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plasmidb(sfnet) plasmidb "Plasmidb" is a database management s... DOWNLOAD
comic-dloader(sfnet) PHP Comic Downloader This is a php based comic down loader. Basicall... DOWNLOAD
pymetrics(sfnet) PyMetrics PyMetrics produces metrics for Python programs.... DOWNLOAD
rote8(sfnet) ROTE9 A mini text editor that can be used in Microsof... DOWNLOAD
atomnet(sfnet) Atom.NET Atom.NET is an open source library entirely dev... DOWNLOAD
epblog(sfnet) Easy Perl Blog Pretty geeky blog written in perl DOWNLOAD
eeecommunity(sfnet) Eee Community This is an open-source project for ASUS Eee PC ... DOWNLOAD
phyzle(sfnet) Phyzle Phyzle is an open source 3D puzzle game using p... DOWNLOAD
fmsm(sfnet) fmsm fmsm is a storage manager that displays all the... DOWNLOAD
phpeasycaptcha(sfnet) PHP Easy Captcha A PHP class for Captcha's from images of famous... DOWNLOAD
princessoftime(sfnet) princessoftime Princess of Time is an Action RPG game, actuall... DOWNLOAD
philman(sfnet) Philman A film DVD collection manager, written in Java.... DOWNLOAD
dotnetdccl(sfnet) A database client cache library, now support SQ... DOWNLOAD
internetspeedem(sfnet) Internet Speed Emulator This is a simple Java application which can be ... DOWNLOAD
hokuyotoolbox(sfnet) Hokuyo Toolbox This is an C++ and Matlab interface driver for ... DOWNLOAD
lucuslms(sfnet) Lucus Learning Management System con sistema de segui... DOWNLOAD
lc-calendar(sfnet) Lightweight club calendar A very lean but very flexible, designable and e... DOWNLOAD
gjava(sfnet) G-Creator G-Creator is an open-source easy game/software ... DOWNLOAD
platformgamemkr(sfnet) Platform Game Maker This is an application that will allow a person... DOWNLOAD
jde(sfnet) jde-robot JDE (Dynamic Schema Hierarchy) is a software de... DOWNLOAD
smugmugsh(sfnet) POSIX shell script able to synchronize your loc... DOWNLOAD
sfvdotnet(sfnet) is a sfv (Simple File Verificator) file... DOWNLOAD
failoverbackup(sfnet) Server Failover Backup Software Fail-Over Server Backup for Windows. Very custo... DOWNLOAD
reportchunker(sfnet) Report Chunker The application allows the online pdf report ge... DOWNLOAD
accompiler(sfnet) ACC David Ashley's C compiler has now been GPL'd. ... DOWNLOAD
fmslogo(sfnet) FMSLogo A Logo programming environment for Microsoft Wi... DOWNLOAD
codecrawler(sfnet) CodeCrawler CodeCrawler will make searching source code as ... DOWNLOAD
atla(sfnet) Atlantida Multilingual Dictionary Atlantida is an open source multilingual dictio... DOWNLOAD
stereo(sfnet) Stereo photo metrology A software assistant for manual stereo photo me... DOWNLOAD
registrywalker(sfnet) RegistryWalker A program designed to walk the Windows registry... DOWNLOAD
obliquid(sfnet) obliquid Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building gr... DOWNLOAD
fortunes-ru-ct(sfnet) fortunes-ru-computer-talks fortunes-ru-computer-talks is a set of russian ... DOWNLOAD
accmanagement(sfnet) Account Management System This project is aimed to create , manage and st... DOWNLOAD
patsimpletools(sfnet) Simple Tools Currency converter (dollars to Euros) and Tempe... DOWNLOAD
bane-trivia(sfnet) BaNe's trivia This is a trivia application for which you can ... DOWNLOAD
eightqueens(sfnet) EightQueens EightQueens is a simple chess puzzle written in... DOWNLOAD
lmy(sfnet) Lower Mars Image Format and Tools (LMY) LMY image codec and tools for small, 16-bit (or... DOWNLOAD
m3manager(sfnet) M3 Simply Manager If you have an M3 DS Simply and are confused by... DOWNLOAD
fredserver(sfnet) Fred Server FredServer is the server component for the Fred... DOWNLOAD
config4j(sfnet) Config4J - A Configuration Framework Configuration is like logging a crosscutting co... DOWNLOAD
permulcalendar(sfnet) permulcalendar This program is aimed to be an easily usable Ja... DOWNLOAD
beastcalc(sfnet) BeastCalc BeastCalc is portable, cross-platform graphing ... DOWNLOAD
xpdiplomacy(sfnet) xpDiplomacy a diplomacy game implementation over java You c... DOWNLOAD
mimosaeaiwebser(sfnet) MIMOSA EAI Web Service API A C# API for communicating with the Machinery I... DOWNLOAD
informvs(sfnet) InformVisualStudio Отображение сообщений в окне "Error List&q... DOWNLOAD
chesspresso(sfnet) Chesspresso Chesspresso is a chess library entirely written... DOWNLOAD
dbdesignexcel(sfnet) Database Design in Excel Oracle database can be design in excel. This sm... DOWNLOAD
pyreal(sfnet) Pyreal The Pyreal project is dedicated to enhancing th...
