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codedistancevis(sfnet) Code Distance Visualizer Code Distance Visualizer is a static program an... DOWNLOAD
victordoamaral(sfnet) victordoamaral C code to compute very fast the checksum of str... DOWNLOAD
vilahauer(sfnet) vilahauer C code to encrypt files or strings using AES 25... DOWNLOAD
jardimdasameric(sfnet) jardimdasamericas C code to detected lines of a soundcard , and w... DOWNLOAD
derder(sfnet) derder C code to encode wav pcm files in the mp3 forma... DOWNLOAD
jamailmar(sfnet) jamailmar C code to play and extract OGG Vorbis media fil... DOWNLOAD
parolin(sfnet) parolin C code to list , test , and extract tar , tar-g... DOWNLOAD
jdsm(sfnet) jDSM jDSM is a Java library for representing and ana... DOWNLOAD
acms-liveupdate(sfnet) ACMS - CMS with LiveUpdate New system CMS - Content Menager System with Li... DOWNLOAD
nas400plugin(sfnet) Nagios AS400 Plugin Nagios plugin to monitor IBM AS400 DOWNLOAD
bbd(sfnet) Beats By Design Artificially intelligent drum machine DOWNLOAD
divbyzero(sfnet) DivByZero Code Library Free scripts & examples- JSP, Eclipse, SQL,... DOWNLOAD
aoblogger(sfnet) aoblogger aoblogger is a fast, efficient, clean, secure, ... DOWNLOAD
chatbot-eliza(sfnet) Chatterbot Eliza These program is an Eliza like chatterbot,bots ... DOWNLOAD
look-alike(sfnet) Look Alike This program compares two words (Strings), and ... DOWNLOAD
fortune-perl(sfnet) fortune-perl This is the port of a popular BSD game fortune.... DOWNLOAD
timesleuth-rule(sfnet) TimeSleuth - Temporal Rule Discovery TimeSleuth discovers temporal decision rules. I... DOWNLOAD
nissanconsult(sfnet) Nissan Consult libraries A set of libraries in different programming lan... DOWNLOAD
sharpmagic(sfnet) sharpmagic sharpmagic: is a complete wrapper for Libmagic DOWNLOAD
arpdetective(sfnet) ARP Detective With that application you can be alerted if som... DOWNLOAD
cppcc(sfnet) C++ Compiler Compiler (CppCC) CppCC is an object-oriented scanner and LL(k) p... DOWNLOAD
qpythonshell(sfnet) QPythonShell A Python Shell has been constructed from Qt, QS... DOWNLOAD
glimpses(sfnet) Glimpses Glimpses is a profiling tool for understanding ... DOWNLOAD
lshtools(sfnet) lshtools Locality Sensitive Hashing is an improved index... DOWNLOAD
brokenfinger(sfnet) Broken Finger BrokenFinger is a collection of demo 3D program... DOWNLOAD
enginemon(sfnet) EngineMonitor DOWNLOAD
deminer(sfnet) Deminer Deminer is a clone of the WinMine program avail... DOWNLOAD
wintetravex(sfnet) WinTetravex A version of Tetravex that allows moving the wh... DOWNLOAD
holtz(sfnet) Holtz Holtz is an implementation of the abstract stra... DOWNLOAD
libnamegen(sfnet) Name generation library libnamegen is a library to generate real and fa... DOWNLOAD
qikblogger(sfnet) Qikblogger Qikblogger is a clone of Its a... DOWNLOAD
flgtwp10(sfnet) Finite Lab GT for WP Making your WordPress blog multilingual is now ... DOWNLOAD
ddao(sfnet) Dynamic Dao Dynamic Dao is JDBC ORM framework. It allows to... DOWNLOAD
freddyimpossibl(sfnet) Freddy Impossible Open Source Action Game inspired by Freddy Hard... DOWNLOAD
pyropes(sfnet) Ropes for python Ropes are a scalable string implementation that... DOWNLOAD
pixelle(sfnet) pixelle An image transformation tool where arbitrary ar... DOWNLOAD
compactpath(sfnet) compactpath compactpath is a python package to handle compa... DOWNLOAD
fligt10(sfnet) Finite Lab Integrated Google Translation Thinking of a creative but simple way to develo... DOWNLOAD
sagetcpserver(sfnet) SageTCPServer An open source TCP interface for the SageTV PVR... DOWNLOAD
srpmix(sfnet) Scripts to expand src.rpm srpmix is a tool to expand src.rpm and create s... DOWNLOAD
webmin(sfnet) webmin modules diverse webmin modules for the daily adminwork DOWNLOAD
fnord(sfnet) fnord Fnord is a simplistic times-table generator. It... DOWNLOAD
qme-dev(sfnet) QME-Dev Workbench (wxSciPy) QME-DEV Workbench (wxScipy) is a data analysis ... DOWNLOAD
webshare(sfnet) Webshare WebShare project (Ajax/PHP), the user-friendly ... DOWNLOAD
asynccontrols(sfnet) AsyncControls - Easy Ajax For ASP.NET AsyncControls is a total rewrite of the ASP.NET... DOWNLOAD
pylcn(sfnet) pyLCN pyLCN tries to implement a HTML-RPC server for ... DOWNLOAD
tledwin(sfnet) TLedWin Implementation of a general numeric LED display... DOWNLOAD
dbms2sde(sfnet) dbms2sde Spatially enables a business table in an RDBMS ... DOWNLOAD
hrringsppc(sfnet) Hungarian Rings for PocketPC Hungarian Rings for PocketPC is a really popula... DOWNLOAD
freesection(sfnet) FreeSection FreeSection is a content management module for ... DOWNLOAD
fwform(sfnet) FWForm Trata de um Framework para a criação das telas ... DOWNLOAD
