLOAD
treemap(sfnet) TreeMap Java Library A treemap visualization java library, to implem... DOWNLOAD
rdp-runner(sfnet) SeamlessRDP_Runner Application compliments the seamlessRDP shell f... DOWNLOAD
qcdbase(sfnet) QCdBase A CD database/library program, written using C+... DOWNLOAD
varnamq3(sfnet) Varnam Q3 and Raspberry Pi Varnam Q3 is a motion sensing game console, it ... DOWNLOAD
gtamilocr(sfnet) gTamillOCR gTamillOCR- Free, Cross-platform Optical Charac... DOWNLOAD
metadataeditor(sfnet) Metadata Editor MEtadata Editor (MEE™) jest aplikacją służącą t... DOWNLOAD
silentshade(sfnet) Silent Shade This will be a free horror FPS game with a ragi... DOWNLOAD
jgarminimg(sfnet) JGarminImgParser A Java library to parse Garmin maps (IMG). Cont... DOWNLOAD
mikit(sfnet) MikIT Portable Music module player, the successor to ... DOWNLOAD
betterblog(sfnet) BetterBlog BetterBlog is a web log that uses other interfa... DOWNLOAD
qorganizer(sfnet) qOrganizer qOrganizer is a general organizer that includes... DOWNLOAD
xvso(sfnet) X vs. O game ( aka 5-in-line ) This is an attempt to make a X vs. O game, with... DOWNLOAD
esco(sfnet) Esoteric Combine Primary aim of this project is a creation of co... DOWNLOAD
wicket-extjs(sfnet) wickettools-extjs wickettools-extjs is a library that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
xattr(sfnet) xattr A shell command (binary executable) allowing th... DOWNLOAD
y6008(sfnet) y6008 DOWNLOAD
minhdoan(sfnet) Chia sẻ kiến thức Full Description DOWNLOAD
linkgator(sfnet) LinkGator DOWNLOAD
elhmas(sfnet) Enterprise Hospital Admin and Management ELHMAS is complete enterprise level Hospital a... DOWNLOAD
pathogenportal(sfnet) Pathogen Portal Pathogen Portal is a repository linking to eigh... DOWNLOAD
autospreader(sfnet) Autospreader's research Market research and tools DOWNLOAD
groupy(sfnet) Groupy DOWNLOAD
javy(sfnet) Javy Javy is concept dynamically typed programming l... DOWNLOAD
fmri-toolbox(sfnet) FMRI Toolbox Tools for analysis of fMRI data (formerly know ... DOWNLOAD
opentibclient(sfnet) Tiny Tibia Client An Open Source Cipsoft's Tibia Client Replacement. DOWNLOAD
semicuro(sfnet) Semicuro Semicuro is a paint application that is geared ... DOWNLOAD
rdx-filemanager(sfnet) Rdx File Manager File manager. Determines file formats by file c... DOWNLOAD
swt-composer(sfnet) Composer - SWT HTML Editor Widget A fully SWT integrated WYSIWYG HTML editing wid... DOWNLOAD
janus-irc(sfnet) Janus internetwork channel linker Janus is a server that allows IRC networks to s... DOWNLOAD
autosprdsheet(sfnet) AutoSpreadsheet AutoSpreadsheet is a programmable macro tool fo... DOWNLOAD
ghostbar(sfnet) Ghostbar Ghostbar is a small Windows (32bit and 64bit) u... DOWNLOAD
patentnet(sfnet) patentnet This is a tool for patent searching, downloadin... DOWNLOAD
udsc(sfnet) UDSC UDSC is a system updating and security hardenin... DOWNLOAD
stackblocks(sfnet) stackblocks This project has the intention to build a libra... DOWNLOAD
acgimage(sfnet) acgimage A light-weight image hosting application using ... DOWNLOAD
svgstatecharts(sfnet) XML to SVG for Statechart Diagrams XSLT code that could transform XML data (that d... DOWNLOAD
phphitcounter(sfnet) phpHitCounter phpHitCounter is a PHP script that displays a c... DOWNLOAD
freesafe(sfnet) Free Safe This is a simple password manager for java enab... DOWNLOAD
gearbox(sfnet) gearbox Gearbox provides a collection of usable peer-re... DOWNLOAD
digest-it(sfnet) DigestIt! -An interactive cross ref tool DigestIt! is a tool to browse text files with f... DOWNLOAD
crackattack(sfnet) Mac Crack Attack Mac Crack Attack is a port of Crack Attack to t... DOWNLOAD
wicketarch(sfnet) Wicket-Archetypes This project is not maintained no more. If you ... DOWNLOAD
mingw-cross(sfnet) MinGW Cross Compiler The aim of this project is to provide and maint... DOWNLOAD
singletdao(sfnet) SingletDAO SingletDAO is a simple java data access frame w... DOWNLOAD
phaml(sfnet) pHAML pHAML is a php centric HAML variant used in pro... DOWNLOAD

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