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ecfproject(sfnet) Evolutionary Computation Framework ECF is a framework intended for application of ... DOWNLOAD
asmeditor(sfnet) AsmEditor small & symple disassembler, resource unpac... DOWNLOAD
openldapconf(sfnet) openldapconf Openldapconf is a shell script to install and c... DOWNLOAD
icloudcam(sfnet) iCloudCam DOWNLOAD
ikbin(sfnet) ikbin ikbin is an open source PHP/MYSQL binary news g... DOWNLOAD
coverlipse(sfnet) Coverlipse An eclipse plugin for code coverage visualizati... DOWNLOAD
cppmf(sfnet) C++ Message Framework (Draft) This is an attempt to draft in code how a messa...
bftp(sfnet) bftp bftp is a command-line FTP client and server li... DOWNLOAD
cpu-emu(sfnet) simple CPU emulator This is an attempt to write a CPU emulator in T... DOWNLOAD
cpw(sfnet) Community Programmed Wiki A wiki which is reprogrammable by its community... DOWNLOAD
mcas(sfnet) Metrics correlation and analysis service The MCAS Project ( Metrics Correlation and Anal... DOWNLOAD
libermate(sfnet) LiberMate Liberate your MATLAB code with LiberMate. Tran... DOWNLOAD
ituneslibadd(sfnet) iTunesLibraryAdd A simple command line tool for adding music fil... DOWNLOAD
emanv2(sfnet) EMan A tool to monitor your financial income and exp... DOWNLOAD
cplot(sfnet) CPlot - MFC plotting library CPlot is a general purpose plotting library for... DOWNLOAD
yarts(sfnet) Yet Another RTS YARTS : Yet Another Real Time Strategy game. A ... DOWNLOAD
itext(freshmeat) iText iText is a library that contains classes to gen... DOWNLOAD
seneca(sfnet) SENECA SENECA is a program package for Computer Assist... DOWNLOAD
navdb(sfnet) NavDB NavDB is aimed at providing a database or means... DOWNLOAD
qcdbsync(sfnet) QCDBSync This project has moved! Go to DOWNLOAD
cpulib(sfnet) CPULib IA-32/64 (x86) CPU Virtualization library. DOWNLOAD
pnim(sfnet) Private Network Instant Messenger Private Network Instant Messenger (PNIM) is an ... DOWNLOAD
dellxpsled(sfnet) DellXPSLED Use your Dell XPS LEDs to indicate CPU load and... DOWNLOAD
rexrex(sfnet) RexRex RexRex is a Regexp matching engine based on Aut... DOWNLOAD
betforwin(sfnet) Bet For Win BET FOR WIN is a software that can be used to e... DOWNLOAD
emailinvestigat(sfnet) Email Investigation Tool This is a tool that will allow a user to open a... DOWNLOAD
cptminesweeper(sfnet) Captain Marshall's Minesweeper This is my windows minesweeper game. I programm... DOWNLOAD
cpr-ontology(sfnet) CPR data integration using ontology An ontology is defined to provide a standardize... DOWNLOAD
crc4(sfnet) CRC4 Comanche 4 Server Manager DOWNLOAD
cputemp(sfnet) CPUtemp for Gnome CPUtemp is a Gnome applet that displays current... DOWNLOAD
crampon(sfnet) Crampon The Crampon project is a JISC funded project th... DOWNLOAD
cpp-bigint(sfnet) C++ BigInt class C++ class BigInt that enables the user to work ... DOWNLOAD
creationpresent(sfnet) Presentation building Ceci est un projet en Java (Applet) dans le but... DOWNLOAD
crablems(sfnet) crablems crablems is used to unscramble words and can ge... DOWNLOAD
rndwall(sfnet) RndWall RndWall is a random wallpaper changer for Windo... DOWNLOAD
prettysource(sfnet) PrettySource Transform source code from whatever kind of typ... DOWNLOAD
webcastellum(sfnet) WebCastellum Java-based Open Source WAF (Web Application Fir... DOWNLOAD
cloneme(sfnet) Clone ME Desktop App CloneMe helps users who want to stay active in ... DOWNLOAD
xml-print(sfnet) XML-Print "XML-Print" is a joint project of the... DOWNLOAD
crea(sfnet) BackupPBX private backup for beta testing DOWNLOAD
gld-ng(sfnet) gld-ng A greylisting daemon for Postfix, using Postgre... DOWNLOAD
webgraphcompres(sfnet) Web graph compression This project contains the implementation of web... DOWNLOAD
ukodos(sfnet) ukodos A non-brute-force sudoku solver. Ukodos is sodo... DOWNLOAD
workouttiming(sfnet) workouttiming WorkoutTiming is a viewer for following schedul... DOWNLOAD
ditchers(sfnet) ditchers 2D action game of underground tanks with custom... DOWNLOAD
maplerreg(sfnet) MapleStory Register Basic Maple Story register needs with extra fun... DOWNLOAD
genma(sfnet) Genma Genma is a Nagios configuration file generator ... DOWNLOAD
crc-gen-verilog(sfnet) crc-gen-verilog-vhdl CRC Generator is a command-line application th... DOWNLOAD
chemaztech(sfnet) ChemAzTech ChemAzTech is a Web chemistry software (for Lin... DOWNLOAD
rsalib(sfnet) RSA Library An RSA library written in all languages allowin... DOWNLOAD
colourblindhack(sfnet) Colourblind Hacker This software allows you to change a colour in ... DOWNLOAD
