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nowina-flex(sfnet) Nowina Flex A toolkit that ease the development of Flex Pur... DOWNLOAD
ffileorganiser(sfnet) FileOrganiser, File manager Developed to replace Explorer, a file manager a... DOWNLOAD
qjae-gps(sfnet) qjae-gps This is a dummy implementation of the com.qualc... DOWNLOAD
hunkyfonts(sfnet) Hunky Fonts Free Unicode TrueType fonts for Baltic, Central... DOWNLOAD
nxmlserializer(sfnet) NXmlSerializer XML serializer for .Net objects. Serializes obj... DOWNLOAD
apptoy(sfnet) Apptoy With Apptoy you may design Java GUIs as easy as... DOWNLOAD
vesper(sfnet) Virtual Embraced Space ProbER vesper(Virtual Embraced Space ProbER) offers fr... DOWNLOAD
sfss(sfnet) Secure File Sharing System SFSS is simple, PHP-based file sharing system. ... DOWNLOAD
netradios(sfnet) NetRadios Group a lot of Web Radio (html) in a single min... DOWNLOAD
winscreener(sfnet) WinScreener WinScreener - it is a simple utility, that take... DOWNLOAD
mylivescripts(sfnet) myLiveScripts A set of scripts based on Perl that allows you ... DOWNLOAD
pythononshell(sfnet) Myspace on Shell Get information about your myspace friends on a... DOWNLOAD
tokstamonitor(sfnet) toksta Server Monitoring toksta Server Monitoring is a web-basend fronte... DOWNLOAD
commsniffer(sfnet) CommSniffer This CommSniffer is an application developed in... DOWNLOAD
activedirectory(sfnet) Active Directory Tool, Version 1.2 Active Directory Users and Computers search tool. DOWNLOAD
openfluid(sfnet) OpenFLUID OpenFLUID is a software platform for modelling ...
pygnutella(sfnet) pygnutella pyGnutella is a Python library for developing G... DOWNLOAD
verve-agents(sfnet) Verve: General Purpose Agents General purpose agents using reinforcement lear... DOWNLOAD
nlso-address(sfnet) NLSO-ADDRESS, Global Address Database An address & contact manager designed to us... DOWNLOAD
netprovisioning(sfnet) NetProvisioning NetProvisioning - A multithreaded, platform ind... DOWNLOAD
rdpmanager(sfnet) RDPManager RDPManager is a configurable menu that sits in ... DOWNLOAD
rme(sfnet) Remere's Map Editor An Open-Source map editor coded in C++ to be us... DOWNLOAD
chillifire(sfnet) Chillifire Hotspot Firmware Chillifire is a turn-key hotspot solution. User... DOWNLOAD
colorcopy(sfnet) ColorCopy ColorCopy is a small tool to give you access to... DOWNLOAD
boltfactory(sfnet) Bolt Factory Bolt Factory is a Python script for Blender 3D.... DOWNLOAD
plcslib(sfnet) PLCSlib PLCSlib -- the new repository of information ab... DOWNLOAD
xenoncms(sfnet) Xenon Xenon is Advanced Content Management System. Xe... DOWNLOAD
smarttag(sfnet) SmartTag Automatically fix mp3 tags in music files. Cur... DOWNLOAD
etutor(sfnet) e-Tutor Online Course Management Tools e-Tutor is an open source tool that can be used... DOWNLOAD
javaopenpgpcard(sfnet) Java OpenPGP Card Driver A pure java library to operate on OpenPGP cards... DOWNLOAD
phpfeedcreator(sfnet) phpFeedCreator phpFeedCreator is a free library for PHP. With ... DOWNLOAD
curves(sfnet) Curve API (CAPI) Implementation of various mathematical curves t... DOWNLOAD
phpsermon(sfnet) PHPSermon An Audio Sermon Content Management System based... DOWNLOAD
moop(sfnet) Moop Moop (Mud, Object-Oriented, Pythonic) is a MOO ... DOWNLOAD
r31431(sfnet) Genetic sequence binary grouping routine This package enables mRNA scan number array V3 ... DOWNLOAD
framefire(sfnet) FrameFire Framefire is a distributed network render syste... DOWNLOAD
pl0-compiler(sfnet) PL0-Compiler Visualization of compiler steps with the langua... DOWNLOAD
jones(sfnet) Haimke: Staying Alive This is an Israeli parody remake of "Jones... DOWNLOAD
npresent(sfnet) NPresent NPresent is a simple tool to allow test-driven ... DOWNLOAD
hsdomainmanager(sfnet) HS Domain Manager This is a domain manager based on DevNOC Brain ... DOWNLOAD
odbcquerytool(sfnet) ODBC QueryTool Open ODBC Querytool. Query tool that specialize... DOWNLOAD
pybettererror(sfnet) Python standard Error optimisation. This module goal is to make the debugging tool ... DOWNLOAD
bangbrick(sfnet) !Brick This is a brick breaker game. DOWNLOAD
qtigmaps(sfnet) Editor IMS QTI & GoogleMaps With this editor you can create IMS QTI items w... DOWNLOAD
sap-pooled-table-viewer(freshmeat) SAP Pooled Table Viewer SAP has three different types of tables: Poole... DOWNLOAD
docasu(sfnet) DoCASU - Alfresco Custom User Interface With DoCASU, Alfresco users have a simplified a... DOWNLOAD
littlephpproxy(sfnet) Little PHP Proxy This class can be used to browse remote Web sit... DOWNLOAD
jaro(sfnet) JAro JAro is an open source Java Toolkit for declara... DOWNLOAD
simplegpqalc(sfnet) Simple GP Qalc A simple app to calculate Grade Points. Can sav... DOWNLOAD
seedcore(sfnet) Nucleus V2 Powerfull media interface software. Image thumb... DOWNLOAD
