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xhead(sfnet) xhead xhead is a command line utility for viewing par... DOWNLOAD
fortunebible(sfnet) KJV Bible (fortune format) KJV Bible in Unix fortune file format. Each *f... DOWNLOAD
netcronograph(sfnet) .NET Chronograph A very simple chronograph (chronometer watch) m... DOWNLOAD
serialdwn(sfnet) Serial Downloader Simple Python script to symultain(multithread) ... DOWNLOAD
wrss(sfnet) Wireless Routing Simulation Suite This project contains simulation codes of Dr. J... DOWNLOAD
quaterback-jcc(sfnet) Quarterback Java Classes Collection Provides lots of useful Java stuff: CSV file ha... DOWNLOAD
ccrime(sfnet) Crimeblips The application Crimeblips provides up-to-date ... DOWNLOAD
hcal-gtk(sfnet) hcal-gtk hebrew gtk based calendar and event list. DOWNLOAD
senayanlib(sfnet) SENAYAN Library Automation SENAYAN Library Automation is web based open so... DOWNLOAD
imagetapestry(sfnet) Image Tapestry Image Tapestry is a command-line tool that conc... DOWNLOAD
codecore(sfnet) Code Core The Code Core is a set of sample source codes f... DOWNLOAD
getperfmon(sfnet) GetPerfmon A program designed to get any Windows Perfmon s... DOWNLOAD
netdialog(sfnet) NetDialog NetDialog is a simple shell script command line... DOWNLOAD
patchwork(sfnet) Patchwork High performance PHP framework that enhances PH... DOWNLOAD
notepaddotnet(sfnet) Notepad .NET Notepad .NET is a simple text-editor based on o... DOWNLOAD
osseg(sfnet) Open Source Security Gateway OSSEG is an IMS compatible security gateway tha... DOWNLOAD
webgeekjsapi(sfnet) WebGEEK JS API Update: The WebGEEK JS API project will be clos... DOWNLOAD
ruleviz(sfnet) ruleViz ruleViz is a program that can look at the execu... DOWNLOAD
cd2iso(sfnet) cd2iso cd2iso is a small command line tool for creatin... DOWNLOAD
linespec(sfnet) LineSpec Library to simplify the process of getting spec... DOWNLOAD
jpackrat(sfnet) JPackrat JPackrat is a client for fetching binaries in t... DOWNLOAD
mtpsync(sfnet) mtpsync - synchronize MTP devices This command line program can be used to synchr... DOWNLOAD
cardtarot(sfnet) 3 Card Tarot Concentrate on your subject or question and the...
checkpwd-imap(sfnet) checkpassword-imap checkpasswd compatible interface testing agains... DOWNLOAD
urbanmediator(sfnet) Urban Mediator Urban Mediator is for communities to mediate lo... DOWNLOAD
nedi(sfnet) NeDi NeDi is a lightwheight network management frame... DOWNLOAD
bazi(sfnet) BaZi Constructor 子平八字命盤 BaZi, also known as Ba Zi or Eight Words,is a t... DOWNLOAD
poddy(sfnet) poddy poddy is a light-weight command-line podcast cl... DOWNLOAD
formstorm(sfnet) FormStorm Creating Forms and its Elements with few lines ... DOWNLOAD
szapfe(sfnet) szapfe szap frontend, visualization of dvb signal para... DOWNLOAD
nano-hive(sfnet) NanoHive Nanospace Simulator NanoHive is a modular simulator used for modeli... DOWNLOAD
owl-scomposer(sfnet) OWL-S Composer The OWL-S Composer is an open source plugin tha... DOWNLOAD
citeviz(sfnet) citeviz Eclipse plugin-in for visualization of citation... DOWNLOAD
osggtk(sfnet) osgGtk - GTK widgets for OpenSceneGraph osgGtk is a library of C based Gtk+ and C++ bas... DOWNLOAD
ml2html(sfnet) ml2html Archiving MailingList's archive to HTML w/ MHon... DOWNLOAD
bombic(sfnet) Bombic Another Dynablaster clone. Singleplayer/deathma... DOWNLOAD
mp3dj(sfnet) mp3dj Mp3dj is a Flex-based web application for searc... DOWNLOAD
mgsclone(sfnet) MGS_clone The goal is to parctise using Unity3D by making... DOWNLOAD
ramen(sfnet) BlueOxygen Ramen Ramen is a project tracking, activity tracking ... DOWNLOAD
ext2fuse(sfnet) ext2 filesystem in user space Compact implementation of the ext2 filesystem i... DOWNLOAD
keyvil(sfnet) keyvil a number of clients try to find a secret key by... DOWNLOAD
antix-linux(sfnet) antiX-Linux antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to instal... DOWNLOAD
uvfseditor(sfnet) Universal Virtual File System Editor An extremely flexible and customizable hex edit... DOWNLOAD
vectorstream(sfnet) Vector Stream The Vector Stream library and tools allow store... DOWNLOAD
olmathml(sfnet) olmathml An OpenLaszlo component supporting the parsing ... DOWNLOAD
quexs(sfnet) quexs queXS is a web based, Open Source, CATI (Comput... DOWNLOAD
phpxmldb(sfnet) PhpXdb A PHP Database API with XML/dbase implementatio... DOWNLOAD
pydsh(sfnet) pydsh PyDSH is a remote administration tool, consisti... DOWNLOAD
qms-analog(sfnet) Qmail-Scanner Log Analyzer A statistics utility to be used with qmail-scan... DOWNLOAD
