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wikis(sfnet) Wikis All specific codes of Wikis Organisation. Files... DOWNLOAD
primdotblender(sfnet) Prim dot Blender (Prim.Blender) A tool written for the Blender API in the Pytho... DOWNLOAD
group-calendars(sfnet) Group-Calendars An collaborative web based calendaring applicat... DOWNLOAD
libretto(sfnet) Libretto: Web download manager Libretto is a multiuser download manager; works... DOWNLOAD
milleuna(sfnet) Mille e una avventura A site devoted to Inform7 and its extensions in... DOWNLOAD
gameimager(sfnet) Game Imager Reads and writes images used in many popular ga... DOWNLOAD
lotuscore(sfnet) Lotus Core CMS Lotus Core CMS is all about site integration wi... DOWNLOAD
phppdo(sfnet) PHPPDO PHPPDO is a database abstraction layer over the... DOWNLOAD
winradius(sfnet) winradius A radius protocol application is running on Win... DOWNLOAD
jsfidgenerator(sfnet) JSF ID Generator Plugin JSF ID Generator is an eclipse plugin, which ge... DOWNLOAD
agatareport(sfnet) Canaima Report 1.0: Agata Report Canaima Report 1.0 is a new Agata's version bas... DOWNLOAD
eventlistcalq(sfnet) Eventlist Calendar Q A Joomla calendar module for the EventList Comp... DOWNLOAD
freebiblesearch(freshmeat) Free Bible Search PHP Script Free Bible Search PHP Script allows you to incl... DOWNLOAD
galette(freshmeat) Galette Galette (Gestionnaire d'Adhérents en Ligne Extr... DOWNLOAD
leapcms(sfnet) Leap CMS A tiny, single-file CMS solution, with dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
apeiron(sfnet) Apeiron Es una herramienta para alumnos de la Universid... DOWNLOAD
gamefarm(sfnet) GameFarm opensource CMS Free CMS for your clan. CW results, news, poll ... DOWNLOAD
motionview(sfnet) MotionView MotionView consist of a set of utilities for mo... DOWNLOAD
ac3filter(sfnet) AC3Filter It is DirectShow AC3 Decoder filter used to pal... DOWNLOAD
phpwdmanager(sfnet) PhpwdManager PhpPwdManager, is a multi-user password manager... DOWNLOAD
ikan(sfnet) IKAN Inverse Kinematics using ANalytical Methods (IK... DOWNLOAD
jpeg2bw(sfnet) Jpeg2BW A set of programs to convert JPEG files in blac... DOWNLOAD
vietex(sfnet) vietex The aim of this project is to provide Editor TeX DOWNLOAD
sfc3assetsuite(sfnet) Starfleet Command 3 Asset Editor A windows based application to allow editing of... DOWNLOAD
sqladhoc(sfnet) SQLAdHoc SQLAdHoc - the better SQL-Editor DOWNLOAD
sparkline(sfnet) Sparkline Sparkline is a PHP implementation of "smal... DOWNLOAD
qtexportaction(sfnet) QuickTime Export Action An automator action for exporting movies and au... DOWNLOAD
podget(sfnet) Podget Podget is a simple podcast aggregator optimized... DOWNLOAD
qted(sfnet) QTed QTed (Questions and Tests editor) is a web-base... DOWNLOAD
undvd(sfnet) undvd undvd is dvd ripping made *simple* with an easy... DOWNLOAD
autorecord(sfnet) autorecord Simple vox (sound activated) recorder, Perfect ... DOWNLOAD
joomlaonstick(sfnet) JoomlaOnStick Joomla On Stick allows you to run Joomla from a... DOWNLOAD
scann(sfnet) ANN Transcriptome Data Integration The Stem Cell Artificial Neural network project... DOWNLOAD
luaode(sfnet) Lua ODE Lua ODE is bindings of OpenDE for the Lua langu... DOWNLOAD
collabry(sfnet) Collabry Collabry is an open API for building of collabo... DOWNLOAD
boltplayer(sfnet) Bolt Player The Bolt Player™ a free open source video play... DOWNLOAD
dleatebea(sfnet) Dlea Tebea DOWNLOAD
datablender(sfnet) datablender Datablender is an advanced data manipulation su... DOWNLOAD
multiproject(sfnet) BlueJ Multi-Project Workspace This BlueJ extension allows you to easily manag... DOWNLOAD
gd-awk(sfnet) GD-AWK AWK language binding for accessing graphics cap... DOWNLOAD
xmlconfigdocume(sfnet) XMLConfigDocumenter Documentation generator for XML config files, t... DOWNLOAD
beanindex(sfnet) BeanIndex BeanIndex is an inverted indexing library for J... DOWNLOAD
pkrss(sfnet) pkrss pkrss is the windows pc ap. it read online rss ... DOWNLOAD
ljfriendsreader(sfnet) LJFriendListReader This is plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA to read the l... DOWNLOAD
revlogger(sfnet) revlogger The Revelation Logger is a game log analyzer, w... DOWNLOAD
m2s(sfnet) M2S Tool for converting MOODLE Backup format to SCORM. DOWNLOAD
io-gnu-linux(sfnet) io GNU/Linux Turn your computer into a complete multimedia w... DOWNLOAD
ludox(sfnet) LudoX This is a computer version of the ever popular ... DOWNLOAD
broccoli-lang(sfnet) Broccoli Programming Language Broccoli is a dynamically-typed, multi-paradigm... DOWNLOAD
pyxattr(sfnet) VFS Extended attributes for Python pyxattr is an Python extension module wrapper f... DOWNLOAD
