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botanicalvis(sfnet) BotanicalVis BotanicalVis is a tool to visualize huge hierar... DOWNLOAD
reports(sfnet) RTK::Report ToolKit RTK is a program devoloped in C to generate rep... DOWNLOAD
itsjaylinphotos(sfnet) Photos DOWNLOAD
barbecue(sfnet) Barbecue - Java barcode generator Barbecue is a Java library that enables the cre... DOWNLOAD
bugle(sfnet) BuGLe BuGLe combines a graphical OpenGL debugger with... DOWNLOAD
libbit(sfnet) bit bit is a C++ library for run-time manipulation ... DOWNLOAD
eipen(sfnet) eipen Eipen is a framework which manages an array of ... DOWNLOAD
secse(sfnet) SeCSE SeCSE - Service-centric systems engineering, a ... DOWNLOAD
pinoyphpmail(sfnet) PinoyPHP Mail WebMail Client PinoyPHP Mail is a PHP Webmail E-mail Client wh... DOWNLOAD
dcprod(sfnet) Direct Connect Pro Direct Connect Pro is a multiplexing, multithre... DOWNLOAD
lainshell(sfnet) LainShell LainShell is a textmode network client/server a... DOWNLOAD
wxmp3val(sfnet) wxMP3val wxMP3val is a free front-end for the MP3val. ... DOWNLOAD
wiitcpload(sfnet) WiiTCPLoad WiiTCPLoad let you easily make a connection wit... DOWNLOAD
simple3195(sfnet) Simple3195 A simple implementation of "RFC3195 - Reli... DOWNLOAD
gp3(sfnet) Google Mp3 Searcher (Mac) Just an program for the basic google mp3 search... DOWNLOAD
pk2cmdgui(sfnet) gui4pk2cmd A simple GUI frontend for the Microchip pk2cmd ... DOWNLOAD
astro-raw(sfnet) AstroRaw Astro-raw performs standard astro-image process... DOWNLOAD
bear(sfnet) Bear A tool for studying Bers slices and complex pro... DOWNLOAD
chronosxp(sfnet) ChronosXP ChronosXP is a planetary hours astrology progra... DOWNLOAD
matos(sfnet) MatOS MatOS - DOS Front End. DOWNLOAD
ksar(sfnet) ksar : a sar grapher ksar is a sar graphing tool that can graph for ... DOWNLOAD
subrscene(sfnet) SubrScene SubrScene is an open source visualization toolk... DOWNLOAD
autonomaftp(sfnet) AutonomaFTP AutonomaFTP is a handy tool for website develop... DOWNLOAD
coppermineplus(sfnet) Coppermine Photo Gallery - PLUS Coppermine Photo Gallery - PLUS is an extended ... DOWNLOAD
rezeditor(sfnet) rezeditor RezEditor is a plugin editor for the game Escap... DOWNLOAD
mtsusolarboat(sfnet) MTSU Solar Boat Interface This project is to build a GUI to interface wit... DOWNLOAD
fuzzyide(sfnet) FuzzyIDE The FuzzyIde is supposed to be an Integrated De... DOWNLOAD
floodassassin(sfnet) FloodAssassin A project to prevent spam and trackback-links i... DOWNLOAD
robotpoetry(sfnet) Robot Poetry The Poetry Robot will help you write poems, sug... DOWNLOAD
autonomix(sfnet) AutonomiX AutonomiX is a Custom Distribution based on Ubu... DOWNLOAD
datalg(sfnet) DataLG DataLG is a Data Access Layer (DAL) generator. ... DOWNLOAD
log4cpp(sfnet) Log library for C++ A library of C++ classes for flexible logging t... DOWNLOAD
validationjs(sfnet) ValidationJS A project to make "easy to use", clie... DOWNLOAD
guiss(sfnet) guiss GUI Skinning System for Windows Forms .Net proj... DOWNLOAD
loxim(sfnet) LoXiM LoXiM is an object oriented, semistructural DBM... DOWNLOAD
mp3musiclibrary(sfnet) MP3 Music Library Grouper Most people simply throw all of their music int... DOWNLOAD
vresco(sfnet) VRESCo The VRESCo project implements a SOA runtime bas... DOWNLOAD
snpratiotest(sfnet) SNP ratio test The SNP ratio test can assess significance of e... DOWNLOAD
xpose(sfnet) Xpose Xpose - an S/R based population PK/PD model bui... DOWNLOAD
jppfpov(sfnet) JppfPov My application is a Grid Computing application ... DOWNLOAD
comixviewer(sfnet) ComixViewer Eclipse Plugin Comix viewer is a simple eclipse plugin allowin... DOWNLOAD
sprite2d(sfnet) Sprite2d A Java framework for writing sprite based games... DOWNLOAD
pscafe(sfnet) PSCafePOS PS Cafe is a POS (Point of Sale) designed for a... DOWNLOAD
elefantpp(sfnet) Elefant password/posting manager C# application for storing usernames/passwords ... DOWNLOAD
thudgame(sfnet) ThudGame ThudGame is Terry Pratchett's boardgame. ThudGa... DOWNLOAD
elevenrig(sfnet) Eleven Second Club Rig Rig developed by the 11SecondClub community. DOWNLOAD
androidhindi(sfnet) Android Hindi Android users will be able to type in Hindi and... DOWNLOAD
prot3d(sfnet) prot3d prot3d is aimed to get three-dimensional foldin... DOWNLOAD
gltracer(sfnet) GLTracer Application to capture and trace the OpenGL cal... DOWNLOAD
alwerdalqurani(sfnet) Alwerd Alqurani Alwerd Alqurani (Quran) is Program to can be co... DOWNLOAD
pycodeanalyzer(sfnet) pycodeanalyzer Analyzes Cpp code for unused public functions, ... DOWNLOAD
