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gmr(sfnet) Grammar of Missale Romanum 1962 Latin-to-English translation of the Traditional... DOWNLOAD
shopmodforphpbb(sfnet) Shop Mod for phpbb3 This project seeks to create a mod for phpbb3 t... DOWNLOAD
laughoutloud(sfnet) laugh out loud laugh out loud is a database driven joke websit... DOWNLOAD
ada-c-scope(sfnet) ADA-C-Scope New FirmWare for the ADA-C module of the c't-La... DOWNLOAD
simpleforumdev(sfnet) Simple Forum Simple Forum is forum made by me from zero. I s... DOWNLOAD
netarcomponents(sfnet) NetAr .NET Web Components This project is aiming to create a set of reusa... DOWNLOAD
policyd(sfnet) policyd Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for p... DOWNLOAD
vsxgen(sfnet) Visual Studio XGen This Visual Studio add-in aims to give the deve... DOWNLOAD
lpscoreboard(sfnet) Lifepoints Scoreboard This Scoreboard is for the yugioh tcg players t... DOWNLOAD
fedlibrary(sfnet) FEDLibrary FEDLibrary a portable c++ library for common us... DOWNLOAD
defuse(sfnet) deFuse deFuse is a software package for gene fusion di... DOWNLOAD
genbuf(sfnet) Generic Buffer General line based buffer with backlog written ... DOWNLOAD
phpxcms(sfnet) PHPX PHPX is a web portal system, blog, Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
akula(sfnet) akula C++ lightweight network framework that allows b... DOWNLOAD
phios(sfnet) PhiOS PhiOS is a 1.44MB ! live operating system with ... DOWNLOAD
svnchecker(sfnet) SVNChecker SVNChecker is a framework for Subversion pre-co... DOWNLOAD
eastwood(sfnet) Eastwood Charts A chart servlet that emulates the Google Chart ... DOWNLOAD
glosswordreq(sfnet) Glossword Checker Glossword Checker is PHP-script which checks if... DOWNLOAD
fpstats(sfnet) fpstats Stats plugin for Flatpress blogging engine. DOWNLOAD
fo2odf(sfnet) fo2odf XSLT stylesheets and related tools to convert d... DOWNLOAD
abyframework(sfnet) ABY FRAMEWORK An short but powerfull framework for PHP 5+. ba... DOWNLOAD
arpage(sfnet) arpage MIDI Arpeggiator w/ JACK Tempo Sync. Alpha stat... DOWNLOAD
simpleshot(sfnet) Screen Shot Taker Simple program. To make a screenshot. Fill in t... DOWNLOAD
cutemouse(sfnet) CuteMouse - lightweight DOS mouse driver CuteMouse is a DOS based mouse driver, fully wr... DOWNLOAD
shedskin(sfnet) Shedskin This project is no longer hosted here. Please f... DOWNLOAD
colladavertexco(sfnet) Collada VertexCacheOptimizer This application/ conditioner optimizes the ind... DOWNLOAD
et-realtime(sfnet) Game server real-time info web page that display real-time information abo... DOWNLOAD
puzzlerpy(sfnet) The Puzzler is a jigsaw puzzle game written in p... DOWNLOAD
wiiwebserver(sfnet) Wii Web Server A web server that runs on the wii DOWNLOAD
jsobjects(sfnet) JSObjects Please, refer to DOWNLOAD
wardataclient(sfnet) War Data - Client A program for clan leaders and member to help m... DOWNLOAD
cadmintools(sfnet) CADminTools by CAD License Tracker with integrated databases, ... DOWNLOAD
diktio(sfnet) Diktio Diktio is a simple CMS written completely in Pe... DOWNLOAD
reliefer(sfnet) Relief and Normal map creator This software can be used for relief and normal... DOWNLOAD
pbot(sfnet) pbot A chatbot written in perl for Age of Conan DOWNLOAD
dynamite4css(sfnet) DynamiTE4CSS DynamiTE4CSS is a simple Dynamic-CSS and JS-Ani... DOWNLOAD
sbmlop(sfnet) sbmlop sbmlop is a command-line utility to create, vie... DOWNLOAD
mp3tagsmanipula(sfnet) MP3TagsManipulator This python GUI will help you to transkode and ... DOWNLOAD
cbyte(sfnet) cByte cByte is a project that allows you to work with... DOWNLOAD
eigenms(sfnet) EigenMS EigenMS is a stand-alone (or Matlab) bottom-up ... DOWNLOAD
delco(sfnet) DelCo An Android application that decodes both standa... DOWNLOAD
virtuallab(sfnet) ITG Virtual Lab (Virtual Microscopes) The virtual lab is a NASA-funded project to pro... DOWNLOAD
moled(sfnet) MolEd DOWNLOAD
blenderes(sfnet) Blender3d resource Resource for blender3d. Model .blen , plug-ins ... DOWNLOAD
kfilemanager(sfnet) kfManager Multi-platform File manager, written in JAVA us... DOWNLOAD
spicex(sfnet) SpiceX SpiceX is a simple schematic capture program fo... DOWNLOAD
fractioncalc(sfnet) RPN Fraction Calculator This is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Fractio... DOWNLOAD
jsmtpd(sfnet) jsmtpd Jsmtpd : A small and modular smtp email server ... DOWNLOAD
openfrag(sfnet) OpenFrag OpenFrag is an Open Source, multi-platform game... DOWNLOAD
ct-frame(sfnet) dos desktop environment (ct-FRAME) ct-FRAME is a desktop environment for DOS. It o...