moonav(sfnet) Moon Secure Antivirus Moon Secure Antivirus aims to be the best Free ... DOWNLOAD
quad(sfnet) QUAD QUAD is a high-performance file compressor that... DOWNLOAD
openlanhouse(sfnet) OpenLanhouse OpenLanhouse is a new CyberCafé manager for Gnome! DOWNLOAD
xfast(sfnet) XFast XFast is a slim and lightweighted desktop envir... DOWNLOAD
simplepunch(sfnet) simplepunch SimplePunch is a simple punch clock application... DOWNLOAD
easychart(sfnet) EasyChart Open-source web-based SPC software including Sh... DOWNLOAD
ilmanager(sfnet) Image Localization Manager Image Localization Manager helps you to streaml... DOWNLOAD
winterao(sfnet) Winter AO WinterAO es un proyecto trabajado en idioma C++... DOWNLOAD
remotecommandex(sfnet) Remote command exec- Python This is a remote administration tool that allow... DOWNLOAD
foxcalc(sfnet) FoxCalc FoxCalc is a calculator with a text user interf... DOWNLOAD
liverubymusic(sfnet) live ruby music Composer This is a Release of Free ruby based music gene... DOWNLOAD
js-rating(sfnet) Javascript Rating Widget Javascript Rating Object that has full function... DOWNLOAD
acro3d(sfnet) Free 3D Acrópolis Free 3D Acropolis is a model 3D in hight resol... DOWNLOAD
filerenamer(sfnet) File Renamer Written on C# .NET2.0, Used for mass file renam... DOWNLOAD
a4j(sfnet) A4J (Amazon AWS 4 Java) A4J is a Free Open Source Java API for Amazon.c... DOWNLOAD
schedutils(sfnet) Scheduling Utilities Sched-utils are a collection of tools related t... DOWNLOAD
pmsl(sfnet) PMSL - Project Management Super Light A super light-weight web based project manageme... DOWNLOAD
lmac(sfnet) lmac Сommand-line tool for searching in music collec... DOWNLOAD
fourtwosevenbb(sfnet) 427BB The aim of this project is to produce a lightwe... DOWNLOAD
ucon64(sfnet) uCON64 uCON64 is a tool to backup all kinds of video g... DOWNLOAD
jdbtools(sfnet) JDBTools This program converts, compares, merges, normal... DOWNLOAD
sydewynder(sfnet) Sydewynder Sydewynder is an SMS receiver and sender applic... DOWNLOAD
fallfair(sfnet) Fall Fair Management The Fall Fair project provides a means to track... DOWNLOAD
x-evian(sfnet) X-evian X-Evian is a DebianGNU/Linux operating system c... DOWNLOAD
nantrunner(sfnet) NAntRunner NAntRunner is a Visual Studio .Net AddIn. It c... DOWNLOAD
leaf-framework(sfnet) leaf framework leaf framework, is a Greek open source MVC fram... DOWNLOAD
duty-roaster(sfnet) Duty Roaster Duty Roaster is a program for managing and gene... DOWNLOAD
jhelplite(sfnet) JHelpLite A light-weight java help window that reads &... DOWNLOAD
wildersueden-v7(sfnet) Wildersueden v7 Project for new version of DOWNLOAD
myspacefriendad(sfnet) Free Myspace Friend Adder The Free Myspace Friend Adder (by Sonoma Produc... DOWNLOAD
ofx4j(sfnet) ofx4j OFX4J is a parser and Java API designed to allo... DOWNLOAD
knutselplugin(sfnet) Knutsels Plugin Plugins for XASECO, an Automatic Server Control... DOWNLOAD
lomsitea04012(sfnet) LOMS - Local Mobile Services The goal of the LOMS p... DOWNLOAD
spejd(sfnet) spejd Spejd is a tool for partial parsing and rule-ba... DOWNLOAD
smcm(sfnet) 9/SFR Media Center Manager Programme graphique pour gérer le Media Center ... DOWNLOAD
cadvent(sfnet) C Adventure Game Engine This project's goal is to create a generic adv... DOWNLOAD
jsmenu(sfnet) Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu is a Windows Expl... DOWNLOAD
vstgui(sfnet) vstgui VSTGUI is a cross platform C++ library mainly f... DOWNLOAD
frozenbubblemen(sfnet) frozen-bubble-menu frozen-bubble-menu a tiny graphical user interf... DOWNLOAD
maxdev(sfnet) MAXdev We're working to create a resource for professi... DOWNLOAD
saml2api(sfnet) SAML2 API A lightweight java library for SAML 2 authentic... DOWNLOAD
metalperversion(sfnet) Perversion of Metal DOWNLOAD
grammophon(sfnet) Grammophon A small and simple media player, written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
nll(sfnet) Numerical Learning Library The Numerical Learning Library intends to provi... DOWNLOAD
detectingpois(sfnet) Detecting Points of Interest This project tries to find geographical locatio... DOWNLOAD
tevere(sfnet) Tevere Flow Tevere Flow is a new transactional workflow eng... DOWNLOAD
fiction(sfnet) Fiction Fiction is a free word processor for Windows. I... DOWNLOAD
cudasw(sfnet) CUDASW++: Smith-Waterman Algorithm CUDASW++ software is a public open source softw... DOWNLOAD
relational-owl(sfnet) Relational.OWL Relational.OWL automatically extracts the seman... DOWNLOAD
iceb(sfnet) iceB - accounting software for Linux/Win IceB is personal and corporate financial accoun... DOWNLOAD

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