scribes(sfnet) scribes An extensible text editor for GNOME that combin... DOWNLOAD
forthvalleycrm(sfnet) Forth Valley CRM System Forth Valley CRM (Customer Relationship Managem... DOWNLOAD
tsmtape(sfnet) TSMtape TSMtape allows recovery of files found on TSM v... DOWNLOAD
pyccarto(sfnet) pycCarto This program aims to create a keyboard based in... DOWNLOAD
slinatog(sfnet) Slinatog The basic gameplay is the one you've seen befor... DOWNLOAD
crs(sfnet) CRS This is a spectral solver of Channel flow with ... DOWNLOAD
ee2(sfnet) Extended Engineer 2 Extended Engineer 2 is a next-generation softwa... DOWNLOAD
mysqluseradmini(sfnet) MySQL User Administrator This software is designed to provide easy admin... DOWNLOAD
mesfilmsantimpo(sfnet) MesFilmsAntImporter This tool will automatically create an XML file... DOWNLOAD
libzenstone(sfnet) libzen Library that allows you to check the battery le... DOWNLOAD
mbench(sfnet) mBench mBench is a microbenchmark tool. Users can easi... DOWNLOAD
mpui(sfnet) MPUI MPUI is an easy-to-use Windows frontend for MPl... DOWNLOAD
prjfreedom(sfnet) The Freedom Game Project Project Freedom is an open source cross platfor... DOWNLOAD
dshub(sfnet) DSHub DSHub is a hubsoft for ADC Network. It uses the... DOWNLOAD
drake-3d(sfnet) Drake 3D A 3D data visualization tool, specializing in t... DOWNLOAD
wsbasic(sfnet) wsbasic a basic interpreter with bash li wsbasic a basic interpreter or scripting langua... DOWNLOAD
taskmover(sfnet) Task Mover Task Mover allows you to reorganize your Window... DOWNLOAD
fotofix(sfnet) fotofix FotoFix is a simple image viewer with simple ca... DOWNLOAD
wiiusel(sfnet) WiiuseL WiiuseL is a Lua API to use wiimotes on your co... DOWNLOAD
jurs-ppm(sfnet) jURS Private Project Management Environment written ... DOWNLOAD
equipment(sfnet) Equipment Equipment administrates Sports-Equipment and pa... DOWNLOAD
jruntime(sfnet) jruntime Java library that makes easier access to API of... DOWNLOAD
tk2000(sfnet) TK2000 Emulator Microdigital TK2000 II Color Computer emulator. DOWNLOAD
beanshield(sfnet) BeanShield BeanShield is a powerful Java library, that mak... DOWNLOAD
phpfeedparser(sfnet) Feed Parser PHP Class for parsing all feeds - RSS 2.0, RSS ... DOWNLOAD
varnam-project(sfnet) Varnam Varnam is a collection of indic language tools.... DOWNLOAD
octaveinaction(sfnet) Octave 实例应用 一份介绍octave使用的中文文档,包含许多有趣的实... DOWNLOAD
view-source(sfnet) XML Source View XML Source View provides a source viewer for XM... DOWNLOAD
openaac(sfnet) OpenAAC Open AAC is an open source Augmentative and Alt... DOWNLOAD
tagcontrol(sfnet) Jira Tag-Control Plugin A plugin to integrate Jira with CVS like tag-na... DOWNLOAD
chepersy(sfnet) Cheb's Persistency System A simple object database system for FreePascal ... DOWNLOAD
gtk-vnc(sfnet) gtk-vnc A VNC viewer widget for GTK. DOWNLOAD
arcmaptools(sfnet) ArcMap tools MXDtoAXL, This tool converts ESRI ArcMap views ... DOWNLOAD
dynaq(sfnet) DynaQ The goal of DynaQ is to develop an inquiry syst... DOWNLOAD
glassfishapp(sfnet) Open Source GlassFish Software Appliance Open Source Application Server Appliance based ... DOWNLOAD
ncdtoolkit(sfnet) NCD Toolkit The NCD Toolkit is a PHP application to collabo... DOWNLOAD
mvpod(sfnet) mvpod mvPod is a user friendly application to convert... DOWNLOAD
ekszbox-vcl(sfnet) EkszBox-VCL EkszBox-VCL - Visual Component Library For Delp... DOWNLOAD
ekszboxforzamod(sfnet) EkszBox-ForzaMod Xbox Forza Motorsport Mod Tool (Runs On Win32).... DOWNLOAD
spaceromgappsao(sfnet) SpaceROM Gapps (AOKP) DOWNLOAD
svnexplorador(sfnet) SVNExplorador SVNExplorador is a Linux client for browsing Su... DOWNLOAD
dtp-mssql(sfnet) MS SQL Server support for Eclipse DTP This project adds support for Microsoft SQL Ser... DOWNLOAD
barcode-java(sfnet) barcode-java barcode-java is a JFC Swing-compatible JavaBean... DOWNLOAD
operatingsystem(sfnet) os thing for operating system DOWNLOAD
arcanum(sfnet) Arcanum Editor The Arcanum Editor is a small but powerful tool... DOWNLOAD
gchartman(sfnet) gChartman gChartman is a GNOME program for technical stoc... DOWNLOAD
tailor(sfnet) Tailor A library and associated applications for searc... DOWNLOAD
ludophp(sfnet) LudoPHP LudoPHP is a lightweight php development framew... DOWNLOAD
tantalus(sfnet) Kernco Games Kernco Games offers a variety of desktop games ... DOWNLOAD
zci(sfnet) zCI Computer Inventory System zCI is an free and open source web-based comput... DOWNLOAD
forgetmenotanni(sfnet) Forget Me Not Annie Forget Me Not Annie is a first person horror pu... DOWNLOAD

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