php-mugbook(sfnet) PHP-Mugbook PHP-Mugbook is an online mugbook system, allowi... DOWNLOAD
cripesegr(sfnet) CRIPESegr Tools per la gestione dei volontari - Segreteri... DOWNLOAD
awanhala(sfnet) Awanhala Awanhala is one of custom made web CMS specific... DOWNLOAD
crocklauncher(sfnet) Crock_Launcher One of my first projects I've made and the firs... DOWNLOAD
tmaj(sfnet) tmaj TMAJ is software for Tissue MicroArrays (TMA's)... DOWNLOAD
vendasestoquedl(sfnet) VendasEstoqueDL Este é um programa para controle de vendas e es... DOWNLOAD
openslprodupd(sfnet) Open SL Product Update Server Open SL Product Server is a Perl 5 application ... DOWNLOAD
pspp4windows(sfnet) pspp4windows PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of s... DOWNLOAD
crfparser(sfnet) crfparser crfparser is a simple open source projective Ma... DOWNLOAD
zalcal(sfnet) Zalcal RL date to Zalanthan date conversions. Right n... DOWNLOAD
cron-backup(sfnet) Automated cron backup thru email Program to automate the backup of the MySQL dat... DOWNLOAD
donut(sfnet) DOnut DOnut's goal is to provide a framework for easi... DOWNLOAD
crossf(sfnet) CrossFire New Webbrowser by Merlight and Aionlight! DOWNLOAD
masterdrive(sfnet) NTI's MasterDrive Ever wish you could make a virtual hard drive o... DOWNLOAD
mayadqskinning(sfnet) Dual Quaternion Skinning Maya Plugin A Maya plugin implementing a smooth skinning no... DOWNLOAD
resourcerver(sfnet) Resourcerver - *nix Resource Server Application framework for modularizing *nix app... DOWNLOAD
astroarmadasf(sfnet) AstroArmadaSF A space shooter style game in the early stages. DOWNLOAD
thwomper(sfnet) Thwomper Thwomper is a fully interactive program for bab... DOWNLOAD
interstella(sfnet) Interstella A trading simulation game in an open, plugin-re... DOWNLOAD
ctrump(sfnet) CTRUMP C to C translator and utilities for Multicore P... DOWNLOAD
malibrary(sfnet) MA Library Software This is a basic substitute for expensive librar... DOWNLOAD
crisissim(sfnet) Agent-Based Crisis Management Agent-based simulation tool for crisis manageme... DOWNLOAD
embwidgets(sfnet) EmbWidgets widgets for ebedded devices DOWNLOAD
cronometro(sfnet) Cronometro Cronômetro que permite que você marque o tempo ... DOWNLOAD
comagmetafile(sfnet) Comag Meta File Reader Comag PVR 2/100CI HD Video Catalogue Tool - A v... DOWNLOAD
emailvalidator(sfnet) email Validator This is a PHP Class to validate an email addres... DOWNLOAD
forumhandler(sfnet) Forum Handler A Forum manipulation module that offer boards d... DOWNLOAD
sispread(sfnet) sispread sispread allows to simulate the dynamics of an ... DOWNLOAD
texonixdeluxe(sfnet) teXoniX deluXe Sexy game made in C++ ... Like other "alik... DOWNLOAD
astroalgorithms(sfnet) AstronomicalAlgorithms AstronomicalAlgorithms is a FREE portable ANSI ... DOWNLOAD
xrootconsole(sfnet) xrootconsole xrootconsole tails a file in a window on your X... DOWNLOAD
fusionregistry(sfnet) Fusion Registry GPL Fusion Registry (GPL) a completely dynamic, ext... DOWNLOAD
timerzeitschalt(sfnet) timerzeitschalt Timer wakes up the computer from the shut down ... DOWNLOAD
eduxcomp(sfnet) EduXcomp A sub-C cross compiler for EduMIPS64 simulator.... DOWNLOAD
loupe(sfnet) Bogor-PubSub Bogor-PubSub is a set of extensions to the Bogo... DOWNLOAD
bodybuilding(sfnet) BodyBuilding Stat Tracker Keep track of your weight and muscle building g... DOWNLOAD
fehashmac(sfnet) Generic Hash and HMAC Program Hash and HMAC command line tool for many hash a... DOWNLOAD
acmtoolsforvs(sfnet) ACM Tools for Visual Studio A Visual Studio Add-in to Make Training Easy. DOWNLOAD
surfacechat(sfnet) Surface Chat Surface Chat is a lightweight web Jabber client... DOWNLOAD
tfmsv3(sfnet) TFMSv3 Management software for Simming fleets who want... DOWNLOAD
mensa-widget(sfnet) mensa-widget OSX Widget, das den Speiseplan der Hochschulen ... DOWNLOAD
jsdice(sfnet) jsDice jsDice is a simple yet flexible dice roller for... DOWNLOAD
oswing(sfnet) OpenSwing OpenSwing is a components library that provides... DOWNLOAD
acopost(sfnet) ACOPOST - a collection of POS taggers Part-of-speech tagging is the task of assigning... DOWNLOAD
intchat(sfnet) Internal Chat (IntChat) Internal Chat is a corporate client-server chat... DOWNLOAD
lids(sfnet) Linux Intrusion Detection System The Linux Intrusion Detection System is a patch... DOWNLOAD
logharvester(sfnet) LogHarvester Multi-platform (.NET or Mono) tool kit for crea... DOWNLOAD
hegde1997(sfnet) Downloads DOWNLOAD
cliquezpourmoi(sfnet) Pnyx : des élections virtuelles! Pnyx est une application Web (PHP/MySQL) d'élec... DOWNLOAD

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