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ccmdline(sfnet) C-Cmd Its Command prompt that runs trought C programm... DOWNLOAD
masterofmana(sfnet) Master of Mana Master of Mana is a fantasy Modification (Mod) ... DOWNLOAD
cain21(sfnet) cain21 There are a wide variety of multimedia formats ... DOWNLOAD
wiiguard(sfnet) WiiGuard We always need a guardian when we leave home. N... DOWNLOAD
opentrends-ocms(sfnet) opentrends-ocms Siblings automatic creation module (easing mult... DOWNLOAD
pwrsp(sfnet) PWRSP "Personal Web Radio Streaming Player"... DOWNLOAD
cbsdetector(sfnet) Code Bad Smell Detector This project is a Java based detector, which ca... DOWNLOAD
contrack(sfnet) Contrack Order Management Contrack is a web-enabled order-centric managem... DOWNLOAD
pufframework(sfnet) pufframework DOWNLOAD
cartography3d(sfnet) Praetorians map editor A map editor for the PC game Praetorians. Progr... DOWNLOAD
webextract(sfnet) WebExtractor360 WebExtractor360 is a free and open source web d... DOWNLOAD
sbitproject(sfnet) sbitproject sbit project management DOWNLOAD
uberunit(sfnet) UberUnit UberUnit has been abandoned. Many projects requ... DOWNLOAD
ivmuk-os(sfnet) IvmukOS Ivmuk-OS is small RTOS for microcontrollers wit... DOWNLOAD
xikawa(sfnet) Xikawa Cause and Effect Grapher Ishikawa fishbones from your xml data for use i... DOWNLOAD
vmatrixlib(sfnet) VMatrixLib VMatrixLib is a little, handy, Java matrix libr... DOWNLOAD
xab(sfnet) Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser (XAB) le... DOWNLOAD
evemacsuite(sfnet) EVE Mac Suite An EVE Online game tool for Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
valkeyrie(sfnet) Valkeyrie Valkyrie is a low foot print web server. It ser... DOWNLOAD
graceplot(sfnet) xmgrace python interface This is a python module providing a nearly comp... DOWNLOAD
tiobench(sfnet) Threaded I/O tester Portable, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program DOWNLOAD
hypnoquit(sfnet) hypnoquit Please download from DOWNLOAD
pspsolver(sfnet) PSPSolver PSPSolver (Project Scheduling Problem Solver) i... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-gnuplot(sfnet) ocaml-gnuplot This library provides an easy interface to Gnup... DOWNLOAD
ccaswebsite(sfnet) CCAS Website This Sourceforge project is used to host the un... DOWNLOAD
mpvshaderplugin(sfnet) mpvShaderManagerPlugin This project has created a plugin for the Multi... DOWNLOAD
apvfs(sfnet) APR Virtual File System APR based virtual file system library and modul... DOWNLOAD
piclinux(sfnet) piclinux Desarrollo y soporte de software para programac... DOWNLOAD
sourcetohtml(sfnet) sourcetohtml Generates syntax highlighted HTML for almost al... DOWNLOAD
hypnoquitv2(sfnet) hypnoquitv2 Please download from: http://www.splashportal.n... DOWNLOAD
slaps(sfnet) SLAPS An audience participation system using off the ... DOWNLOAD
mylastfm(sfnet) myLastFM - Last.FM Desktop Player myLastFM is a desktop player for the st... DOWNLOAD
tmplusplus(sfnet) TM++ Topic Maps engine TM++ is Inge Henriksen's embedded high-performa... DOWNLOAD
facelock(sfnet) Facelock DOWNLOAD
amemailchecker(sfnet) Ame Mail Checker Ame Mail Checker is a mail docklet to track unr... DOWNLOAD
vcb-wrangler(sfnet) VCB Wrangler VCB Wrangler is a VBScript wrapper for scheduli... DOWNLOAD
sdinfomodel(sfnet) System Dynamics Information Model This project will produce a formal, open source... DOWNLOAD
litecollections(sfnet) litecollections This project has moved and is not any longer de... DOWNLOAD
openofficenow(sfnet) OpenOffice.Now Extension for OpenOffice suite, based on Desk.N... DOWNLOAD
officenow(sfnet) Office.Now MS Office 2007 add-in able to query the WhereIs... DOWNLOAD
chgdoc(sfnet) chgdoc C# ASP.NET. Website Content Management System. DOWNLOAD
phpspammanager(sfnet) phpSM - PHP Spam Manager GUI DISCONTINUED - phpSpamManager ( a Spam Manager ... DOWNLOAD
c3a(sfnet) C3A for GCC A three-address code (C3A) compiler, implemente... DOWNLOAD
timmon(sfnet) Timmon - Time Monitor Timmon is a time tracking tool helping to keep ... DOWNLOAD
obol(sfnet) Obol Obol is a programming language for security pro... DOWNLOAD
cwtlib(sfnet) CWT Library Continuous wavelet transform library DOWNLOAD
pcnamechange(sfnet) ComputerNameChange ComputerNameChange is a small tool made for win... DOWNLOAD
freewebquest(sfnet) Free webQuest DOWNLOAD
swype(sfnet) Swype DOWNLOAD
umax-warehouse(sfnet) Umax Warehouse This is application, that allow to manage your ... DOWNLOAD