axle(sfnet) Axle. Set web in motion! AXLE is an experimental CMF engine which extend... DOWNLOAD
antiplag(sfnet) CopyTracker CopyTracker is a plagiarism detection software. DOWNLOAD
humanauth(sfnet) HumanAuth GigoIt’s HumanAuth supports ADA and Section 508... DOWNLOAD
wmdaysago(sfnet) wmdaysago WMDaysAgo is a window maker dock app, that show... DOWNLOAD
steganopic(sfnet) Steganopic Steganopic is a steganography program that hide... DOWNLOAD
fusionprofiler(sfnet) FUSION Profiler (Semantic Web Services) FUSION Profiler is a tool for annotating and ex... DOWNLOAD
hypertreestudio(sfnet) HyperTree Studio Developed in Java programming language, this so... DOWNLOAD
winhijacker(sfnet) Windows Hijacker Windows Hijacker is a tool for hijacking tcp co... DOWNLOAD
miniim(sfnet) MiniIM This is a Instant Messenger for mobile(j2me ena... DOWNLOAD
crmplayer(sfnet) CMPlayer A new non-DirectShow video player in C# for vie... DOWNLOAD
anomos(sfnet) anomos Anomos is an anonymous, encrypted multi-P2P fil... DOWNLOAD
phpbf(sfnet) phpBF PhpBF is a Smarty-based PHP5 Framework allowing... DOWNLOAD
mobile-tris(sfnet) Monster-Tris Falling blocks game clone, designed for J2ME de... DOWNLOAD
constant(sfnet) constant Constant is a web-based tool designed to assist... DOWNLOAD
loudatron(sfnet) Loudatron Loudatron is a JAVA implementation of loudness ... DOWNLOAD
msggenerator(sfnet) BizTalk Message Generator BizTalk and many other EAI tool need to test th... DOWNLOAD
punchcard-lg(sfnet) Punchcard Punchcard is a python script for rapid generati... DOWNLOAD
tcwphpalbum(sfnet) Photo Album This project was a PHP experiment in high schoo... DOWNLOAD
unipdleague(sfnet) unipdleague unipdleague is a website project to manage all ... DOWNLOAD
mymplayer(sfnet) mymplayer MyMplayer is a basic minimalistic gui for mplay... DOWNLOAD
jdefense(sfnet) jDefense Open source implementation of the classic Tower... DOWNLOAD
aktivate(sfnet) Aktivate E-commerce System Aktivate is an end-to-end e-commerce solution d... DOWNLOAD
tickerbox(sfnet) TickerBox TickerBox is a simple way to create a ticker wi... DOWNLOAD
pyproxy(sfnet) pyproxy pyproxy is a Proxy hunter and Tester a high-lev... DOWNLOAD
ntfs-ads(sfnet) NTFS-Streams: ADS manipulation tool Discover hidden files you never seen before! NT... DOWNLOAD
moddedmp3act(sfnet) Listen: Modded MP3act Web based music library (Mp3act 1.2:php,javascr... DOWNLOAD
scutum(sfnet) SCUTUM Proyecto de software de gestion documental (SGD... DOWNLOAD
xmlschematograp(sfnet) XML Schema to Graphviz A Java project producing graphs from XML Schema... DOWNLOAD
secretdoc(sfnet) SecretDoc This is a software that converts a text file in... DOWNLOAD
informproject(sfnet) The INFORM Project INFORM is an open source tool designed to assis... DOWNLOAD
wlhc(sfnet) W.H.C Workflow of Heterogeneous Computing. Our aim is... DOWNLOAD
jsonator(sfnet) Jsonator JSONator is a java based product that allows th... DOWNLOAD
chinook(sfnet) chinook, SVG export from powerpoint SVG export script for powerpoint. You create a ... DOWNLOAD
potatovm(sfnet) Potato Potato is a Squeak virtual machine completely w... DOWNLOAD
phpsubmit(sfnet) PHP Submit A PHP script that can be used for submitting we... DOWNLOAD
watchfs(sfnet) WatchFS The collection of the information about files a... DOWNLOAD
bolsites(sfnet) bol_sites bolsites is a powerful and speed optimized PHP5... DOWNLOAD
hun(sfnet) In Hungarian - magyarul Hungarian translations - magyar fordítások Ezen... DOWNLOAD
druidedb(sfnet) druidedb DruideDB is an embedded database (based on Obje... DOWNLOAD
pspoffline(sfnet) PSPOffline Portal PSP Offline or Off_ for short is an offline web... DOWNLOAD
medio(sfnet) Mediocrity Mediocrity (MEDIa Organized Content ReposITorY)... DOWNLOAD
anikos(sfnet) AnikOS AnikOS now is an effort to build a secure and u... DOWNLOAD
nocheating(sfnet) NoCheating Este script foi especialmente desenvolvido para... DOWNLOAD
falke(sfnet) Falke Falke is a pure Java web communication layer th... DOWNLOAD
svnauthzctl(sfnet) svnauthzctl Small utility for managing access rules to Subv... DOWNLOAD
phptoexcelanddo(sfnet) PHP to Excel and Doc Generator This is Example that Generate MYSQL Database to... DOWNLOAD
pyutil(sfnet) pyutil pyutil is a ... DOWNLOAD
oig(sfnet) OIG - Our Isometric Game Currently this project can be used as a tutoria... DOWNLOAD
libbase32(sfnet) libbase32 libbase32... DOWNLOAD
blokz(sfnet) blokz Simple PHP5/SQLite CMS w/Features defined as bl... DOWNLOAD
cslagen(sfnet) CSLA Generator CSLA Generator generates classes based on the C... DOWNLOAD
firestartergame(sfnet) Firestarter Content Delivery System Firestarter cross platform content delivery sys... DOWNLOAD

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