lirc2keys(sfnet) Lirc2Keys Lirc2Keys is a simple application that listens ... DOWNLOAD
soft123(sfnet) soft123 Free open source software release. DOWNLOAD
electrobitals(sfnet) Electron Orbitals Application designed for visualizing various el... DOWNLOAD
roundcubespecia(sfnet) Roundcube Special Folders Plugin Special Folders Plugin is a plugin for the popu... DOWNLOAD
ipapers(sfnet) iPapers iPapers is an application that manages many PDF... DOWNLOAD
custom-phrase(sfnet) Custom Phrase An easy way to create and print your own cards ... DOWNLOAD
jacal(sfnet) JACAL The JACAL Project is a suite of programs, scrip... DOWNLOAD
facecart(sfnet) faceCart e-commerce AJAX shopping cart face cart is AJAX powered shopping cart present... DOWNLOAD
virt-dimension(sfnet) Virtual Dimension The project tries to create a free, fast and fe... DOWNLOAD
ngstatistics(sfnet) Newsgroup Statistics version 2 NGStatistics is an advanced newsgroup statistic... DOWNLOAD
portail-web-php(sfnet) Portail Web Php Portail Web Php is (CMS). DOWNLOAD
ajaxbber(sfnet) ajaxbber Ajaxbber is a web based jabber client, fully wr... DOWNLOAD
catacombae(sfnet) Catacombae This project serves as a collection of differen... DOWNLOAD
subweaver(sfnet) SubWeaver Dreamweaver extension to integrate SVN commands... DOWNLOAD
jlaps(sfnet) JLaps JLaps is free RC timing software. The software ... DOWNLOAD
chemsharp(sfnet) ChemSharp This project was inspired existing cheminformat... DOWNLOAD
sonivis(sfnet) sonivis SONIVIS:Tool aims at analysing social (virtual)... DOWNLOAD
libmythsharp(sfnet) libmythsharp A library written in C# that allows other .NET ... DOWNLOAD
pdoxml(sfnet) PdoXml PdoXml is an fast and easy to use PHP extension... DOWNLOAD
qjson(sfnet) QJson JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. ... DOWNLOAD
dbbackup(sfnet) MySql DbBackup Php Script will backup your local/remote MySql ... DOWNLOAD
coreserver(sfnet) C.O.R.E. server C.O.R.E. - Common Object Runtime Environment A... DOWNLOAD
rwhoissharp(sfnet) RWhois# This is an RWhois (RFC 2167) server daemon, wri... DOWNLOAD
clipperz(sfnet) Clipperz Community Edition ---- MOVED TO GITHUB! ---- Clipperz is a web ba... DOWNLOAD
nhabla-queue(sfnet) Nhabla-queue Nhabla-Queue: Is a Asterisk report system for i... DOWNLOAD
csx(sfnet) CSX Goal of our project CSX (City Stats X) is to pr... DOWNLOAD
libx1f4l0(sfnet) libx1f4l0 small collection of memory allocators, useful m... DOWNLOAD
retch(sfnet) rtch RTCH is a set of tools for organizing lisp RT t... DOWNLOAD
anyscreen(sfnet) anycreen The goal of anyscreen is to allow simple develo... DOWNLOAD
elementarygrade(sfnet) Elementary Grade Book This project will create a grade book for eleme... DOWNLOAD
jopendns(sfnet) JOpenDNS The project aims to develop an open-source Linu... DOWNLOAD
chinese-game(sfnet) Game of Halma (REW) French Project (Research Encadred Work)..... DOWNLOAD
crownandcutlass(sfnet) crownandcutlass Crown and Cutlass is a 3d pirate action/adventu... DOWNLOAD
raysdb(sfnet) Ray SDB Ray improves throughput when many concurrent qu... DOWNLOAD
ilksayfa(sfnet) ilksayfa ilksayfa display & download daily newspaper... DOWNLOAD
larkc(sfnet) Large Knowledge Collider This is the official collaborative development ... DOWNLOAD
matplot(sfnet) MatPlot MatPlot is a win32 program whose primary aim is... DOWNLOAD
sunfreewaredown(sfnet) Sunfreeware downloader Sunfreeware downloads made easy. It downloads ... DOWNLOAD
cain(sfnet) Cain Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simu... DOWNLOAD
craigslisttools(sfnet) craigslistTools a small collection of python 3000 scripts/modul... DOWNLOAD
rockolaweb20(sfnet) Rockola Web 2.0 Rockola Web 2.0 is a web application to emulate... DOWNLOAD
ddrrs(sfnet) Database Driven RoboCup Rescue Server Database Driven RoboCup Rescue Server is a vers... DOWNLOAD
acegisecurity(sfnet) Acegi Security System for Spring Spring Security (formerly Acegi Security) is no... DOWNLOAD
mems(sfnet) SUGAR Much like SPICE does for circuit designers, SUG... DOWNLOAD
locatieq(sfnet) locatieq a geolocation system base on handset, sharing w... DOWNLOAD
gould(sfnet) gould - GnOme Ultra Light Desktop gould is a package which complements light weig... DOWNLOAD
fix4net(sfnet) FIX4NET FIX4NET is a .NET Financial Information eXchang... DOWNLOAD
pypcb(sfnet) pyPCB PyPCB is a Python package for working with PCB ... DOWNLOAD
clocknet(sfnet) ClockNet An analog clock .net control for windows forms. DOWNLOAD

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