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crc-gen-verilog(sfnet) crc-gen-verilog-vhdl CRC Generator is a command-line application th... DOWNLOAD
chemaztech(sfnet) ChemAzTech ChemAzTech is a Web chemistry software (for Lin... DOWNLOAD
rsalib(sfnet) RSA Library An RSA library written in all languages allowin... DOWNLOAD
colourblindhack(sfnet) Colourblind Hacker This software allows you to change a colour in ... DOWNLOAD
php-mugbook(sfnet) PHP-Mugbook PHP-Mugbook is an online mugbook system, allowi... DOWNLOAD
cripesegr(sfnet) CRIPESegr Tools per la gestione dei volontari - Segreteri... DOWNLOAD
awanhala(sfnet) Awanhala Awanhala is one of custom made web CMS specific... DOWNLOAD
crocklauncher(sfnet) Crock_Launcher One of my first projects I've made and the firs... DOWNLOAD
tmaj(sfnet) tmaj TMAJ is software for Tissue MicroArrays (TMA's)... DOWNLOAD
vendasestoquedl(sfnet) VendasEstoqueDL Este é um programa para controle de vendas e es... DOWNLOAD
openslprodupd(sfnet) Open SL Product Update Server Open SL Product Server is a Perl 5 application ... DOWNLOAD
pspp4windows(sfnet) pspp4windows PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of s... DOWNLOAD
crfparser(sfnet) crfparser crfparser is a simple open source projective Ma... DOWNLOAD
zalcal(sfnet) Zalcal RL date to Zalanthan date conversions. Right n... DOWNLOAD
cron-backup(sfnet) Automated cron backup thru email Program to automate the backup of the MySQL dat... DOWNLOAD
donut(sfnet) DOnut DOnut's goal is to provide a framework for easi... DOWNLOAD
crossf(sfnet) CrossFire New Webbrowser by Merlight and Aionlight! DOWNLOAD
masterdrive(sfnet) NTI's MasterDrive Ever wish you could make a virtual hard drive o... DOWNLOAD
mayadqskinning(sfnet) Dual Quaternion Skinning Maya Plugin A Maya plugin implementing a smooth skinning no... DOWNLOAD
resourcerver(sfnet) Resourcerver - *nix Resource Server Application framework for modularizing *nix app... DOWNLOAD
astroarmadasf(sfnet) AstroArmadaSF A space shooter style game in the early stages. DOWNLOAD
thwomper(sfnet) Thwomper Thwomper is a fully interactive program for bab... DOWNLOAD
interstella(sfnet) Interstella A trading simulation game in an open, plugin-re... DOWNLOAD
ctrump(sfnet) CTRUMP C to C translator and utilities for Multicore P... DOWNLOAD
malibrary(sfnet) MA Library Software This is a basic substitute for expensive librar... DOWNLOAD
crisissim(sfnet) Agent-Based Crisis Management Agent-based simulation tool for crisis manageme... DOWNLOAD
embwidgets(sfnet) EmbWidgets widgets for ebedded devices DOWNLOAD
cronometro(sfnet) Cronometro Cronômetro que permite que você marque o tempo ... DOWNLOAD
comagmetafile(sfnet) Comag Meta File Reader Comag PVR 2/100CI HD Video Catalogue Tool - A v... DOWNLOAD
emailvalidator(sfnet) email Validator This is a PHP Class to validate an email addres... DOWNLOAD
forumhandler(sfnet) Forum Handler A Forum manipulation module that offer boards d... DOWNLOAD
sispread(sfnet) sispread sispread allows to simulate the dynamics of an ... DOWNLOAD
texonixdeluxe(sfnet) teXoniX deluXe Sexy game made in C++ ... Like other "alik... DOWNLOAD
astroalgorithms(sfnet) AstronomicalAlgorithms AstronomicalAlgorithms is a FREE portable ANSI ... DOWNLOAD
xrootconsole(sfnet) xrootconsole xrootconsole tails a file in a window on your X... DOWNLOAD
fusionregistry(sfnet) Fusion Registry GPL Fusion Registry (GPL) a completely dynamic, ext... DOWNLOAD
timerzeitschalt(sfnet) timerzeitschalt Timer wakes up the computer from the shut down ... DOWNLOAD
eduxcomp(sfnet) EduXcomp A sub-C cross compiler for EduMIPS64 simulator.... DOWNLOAD
loupe(sfnet) Bogor-PubSub Bogor-PubSub is a set of extensions to the Bogo... DOWNLOAD
bodybuilding(sfnet) BodyBuilding Stat Tracker Keep track of your weight and muscle building g... DOWNLOAD
fehashmac(sfnet) Generic Hash and HMAC Program Hash and HMAC command line tool for many hash a... DOWNLOAD
acmtoolsforvs(sfnet) ACM Tools for Visual Studio A Visual Studio Add-in to Make Training Easy. DOWNLOAD
surfacechat(sfnet) Surface Chat Surface Chat is a lightweight web Jabber client... DOWNLOAD
tfmsv3(sfnet) TFMSv3 Management software for Simming fleets who want... DOWNLOAD
mensa-widget(sfnet) mensa-widget OSX Widget, das den Speiseplan der Hochschulen ... DOWNLOAD
jsdice(sfnet) jsDice jsDice is a simple yet flexible dice roller for... DOWNLOAD
oswing(sfnet) OpenSwing OpenSwing is a components library that provides... DOWNLOAD
acopost(sfnet) ACOPOST - a collection of POS taggers Part-of-speech tagging is the task of assigning... DOWNLOAD
intchat(sfnet) Internal Chat (IntChat) Internal Chat is a corporate client-server chat... DOWNLOAD