changerealmlist(sfnet) Change Realmlist A small program to quickly browse your World of... DOWNLOAD
kiids(sfnet) KIIDS The Knowledge-Intensive Interactive Digital Sto... DOWNLOAD
tpln(sfnet) TPLN - Template Processor TPLN is a new template class written in php tha... DOWNLOAD
suds(sfnet) SUDS: SW Bug Detection Infrastructure SUDS is a software bug detection research infra... DOWNLOAD
meges(sfnet) Meges Meges es una aplicación de control/asignación d... DOWNLOAD
broke-aid(sfnet) Broke-Aid: SAN with fencing capabilities Broke-Aid is a cheap SAN alternative with built... DOWNLOAD
edt-text-editor(sfnet) Edt Text Editor Simple text editor emulates VAX VMS EDT. Uses n... DOWNLOAD
apw(sfnet) AnotherPageWatcher AnotherPageWatcher monitors webpages and launch... DOWNLOAD
concierge(sfnet) Concierge OSGi Concierge OSGi is an OSGi (Open Service Gateway... DOWNLOAD
netatlas(sfnet) NetAtlas NetAtlas is a Cytoscape plugin that uses tissue... DOWNLOAD
yacomas(sfnet) Yet Another Conference Management System YACOMAS (Yet another conference management syst... DOWNLOAD
qpod(sfnet) qPod, gnupod frontend using Qt libraries qPod is a gnupod ( DOWNLOAD
bluejam(sfnet) bluejam BlueJam is a Java-based algorithmic music compo... DOWNLOAD
htmledit(sfnet) Killsoft HTML-Editor Killsoft HTML-edit can automatically generate H... DOWNLOAD
arpdaddy(sfnet) ARP Daddy A set of simple shell scripts to query (via SNM... DOWNLOAD
pl4y(sfnet) pl4y A simple audio player with a library, designed ... DOWNLOAD
enterprise(sfnet) Wavelet Enterprise Management Portal Wavelet EMP is a web-based J2EE ERP system runn... DOWNLOAD
loonix(sfnet) loonix-live - gentoo Linux based live cd loonix-live is a bootable Linux OS, running dir... DOWNLOAD
libfov(sfnet) libfov Library for calculating fields of view and ligh... DOWNLOAD
nibelzoo(sfnet) NibelZoo NibelZoo is a (now obsolete) nibbles-like netwo... DOWNLOAD
zfplib(sfnet) Zeka FP support library A library encapsulating the work with Zeka Fisc... DOWNLOAD
dbmstools(sfnet) dbmstools A set of tools for generating and maintaining d... DOWNLOAD
sapb1-ui-di-fw(sfnet) DevEnhancer (for SAP Business One) This is a framework for developers of the SAP B... DOWNLOAD
unix4aplers(sfnet) Provides: A tool collection for array orientate... DOWNLOAD
giftoapngconver(sfnet) GifToAPNG Converter The goal of this project is to create an applic... DOWNLOAD
xgpgsig(sfnet) XGPGSig Checks and Sigiert messages with GnuPG. (Comman... DOWNLOAD
easycfg(sfnet) EasyCFG EasyCFG makes configuration files so that you c... DOWNLOAD
javasps(sfnet) Simple Java Plugin System The "Simple Java Plug-In System" is i... DOWNLOAD
squidfighter(sfnet) Squid Fighter Squid Fighter is inspired by the old arcade gam... DOWNLOAD
thundervb(sfnet) ThunderVB ThunderVB is an add-in for Visual Basic 6. Thun... DOWNLOAD
polyctldesigner(sfnet) PolyCTLDesigner Given the peptides (T-cell epitopes) PolyCTLDes... DOWNLOAD
qiix(sfnet) qiix - request tracking Qiix is an excellent request and bugtracking to... DOWNLOAD
exerocms(sfnet) Exero CMS A Powerful Content Management System that runs ... DOWNLOAD
edmonds-alg(sfnet) Edmonds's algorithm The package edmonds-alg contains a C++-implemen... DOWNLOAD
kellnermeister(sfnet) Kellner Meister Kellner Meister ist ein in Superwaba implementi... DOWNLOAD
mp3union(sfnet) MP3Union Simple java bases command line tool that compil... DOWNLOAD
westose(sfnet) WEST WEST (Wind Energy Simulation Toolkit) is a wind... DOWNLOAD
nagios2json(sfnet) Nagios2JSON OpenSource CGI to permit Nagios status data exp... DOWNLOAD
jsclass(sfnet) jsClass This is a light and extensible Javascript Base ... DOWNLOAD
countdownbudget(sfnet) CountdownBudgetManager A Java Midlet (IE for Cellphones) that tracks h... DOWNLOAD
kolabwebmin(sfnet) Kolab Webmin kolab webmin is a module for webmin who provide... DOWNLOAD
clearversion(sfnet) ClearVersion ClearVersion is web based tool which allows the... DOWNLOAD
javavmprobe(sfnet) Java VM Probe This project is designed to help programmers un... DOWNLOAD
sgengine(sfnet) SaughGoon Engine 1 SaughGoon Engine 1 is free framework for simple... DOWNLOAD
klibs(sfnet) K Libs K is a C++ library featuring Genetic Programmin... DOWNLOAD
vodoo-stream(sfnet) VoDoo/Stream The Vodoo/Stream project let users to define tr... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-xml(sfnet) OX(ML) OX is an XML integration into Objective-Caml, p... DOWNLOAD
piklab(freshmeat) Piklab Piklab is an integrated development environment... DOWNLOAD
jbusiness(sfnet) JBusiness This project provides Java jee5 (jsf, jpa, jta)... DOWNLOAD

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