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odbookmarks(sfnet) OpenDev Bookmarks OpenDev Bookmarks is a web-based multi-user boo... DOWNLOAD
ezmingw(sfnet) Easy MinGW Provides simplified, single-package distributio... DOWNLOAD
boxenircu(sfnet) Boxen IRCu This project is old and i recommend you use Nef... DOWNLOAD
horustoolkit(sfnet) horus Horus is a toolkit to application development t...
termula2x(sfnet) UNIX terminal emulator for GP2X termula2x is a UNIX terminal emulator for GP2X,... DOWNLOAD
prognochip-base(sfnet) PrognoChip-BASE The BioArray Software Environment (BASE) v1.2 i... DOWNLOAD
openmenuplus(sfnet) Open Menu+ / Open Menu+ Portable Open Menu+ is an alternative Start Menu with mo... DOWNLOAD
uidb(sfnet) UIDB Es ist für LAMPP ein Erweiterungsscript für /op... DOWNLOAD
xomaster(sfnet) xomaster XOMaster is a fairly strong AI five in a row (f... DOWNLOAD
sqlsyncnet(sfnet) sql.sync win app for synchronizing structures of two dat... DOWNLOAD
jade4spring(sfnet) jade4spring jade4spring enables integration of the Java Age... DOWNLOAD
bisker(sfnet) Bisker - CGI and bad files scanner Bisker is a simple cgi scanner written in C lan... DOWNLOAD
awbot(sfnet) AWBot AWBot is an easy to use tool to test a web site... DOWNLOAD
myosplugintest(sfnet) MyOS Plugin Tester A simple plugin tester for designing custom plu...
cpp-gpengine(sfnet) C++ Gold Parser Engine C++ parser engine based on the tables generated... DOWNLOAD
mozzie(sfnet) MozzIE MozzIE is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Expl... DOWNLOAD
devs-sbml(sfnet) DEVS-SBML Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) comb... DOWNLOAD
portableapplica(sfnet) Portable Application Repository An ever growing collection of portable open sou... DOWNLOAD
ipchange(sfnet) IPChange This executable will e-mail the new IP address ... DOWNLOAD
hexcat(sfnet) H3xC4T H3xC4T reads binary files and show hexadecimal ...
dbdesigner-kde(sfnet) Visual Database Designer for KDE DbDesigner is a visual database designer runnin... DOWNLOAD
omar-shell-time(sfnet) Om@r StopWatch this application allows you to execute any comm... DOWNLOAD
myphppicturegal(sfnet) MyPHPPictureGallery MyPHPPictureGallery is most proprably the easie...
jpg2txt(sfnet) jpg2txt Program converting images to ASCII code. DOWNLOAD
projectcleaner(sfnet) Project Cleaner it cleans project workspaces by deleting folder... DOWNLOAD
wpwzjublog(sfnet) wpwzju_blog This blog is a designed to help college student... DOWNLOAD
projas(sfnet) projas The Peer Review Online Journal Administrative S... DOWNLOAD
ceoerp(sfnet) CEO开源ERP(董事长ERP) 最新国内开源Erp系统 DOWNLOAD
hexclock(sfnet) Hex Clock Revolutionary new clock. Forget the binary cloc... DOWNLOAD
transipation(sfnet) transIPAtion transIPAtion is a Software to support phonetic ... DOWNLOAD
vnumlgui(sfnet) VNUML Graphical User Interface A perl/Gtk2 GUI for VNUML (http://www.dit.upm.e... DOWNLOAD
dcppx(sfnet) dcpp_x dcpp_x is a native OSX version of the popular D... DOWNLOAD
simplefaq(sfnet) SimpleFAQ SimpleFAQ is a light project designed to quickl... DOWNLOAD
testingme2(sfnet) test DOWNLOAD
fatcontroller(sfnet) The FatController The FatController aims to make it quick and pai... DOWNLOAD
headcold(sfnet) HeadCold HeadCold is a small PalmOS utility that will al... DOWNLOAD
clockchecker(sfnet) Clock and time checker A multiple clock software, to help playing for ... DOWNLOAD
g-jats(sfnet) JATS - Just another time sheet At the status meeting I generally find my self ... DOWNLOAD
jackal2d(sfnet) Jackal - JavaScript Debugger Jackal JavaScript Debugger is a debug tool writ... DOWNLOAD
canvaschart(sfnet) CanvasChart A Javascript library for creating HTML Canvas c...
mattress(sfnet) Mattress A Java and Spring based, lightweight and extens... DOWNLOAD
teamcitymsbuild(sfnet) TeamCity MSBuild Tasks A collection of MSBuild tasks to assist with in... DOWNLOAD
gmeaddons(sfnet) MapEdit++ MapEdit++ is an open source GPSMapEdit extensio... DOWNLOAD
positlog(sfnet) PositLog PositLog is an open source CMS for building cus... DOWNLOAD
pergamon(sfnet) Pergamon Pergamon is a java library for extracting metad... DOWNLOAD
wintah(sfnet) Windows@Home GUI A gui for Tiles@home written in perl that works... DOWNLOAD
freefem-ns(sfnet) FreeFEM-NavierStokes This project is a collection of FreeFEM++ scrip... DOWNLOAD
twfbplayer(sfnet) The West Fortbattle Player The fortbattle player replays a fortbattle of t... DOWNLOAD
eeeos(sfnet) EEE OS This Project was created by me.This is a simple... DOWNLOAD
sprokit(sfnet) Sprokit DOWNLOAD
project2b(sfnet) System restore The s/w checkpoints the processes into binary e...