lids(sfnet) Linux Intrusion Detection System The Linux Intrusion Detection System is a patch... DOWNLOAD
logharvester(sfnet) LogHarvester Multi-platform (.NET or Mono) tool kit for crea... DOWNLOAD
hegde1997(sfnet) Downloads DOWNLOAD
cliquezpourmoi(sfnet) Pnyx : des élections virtuelles! Pnyx est une application Web (PHP/MySQL) d'élec... DOWNLOAD
wwivlinker(sfnet) WWIVLinker WWIVLinker, allowed file list requests from nod... DOWNLOAD
dmapeditor(sfnet) 2D map editor This 2D Map/Game editor creates custom formated... DOWNLOAD
cropimagesservi(sfnet) CropImages Service This service will be available in Finder's Serv... DOWNLOAD
adressbooker(sfnet) Adressbook by AdiSoft DOWNLOAD
qcplusplus(sfnet) qcplusplus Quantum Mechanical Toolkit And 3D Viewer for C+... DOWNLOAD
crypter-text(sfnet) Crypter-Text Esta aplicación es un encriptador de texto cons... DOWNLOAD
berkeleyrvm(sfnet) BerkeleyRVM Berkeley RVM is a project at UC Berkeley on Rec... DOWNLOAD
sslogger(sfnet) sslogger Slogger is a session keystroke logging utility.... DOWNLOAD
xfemail(sfnet) Xataface Email Module A module for Xataface to add mailing list capab... DOWNLOAD
queryfilter(sfnet) JavaAdvancedQueryFilter The goal, is write less code to dynamics querie... DOWNLOAD
rokuganchargen(sfnet) RokuganGenerator.NET A Character Generator utility for the RPG named... DOWNLOAD
maplemix(sfnet) MapleMIX MapleMIX is an online partial evaluator for the... DOWNLOAD
quadgenius(sfnet) Quad Genius Pro Quad Genius Pro is an interactive java-based gr... DOWNLOAD
tracc(sfnet) tracc Traffic Accounting package for all IP traffic. ... DOWNLOAD
crimeanalyzer(sfnet) CrimeAnalyzer The application CrimeAnalyzer provides up-to-da... DOWNLOAD
ultrabasic(sfnet) UltraBasic Compiler UltraBasic is a QBasic compatible compiler, wri... DOWNLOAD
cryptopipe(sfnet) CryptoPipe Utility to encrypt files and streams. Features:... DOWNLOAD
crysis2graphics(sfnet) Crysis 2 Graphics Editor This my own version of a Crysis 2 advanced grap...
amine-platform(sfnet) AminePlatform Amine is a Multi-Layer Java Open Source Platfor... DOWNLOAD
rainbows(freshmeat) Rainbows! Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack app... DOWNLOAD
loqirc(sfnet) LoqIRC: Web-based IRC Client LoqIRC is a purely client-side web-based IRC cl... DOWNLOAD
khtmld(sfnet) khtmld A Daemon which takes control of automated scree... DOWNLOAD
crgui(sfnet) crVCL PHP Framework crVCL PHP Framework Based on PHP5 and Javascrip... DOWNLOAD
remotehelp(sfnet) Remote Help RemoteHelp is a minimal http server that allows... DOWNLOAD
musync(sfnet) Musync A command-line music organizer which sorts musi... DOWNLOAD
microgridmarket(sfnet) Microgrid Market Mircrogrid market is a proof-of-concept impleme... DOWNLOAD
reloudit(sfnet) ReLoudIt ReLoudIt is small utility intended for replacem... DOWNLOAD
freemind-mmx(sfnet) FreeMind WorldHello Extension Hacks on FreeMind: * UTF-8 support * Works be... DOWNLOAD
tgrsurnames(sfnet) TGRSurnames TGRSurnames is an utility to extract unique sur... DOWNLOAD
offsetfs(sfnet) offsetfs OffsetFS allows you to mount an arbitrary file ... DOWNLOAD
kxstitch(sfnet) KXStitch The KXStitch projects aim is to produce softwar... DOWNLOAD
cmpcs(sfnet) Kompiere Libero (Manufacturing) Kompiere Libero Manufacturing joined Adempiere ... DOWNLOAD
primrose(sfnet) Primrose A captivating tile-clearing puzzle game by awar... DOWNLOAD
perllinux(sfnet) PerlLinux A Linux distribution where all programs are wri... DOWNLOAD
shutdown(sfnet) Shutdown Monster Shutdown Monster is a utility that can make you... DOWNLOAD
cryptolibrary(sfnet) CryptoLibrary This is a JavaScript library which gives the ab... DOWNLOAD
dancer(sfnet) Dancer IRC defense bot, for all major IRC networks. No... DOWNLOAD
camfr(sfnet) CAMFR CAMFR (CAvity Modelling FRamework) is a fast, f... DOWNLOAD
taglib-winport(sfnet) taglib for windows Taglib Windows port of the "TagLib Audio M... DOWNLOAD
javamusicbrainz(sfnet) Java Musicbrainz Library A Java library for accessing the MusicBrainz me... DOWNLOAD
ihdtv(sfnet) iHDTV iHDTV - a tool for uncompressed high definition... DOWNLOAD
xulplayer(sfnet) XULPlayer XULPlayer is a media player built on Mozilla XU... DOWNLOAD
emuphone(sfnet) Smartphone Emulator Emuphone is a WIN32 smartphone emulator running... DOWNLOAD
qcdbaccess(sfnet) QCDBAccess This project has moved! Go to DOWNLOAD
vxt(sfnet) Voxelization toolkit Voxelization is conversion of analytic graphic ... DOWNLOAD
eirocasoftware(sfnet) eIrOcA software eIrOcA Software serves as an incubator for eiro... DOWNLOAD
spacelib(sfnet) Spaceland Library SL is a suite of C++ template classes that supp... DOWNLOAD

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