boltcontentman(sfnet) BH Content Management System BH Content Management System (a complete re-wri... DOWNLOAD
sfcurupdate(sfnet) SF Currency Updater This is a SalesForce Currency Update utility. E... DOWNLOAD
unetbootin(sfnet) UNetbootin, Universal Netboot Installer UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live U... DOWNLOAD
topologi-linux(sfnet) Topologilinux Topologilinux is a complete slackwarebased linu... DOWNLOAD
psshc(sfnet) Putty SSH Commander Now you can quickly, simultaneously issue SSH c... DOWNLOAD
uvsim(sfnet) uvsim This project has been renamed to oooark. Old fi... DOWNLOAD
phpexiv2(sfnet) phpexiv2 phpexiv2 is a wrapper for direct access from PH... DOWNLOAD
wazasoft-wazane(sfnet) wazanet wazanet is new web browser based on internet ex... DOWNLOAD
sl3s(sfnet) Sl3s A java basic Silkroad Online emu based on sremu. DOWNLOAD
franksphoto(sfnet) Frank's PhP Photo Album Simple photo album, in php, creating thumbnails... DOWNLOAD
cadmin(sfnet) Cadmin (Courier Admin) Cadmin (Courier Admin) is a free software packa... DOWNLOAD
nsisu(sfnet) NSISu - NSIS Unicode NSISu - Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Unic... DOWNLOAD
janeyspaces(sfnet) JaneySpaces JaneySpaces is a network abstraction library ba... DOWNLOAD
webio(sfnet) webio embedded web server Webio is a small-footprint web server, designed... DOWNLOAD
luftguitarcms(sfnet) Luftguitar CMS A lightweight and simple CMS system built on AS...
netmysqldump(sfnet) .NETmysqldump Duplicates the functionality of mysqldump.Is wr... DOWNLOAD
hwheels(sfnet) HotWheels A single player + computer opponents, varying d... DOWNLOAD
oglwfw(sfnet) OpenGL Window Framework An Alternative C++ Windowing Framework for Open... DOWNLOAD
kalendaewidget(sfnet) kalendae widget A Roman calendar widget for Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
smartcruddy(sfnet) SmartCruddy! Business intelligence tool to create reports, d... DOWNLOAD
jsbibtex(sfnet) Javascript BibTeX Parser A pure javascript BibTeX parser class. This is... DOWNLOAD
phpspastebin(sfnet) PHPS Pastebin PHPS Pastebin is a simple pastebin site script,... DOWNLOAD
chordless(sfnet) Chordless Chordless is a Chord and DHash implementation w... DOWNLOAD
simpletimeras(sfnet) SimpleTimer AS SimpleTimer is a Java-based, freeware tool, you... DOWNLOAD
coloredtrails(sfnet) Colored Trails An open source research test bed for investigat... DOWNLOAD
lte2pp(sfnet) LTE2PP-Large Tables export Xls to PPt LTE2PP lets you to export very large (longs) ta... DOWNLOAD
check_nagios_latency(freshmeat) check_nagios_latency check_nagios_latency is a Nagios plugin to chec... DOWNLOAD
animation-chain(freshmeat) Animation Chain Animation Chain is a JavaScript object that pro... DOWNLOAD
lattice(freshmeat) Lattice Lattice is a Java build system with strong mult... DOWNLOAD
dumpstream(sfnet) dumpstream dumpstream is a graphical user interface (gui) ... DOWNLOAD
propulsion(freshmeat) Propulsion Propulsion is a JavaScript game development fra... DOWNLOAD
sqlaliasname(sfnet) SQL Alias Name Console Utility to create sql client for remote... DOWNLOAD
xuvtools(freshmeat) XuvTools XuvTools (pronounced “ex-you-vee-tools”) is ful... DOWNLOAD
js-cache(freshmeat) JSCache JSCache allows you to cache objects (such as AJ... DOWNLOAD
mru_manager(freshmeat) mru_manager mru_manager is a PHP module to access the most ... DOWNLOAD
winnow-content-recommendation-(freshmeat) Winnow Winnow efficiently trains and operates any numb... DOWNLOAD
aroyer-watch(sfnet) Watch Watch is an application that allows the control... DOWNLOAD
sdbuy(sfnet) SD-Buy SD-Buy is a framework made for building an appl... DOWNLOAD
phpqbiifviewer(sfnet) PHP QuickBooks IIF Viewer/Converter A QuickBooks IIF file viewer and format convert... DOWNLOAD
hydra3d(sfnet) Hydra3D Hydra3D is a 3-dimensional XML visualization an... DOWNLOAD
html-dnd-4ed(sfnet) d20 4th Edition Character Sheet Simple, printable, HTML rendition of a Dungeons... DOWNLOAD
sleipnir(sfnet) Sleipnir A remote administration tool. DOWNLOAD
yield(sfnet) yield The Yield project page has moved to Google Code... DOWNLOAD
logisphere(sfnet) logisphere Library of Plone Products (version 2.5 and late... DOWNLOAD
hwircsearch(sfnet) IRC Search Web-Service IRC Search - unicue web-service for create mysq... DOWNLOAD
jadvancedwars(sfnet) JAdvanced Wars A turn based strategy game influenced by Advanc... DOWNLOAD
wiwwutexstyles(sfnet) wiwwu LaTeX styles wiwwu LaTeX styles is a collection of LaTeX cla... DOWNLOAD
ditto(sfnet) Ditto A generic object-oriented C++ framework for in-... DOWNLOAD
netpetcms(sfnet) Netpet-CMS Netpet-CMS stands for easy-going application an... DOWNLOAD

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