htpl(sfnet) HTPL - PHP 5 HTML Template System HTPL is a PHP 5 HTML template system with the f... DOWNLOAD
cretan-hubris(freshmeat) Cretan Hubris Cretan Hubris is an infinite maze escape game s... DOWNLOAD
winvn-jp-kinoko(sfnet) winvn-jp-kinoko WinVN UnOfficial Release (Japanese Language Ver... DOWNLOAD
extendedutils(sfnet) ExtendedUtils "extendedutils" package,which is an e... DOWNLOAD
clashbattle(sfnet) ClashBattle A platform fighting game engine, quite similar ... DOWNLOAD
gamepyforce(sfnet) Game_PyForce PyForce is a Shoot'em up game programmed in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
swet(sfnet) swet: sustained workload efficiency test swet (sustained workload & efficiency test)... DOWNLOAD
libao-sharp(sfnet) libao# .NET / Mono bindings for libao, a cross platfor... DOWNLOAD
minervan(sfnet) Minervan The Minervan project aims at aiding intelligent... DOWNLOAD
porteranalyzluc(sfnet) PorterAnalyzer for Lucene PorterAnalyzer employs a set of filters includi... DOWNLOAD
gammaleon(sfnet) Gammaleon VR 3D Engine A High Performance 3D engine and Game engine, s... DOWNLOAD
okai(sfnet) Open Kaillera Open Kaillera is an open-source server and clie... DOWNLOAD
unilivre(sfnet) Unilivre Unilivre is the Free University. Is not really ... DOWNLOAD
serval(sfnet) serval: an internet software VLAN switch SERVAL: An Erlang client/server software to emu... DOWNLOAD
psplant(sfnet) PSPlant PSPlant is a Lightwave preset manager that inte... DOWNLOAD
vgplogbook(sfnet) LogBook Carnet de vol lié à l'altivario VGP2010/2011 de... DOWNLOAD
patchcatcher(sfnet) PatchCatcher PatchCatcher uses suffix arrays to detect commo... DOWNLOAD
xgisserver(sfnet) xgisserver XGISServer is the server software for XGIS proj... DOWNLOAD
monitorserver(sfnet) Server Monitor Server monitor is a java based application that... DOWNLOAD
rdf-docman(sfnet) RDF Document Manager RDF-DocMan is a document manager based on a Ses... DOWNLOAD
mtmintkit(sfnet) mtMintKit mtMintKit is a GUI toolkit for SDL programs. DOWNLOAD
rawca(sfnet) Chromatic Aberration from Camera Raw RawCA calculates lens chromatic aberration from... DOWNLOAD
chomoko(sfnet) Chomoko - Message Queue Library Chomoko is a simple, light-weight, intuitive me... DOWNLOAD
wirn(sfnet) WIRN Professional stored program control. It is opti... DOWNLOAD
starid(sfnet) StarID Star Identification from star position measurem... DOWNLOAD
rims(sfnet) Rolemaster Individual Monster Sheet Rolemaster Individual Monster Sheet -- Java pro... DOWNLOAD
uthash(sfnet) uthash This is a hash table, implemented in C, support... DOWNLOAD
rptools(sfnet) Role Playing Tools Role Playing Tools for traditional role playing... DOWNLOAD
quantlib(sfnet) QuantLib A quantitative finance C++ library for modeling... DOWNLOAD
porqual(sfnet) porQual Porqual is a website generator that manages doc... DOWNLOAD
pybuilder(sfnet) PyBuilder for compiling with py2exe PyBuilder is a Build Tool for compiling python ... DOWNLOAD
squidfire(sfnet) SquidFire SquidFire is a PHP script to search Squid logs ... DOWNLOAD
xgisclient(sfnet) xgisclient XGISClient is the client software for XGIS project DOWNLOAD
netpool(sfnet) netpool A web interface to manage ip pools. It allow yo... DOWNLOAD
enixdev(sfnet) ENiX ENiX is an attempt to create strong artificial ... DOWNLOAD
gmr(sfnet) Grammar of Missale Romanum 1962 Latin-to-English translation of the Traditional... DOWNLOAD
shopmodforphpbb(sfnet) Shop Mod for phpbb3 This project seeks to create a mod for phpbb3 t... DOWNLOAD
laughoutloud(sfnet) laugh out loud laugh out loud is a database driven joke websit... DOWNLOAD
ada-c-scope(sfnet) ADA-C-Scope New FirmWare for the ADA-C module of the c't-La... DOWNLOAD
simpleforumdev(sfnet) Simple Forum Simple Forum is forum made by me from zero. I s... DOWNLOAD
netarcomponents(sfnet) NetAr .NET Web Components This project is aiming to create a set of reusa... DOWNLOAD
policyd(sfnet) policyd Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for p... DOWNLOAD
vsxgen(sfnet) Visual Studio XGen This Visual Studio add-in aims to give the deve... DOWNLOAD
lpscoreboard(sfnet) Lifepoints Scoreboard This Scoreboard is for the yugioh tcg players t... DOWNLOAD
fedlibrary(sfnet) FEDLibrary FEDLibrary a portable c++ library for common us... DOWNLOAD
defuse(sfnet) deFuse deFuse is a software package for gene fusion di... DOWNLOAD
genbuf(sfnet) Generic Buffer General line based buffer with backlog written ... DOWNLOAD
phpxcms(sfnet) PHPX PHPX is a web portal system, blog, Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
akula(sfnet) akula C++ lightweight network framework that allows b... DOWNLOAD
phios(sfnet) PhiOS PhiOS is a 1.44MB ! live operating system with ... DOWNLOAD

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