iipimage(freshmeat) IIPImage IIPImage is an advanced high-performance featur... DOWNLOAD
feedingtimer(sfnet) Feeding Timer Feeding Timer is meant to remove the mathematic... DOWNLOAD
pimpsismypianos(sfnet) PIMPS Is My Piano Superstar PIMPS Is My Piano Superstar is a game developpe... DOWNLOAD
lokmidcontrol(sfnet) LokMidControl LokMidControl is a program to control model tra... DOWNLOAD
scriptorsse(sfnet) scriptorsse Scriptor is a now free available Scripting Edit... DOWNLOAD
rhwp(sfnet) rhwp a custom wordpress development. DOWNLOAD
nggui(sfnet) iTerminal NgGUI is an open source GUI system wrote by C/C... DOWNLOAD
cbusmodule(sfnet) C-Bus Module The C-Bus Module is used to provide a C-code AP... DOWNLOAD
cconsole(sfnet) Custom Console Use Custom JAR files as Command Line commands w... DOWNLOAD
travianbot(sfnet) Travian Bot A bot for Game MMOG DOWNLOAD
openbravoposswe(sfnet) Openbravo POS Swedish Edition Openbravo POS for Swedish requirements. Openbra... DOWNLOAD
multignometerm(sfnet) multi-gnome-terminal Multi Gnome Terminal is an enhanced version of ... DOWNLOAD
bobo-browse(sfnet) bobo browse engine High performance faceted/parametric search impl... DOWNLOAD
matgts(sfnet) matgts Computational software for geotechnical enginee... DOWNLOAD
ccandwb(sfnet) Car Cards and Way Bills Page The Car Card and Way Bills Page program will al... DOWNLOAD
dungeonclimb(sfnet) DungeonClimb A 7 day rogue-like. You have been cast down int... DOWNLOAD
younin(sfnet) younin younin one open projects DOWNLOAD
cbrdss(sfnet) Case Based Reasoning DSS This project for applying Case Based Reaoning i... DOWNLOAD
cblackjackwiths(sfnet) c++ blackjack with source Here is a game of blackjack made in c++ it is a... DOWNLOAD
lifeai(sfnet) LifeAI LifeAI is an open source C++ library for Artifi... DOWNLOAD
dijkstra-java(sfnet) Dijkstra A Java implementation of the Dijkstra bestpath ... DOWNLOAD
scrobbleswipper(sfnet) Scrobble Swipper Scrobble Swipper is a small Perl script designe... DOWNLOAD
cryptohook(sfnet) Crypto Hook A hook script usable with TortoiseSVN (and poss... DOWNLOAD
javabowling(sfnet) JavaBowling A simple bowling game in Java. DOWNLOAD
softdiary(sfnet) SoftDiary SoftDiary is diary in a soft format. Users can ... DOWNLOAD
ccprogrammingcl(sfnet) C/C++ Programming class This is a collection of programs assigned to me... DOWNLOAD
v2bot(sfnet) v2bot Working on a rewrite. Stay tuned. DOWNLOAD
rfcrobot(sfnet) RFC Robot RFC Robot allows you to locate, download, backu... DOWNLOAD
say(sfnet) Say: Text-to-Speech Utilities 入力 - それを聞きなさい !言うプロジェクトはど...
pies(sfnet) PIES 3.14159... complement ECMAScript 3! PIES provide the package/import mechanism which... DOWNLOAD
genephp(sfnet) BioPHP - PHP for Computational Biology The project aims to extend the PHP scripting la... DOWNLOAD
qbic(sfnet) qbic QBIC is bascially a "four in a row" b... DOWNLOAD
charray-cms(sfnet) Charray's CMS Charray's CMS provides formatted website from f... DOWNLOAD
cbir-fyp(sfnet) CBIR-final yr project Content Based Image Retrieval system (final yea... DOWNLOAD
ccnafrreutn(sfnet) CCNA FRRE UTN Sitio web con contenidos de los cursos dictados... DOWNLOAD
myfilmclub(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
c4dsplinedraw(sfnet) C4D Py-SplineDraw Tool An Open-Source ToolPlugin for MAXON Cinema 4D w... DOWNLOAD
lanstick(sfnet) LanStick Little tool for transfering files via network b... DOWNLOAD
viiigine(sfnet) viiigine viiigine is an open source Final Fantasy VIII g... DOWNLOAD
smsplus(sfnet) Sms+ Sms+ is a symbian application which allows to h... DOWNLOAD
ccftomarcconver(sfnet) CCF to MARC Conversion Utility This utility is primarily focused on libraries,... DOWNLOAD
phpfacebook(sfnet) phpfacebook quick and dirty php toolkit for easy facebook l... DOWNLOAD
syntax-trans(sfnet) Syntax-translator Allow me to introduce - SyntaxTranslator. This ... DOWNLOAD
cconverter(sfnet) cConverter Currency Converter is a free open source softwa... DOWNLOAD
epubgen(sfnet) epubgen Epubgen is a Moodle module that can create epub... DOWNLOAD
rwkeymaster(sfnet) RW Key Master RW Key Master is a replacement for the ATI appl... DOWNLOAD
scpfw(sfnet) scpfw This package contains the original scpfw (A &qu... DOWNLOAD
jmutil(sfnet) Java Math Utils This is a collection of Java Applications, Libr... DOWNLOAD
mycataloque(sfnet) MyCataloque A program to catalogue your HDs and CDs, and or... DOWNLOAD
aaa(sfnet) Advanced Audio Architecture Advanced Audio Architecture is server based arc... DOWNLOAD

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