httpq(sfnet) Winamp httpQ Plugin A network protocol and server for winamp. DOWNLOAD
cowmet(sfnet) CowMet CowMet is Linux distribution for Desktop users.... DOWNLOAD
tsaclientlib(sfnet) TSAclientLIB A library for accessing a Time Stamp Authority ... DOWNLOAD
doceval(sfnet) Documentation Identifier and Evaluator Doceval is a software that allows to discover t... DOWNLOAD
mathsim(sfnet) MathSim This is a mathematical/informatical/biologocal ... DOWNLOAD
mypxl(sfnet) myPXL - mysql Php Xml Library This library allows developers to convert mySQL... DOWNLOAD
javasss(sfnet) JavaSSS JavaSSS (Safe Secure, SandBox) is an update for... DOWNLOAD
gizmod(sfnet) Gizmo Daemon Gizmod is a utility for enabling alternative in... DOWNLOAD
jibisholdem(sfnet) JiBi's Hold'Em As you probably guess the "JiBi's Hold'Em&... DOWNLOAD
ktimemachine(sfnet) ktimemachine user controlled backup interface using rsnapshot DOWNLOAD
vsreflection(sfnet) VSource PHP Image Reflection Script This PHP Image Reflection Script will output an... DOWNLOAD
emostar(sfnet) Atune Instrument tuner DOWNLOAD
exactfdr(sfnet) ExactFDR The ExactFDR software package is an improvement... DOWNLOAD
educk(sfnet) eDuck Software Livre que tem como objetivo auxiliar o...
skybuckode(sfnet) SkybuckODE Skybuck's Open Development Environment. A visu... DOWNLOAD
webcraft-qq(sfnet) school project
qana(sfnet) Qana Qana is a Java application that encrypts files,... DOWNLOAD
schemadiff(sfnet) Oracle SchemaDiff Oracle DB compare program, this Script will com... DOWNLOAD
uikit(sfnet) UIKit A Java toolkit for creating user interfaces. I... DOWNLOAD
just-it(sfnet) JuST Webtool to design t-shirt. It's can be use for ... DOWNLOAD
bib-it(sfnet) Bib-it Bib-it is a BibTeX frontend and a bibliographic... DOWNLOAD
picweb(sfnet) PicWeb Photo Database / Album Web in three flavours - ... DOWNLOAD
ath(sfnet) mod_athena load balancer We needed an efficient, easy to configure, affo... DOWNLOAD
tlauncher(sfnet) TLauncher This Program is a cron replacement which runs c... DOWNLOAD
ruenscapehelper(sfnet) Runescape Helper Runescape Helper is a utility that can help you... DOWNLOAD
bannergrab(sfnet) Next Generation Banner Grabbing Bannergrab is a next generation network service... DOWNLOAD
impliedratings(sfnet) Market Implied Ratings Market Implied Ratings computes for a select an...
michelmaxssmstools2012(sfnet) Michel Max - SSMS Tools 2012 This is an Add-In for Microsoft SQL Server Mana... DOWNLOAD
eeentangle(sfnet) eeentangle eeentangle is project aiming to create yet anot...
powermated(sfnet) powermated powermated is a program for controlling and mon... DOWNLOAD
jgistools(sfnet) jGISTools jGisTools is a Java library aiming to provide t... DOWNLOAD
fragtimer(sfnet) FragTimer Platform-independent mini application featuring... DOWNLOAD
sandmanmail(sfnet) Sandman Mail A Flex-based IMAP client with a PHP backend. DOWNLOAD
planefighter(sfnet) Plane Fighter Game This is a little game project for children DOWNLOAD
listx(sfnet) LisTX LisTX is a PHP-based web kit for listing direct... DOWNLOAD
lastfmhme(sfnet) Tivo HME Player A player for Tivo using the HME (Home M... DOWNLOAD
smart-mod-mgr(sfnet) Smart Mod Manager Automatic installer and manager of mods for the... DOWNLOAD
pimp(sfnet) PIMP A J2ME and J2SE Java library for building distr... DOWNLOAD
gcbot(sfnet) GCBot GNU Chatter Bot is a jabber chatter bot program... DOWNLOAD
smartprojectacc(sfnet) Smart Project Accounting SPA is a solution which helps developers to man... DOWNLOAD
vpnmonitor(sfnet) VPNmonitor VPNmonitor is a Java tool for network administr... DOWNLOAD
tn5250jengine(sfnet) tn5250jEngine This project is based on the sourceforge projec... DOWNLOAD
dbschemaviewer(sfnet) DB Schema Viewer DB Schema Viewer is an Eclipse plugin that buil... DOWNLOAD
xbmc-on-imon(sfnet) XBMC on iMON Display This project makes use of the iMON Display API ... DOWNLOAD
pcsx2-pc-kurisu(sfnet) Play Station 2 en tu ordenador Juega con tus juegos favoritos de play station ... DOWNLOAD
displayfinance(sfnet) DisplayFINANCE DOWNLOAD
asyncaction(sfnet) An Alternative to An alternative to SwingWorker for performing as... DOWNLOAD
xotcllib(sfnet) xotcllib xotcllib is library of XOTcl utility packages f... DOWNLOAD
cappuccino(sfnet) Cappuccino CyberCafe Cappuccino est un programme de gestion Cybercaf... DOWNLOAD

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