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vtkextend(sfnet) vtkextend it is an extension of Vis... DOWNLOAD
websitecapture(sfnet) WebsiteCapture This application enables users to capture whole... DOWNLOAD
mazrim(sfnet) Mazrim Application that allows Israeli's users to watc... DOWNLOAD
addsoft01(sfnet) addsoft addsof01 se trata de un complemento web para in... DOWNLOAD
adntoprotein(sfnet) DNA To Protein simulator DNA to Protein simulate a randomly generated DN... DOWNLOAD
pysclint(sfnet) pysclint Repository of python interfaces to major scient... DOWNLOAD
fftplay(sfnet) fftplay A Flash 9 MP3 player that allows a user to play... DOWNLOAD
autoppp(sfnet) Auto PPP Automatic PPPoE connection Management script DOWNLOAD
gaptsearch(sfnet) Gaptsearch Gaptsearch is a gtk program that displays the o... DOWNLOAD
freejsx(sfnet) freeJSX Free Java Serialization to XML (freeJSX) allows... DOWNLOAD
freeframe(sfnet) FreeFrame Open Video Plugin System FreeFrame is the open-source cross-platform rea... DOWNLOAD
ragui(sfnet) RAGUI RAGUI is a Ruby on Rails based package for mana... DOWNLOAD
lab3d(sfnet) 3D Cursed Labyrinth A console based 3D Labyrinth game DOWNLOAD
myquery(sfnet) MyQuery MyQuery is a Windows GUI program, developed und... DOWNLOAD
mkgal(sfnet) mkgal Simple script that creates an HTML index based ... DOWNLOAD
jabberjig(sfnet) jig jig is a console based jabber client. The UI is... DOWNLOAD
svdetect(sfnet) SVDetect A tool to identify genomic structural variation... DOWNLOAD
id3v2-chap-tool(sfnet) ID3v2 Chapter Tool ID3v2ChapterTool allows authors to signal the s... DOWNLOAD
nop-commerce(sfnet) nopCommerce nopCommerce is the Open Source online shop e-co... DOWNLOAD
vunix(sfnet) Spacer Spacer is an Open-Source 2D Spaceshooter. The G... DOWNLOAD
gpd(sfnet) Game Patch Distributor GamePatchDistributor is designed as a convenien... DOWNLOAD
clearsite(sfnet) Network Managment / Inventory System PHP front end to RRDTool, networking inventory ... DOWNLOAD
uhevents(sfnet) uhevents UHEvents is an event management system componen... DOWNLOAD
complexclass(sfnet) Complex Number Class A complex number class to deal with complex num... DOWNLOAD
wolfsim(sfnet) WOLFSIM: Wideband Optical FDTD Simulator WOLFSIM is a Finite-Difference Time-Domain elec... DOWNLOAD
gis-manager(sfnet) GIS Metadata Manager The GIS Metadata Manager is a simple Java-based... DOWNLOAD
gastona(sfnet) gastona Pocket Application Maker. Combination of a rapi... DOWNLOAD
cinefx(sfnet) cinefx The cinefx project covers a group of open sourc... DOWNLOAD
reactiveplot(sfnet) reactiveplot The Reactive Plot Library runs interactive bran... DOWNLOAD
acpiclient(sfnet) acpiclient Attempts to replicate the functionality of the ... DOWNLOAD
pcnanny(sfnet) pcNanny pcNanny looks after young children when they us... DOWNLOAD
fireworksscreen(sfnet) Fireworks Screen Saver This screen saver displays virtual fireworks on... DOWNLOAD
uptimegod(sfnet) Uptime god API This is a set of API`s to access your websites ... DOWNLOAD
xsform(sfnet) xsForm xsForm is an open source package to quickly cre... DOWNLOAD
gashash(sfnet) Gashash Email addresses collector from websites or text... DOWNLOAD
adobewavecf(sfnet) Adobe Wave CF This is a coldfusion component to ease the use ... DOWNLOAD
cjb(sfnet) Core Java Beans Core Java Beans provides functionality needed b... DOWNLOAD
odf-converter(sfnet) OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in for Office The goal for this project is to provide transla... DOWNLOAD
dataminer(sfnet) dataMiner dataMiner is a set of PHP classes used to brows... DOWNLOAD
surveillance(sfnet) Easy Video Surveillance A software for video surveillance that can mana... DOWNLOAD
generalextended(sfnet) General Extended Least Square Algorithm another extended algorithm for least square met... DOWNLOAD
jscript(sfnet) JScript JScript is Java Interpreter that parse and exec... DOWNLOAD
awaker(sfnet) Awaker Awaker is a PSP and PC game , it'a sort of race... DOWNLOAD
plex86(sfnet) Plex86 - An x86 Virtual Machine Plex86 is an OSS virtual machine project for x8... DOWNLOAD
wistinga(sfnet) Wistinga Various tools for MS Windows. Hide and show you... DOWNLOAD
yamlbeans(sfnet) yamlbeans YamlBeans makes it easy to serialize and deseri... DOWNLOAD
infoteam(sfnet) Infoteam It is a plugin which give some infos on the Tea... DOWNLOAD
bettingforever(sfnet) Betting Forever It's a plugin for Aseco (program for Trackmania... DOWNLOAD
amoc(sfnet) ScaMon clients scAMOn Clients: Open Source clients of the Scal... DOWNLOAD
kcomic(sfnet) KComic A cross platform comic book and image viewer. I... DOWNLOAD
spu-medialib(sfnet) spu-medialib A collection of spu programs to accelerate medi... DOWNLOAD
model-tags(sfnet) model_tags extension to Radiant CMS Radiant CMS extension: "model_tags". ... DOWNLOAD
akarmi(sfnet) Akarmi Template based C++ library to connect signal/me... DOWNLOAD
shellraptor(sfnet) ShellRaptor: Command Line SQL Utility Simple java based command line SQL editor. Will... DOWNLOAD
octnnettb(sfnet) Octave's neural network package A neural network package for Octave! Goal is to... DOWNLOAD
vispatch(sfnet) VisPatch VisPatch is a tool for patching quake maps for ... DOWNLOAD
amobagame(sfnet) amoba [AmObA] is a freeware, as of 2008 open source g... DOWNLOAD
athenacl(sfnet) athenaCL The athenaCL system is a cross-platform, open-s... DOWNLOAD
koha-oc(sfnet) Koha Offline Circulation Offline circulation utility for the Koha ILS DOWNLOAD
mysmartbb(sfnet) MySmartBB MySmartBB is an open source bulletin board syst... DOWNLOAD
assh(sfnet) Assh Assh (Anonymous Secure SHell) establishes an an... DOWNLOAD
tacppd(sfnet) tacacs++ server daemon Network management and control with AAA (tacacs... DOWNLOAD
docdb-v(sfnet) DocDB DocDB is a powerful and flexible collaborative ... DOWNLOAD
glucozaurus(sfnet) GlucoZaurus Diabetes Managment Tool GlucoZaurus is a tool for the Sharp Zaurus (Emb... DOWNLOAD
vilistextum(sfnet) Vilistextum Vilistextum is a small and fast HTML to text co... DOWNLOAD
networks-tb(sfnet) networks.tb networks.tb is a suite designed for analyzing s... DOWNLOAD
springbots(sfnet) Springbots, Genetic Algorithm Springbots is a python application which takes ... DOWNLOAD
antlrv3ide(sfnet) ANTLR IDE An eclipse plugin for ANTLRv3 grammars. Support... DOWNLOAD
propertymapper(sfnet) Property Mapper (moved) Moved to DOWNLOAD
quizbot(sfnet) Quizbot It's a Quizbot like Quizbot on IRC... He gives ... DOWNLOAD
pythonbots(sfnet) PythonBots Pythonbots is a programming contest where progr... DOWNLOAD
simple404(sfnet) Simple404 Provides multi-language 404 error page and can ... DOWNLOAD
hshrex(sfnet) HShreX - Hybrid Shredding of XML HShreX addresses hybrid storage of XML, combini... DOWNLOAD
wutbeta(sfnet) Web Uploader Tool HTTP Web Uploader Tool - a tool designed as an ... DOWNLOAD
j1394cam(sfnet) J1394Cam Java API for FireWire-cameras (IEEE-1394 DC) on... DOWNLOAD
jgrass(sfnet) jgrass The jgrass project has been moved to http://www... DOWNLOAD
cadditives(sfnet) CADditives CADdatives aims to develop opensource additions... DOWNLOAD
hublist(sfnet) Best HUBList - DC++ HUB Management Best HUBList is a DC++ hubs management system t... DOWNLOAD
furbot(sfnet) Furbot A framework to facilitate the learning of compu... DOWNLOAD
novatk(sfnet) NovaTK NovaTK is an object-oriented, cross-platform GU... DOWNLOAD
hq-ms(sfnet) HQ Manager System included HQ FrameWork New Hight Quality FrameWork and Manager System ... DOWNLOAD
autopost(sfnet) Auto post Auto post to your wordpress blog, set the keywo... DOWNLOAD
intelispider(sfnet) InteliSpider Extendable and flexible e-Discovery tool design... DOWNLOAD
pylaunchy(sfnet) pylaunchy pylaunchy is an extension to Launchy's (www.lau... DOWNLOAD
sonylaptoptools(sfnet) Sony laptop tools Many tricks with Sony Vaio multimedia keys/brig... DOWNLOAD
montecarloprj(sfnet) Monte Carlo Analysis for MS Project Monte Carlo analysis is an enhancement to CPM a... DOWNLOAD
messiahtron(sfnet) Messiahtron An emulator and toolchain for an virtualised vi... DOWNLOAD
pearhtmldojo(sfnet) PEAR::HTML_Dojo The purpose of this project is to provide metho... DOWNLOAD
swcbe(sfnet) swcbe An implementation of the smith-waterman algorit... DOWNLOAD
trayplay(sfnet) systray player Systray player is a simple audio player for lin... DOWNLOAD
networkshutdown(sfnet) Network Shutdown script Creator This is a simple program which will connect to ... DOWNLOAD
simtechdiags(sfnet) Simtech Diagnostics SIMTECH Diagnostics is a tool used to easily an... DOWNLOAD
k7103(sfnet) K7103 PC DSO Console Console for the PC DSO kit K7103 from Velleman. DOWNLOAD
nc-framework(sfnet) Natural Computing Framework Natural Computing Framework developed in Object... DOWNLOAD
mathpro(sfnet) MathPro MathPro is a math program capable of performing... DOWNLOAD
judelib(sfnet) Jude JavaScript Library compact, extendable JavaScript library for IE5+... DOWNLOAD
foodsoft(sfnet) Foodsoft Web-based software to manage a non-profit food ... DOWNLOAD
lxsplit(sfnet) lxSplit lxSplit is a tool for splitting files and joini... DOWNLOAD
mtcca(sfnet) MTCCA Monitoring and Tracking Children’s Computer Act... DOWNLOAD
kudos(sfnet) Kudos An Employee is given points at the beginning of... DOWNLOAD

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