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shottimer(sfnet) Airsoft Pistol Shooting Timer A development project to create a reliable time... DOWNLOAD
fightitout(sfnet) fightitout Roguelike game with 3d graphics and bone animat... DOWNLOAD
cr-sim(sfnet) CR-SIM An extensible simulator for cognitive radio sys... DOWNLOAD
verylightajaxcl(sfnet) Very light Ajax class This class allows to build ajax request on all ... DOWNLOAD
digedur(sfnet) Digital educational resources Digital educational resources. DOWNLOAD
diacriticsremov(sfnet) Diacritics Remover Diacritics Remover can remove diacritics from s... DOWNLOAD
littleb(sfnet) the little b modular modeling language Little b is a Lisp-based language which allows ... DOWNLOAD
chart2d(sfnet) Chart2D A Java class library for visualizing quantitati... DOWNLOAD
hnb(sfnet) Hierarchical Notebook A notebook to hold information in an hierarchic... DOWNLOAD
dolibarr(freshmeat) Dolibarr ERP & CRM Dolibarr is a simple Web application with ERP a... DOWNLOAD
projalpha(sfnet) Project Alpha The plan for Project Alpha is to create a pre-M... DOWNLOAD
zdumper(sfnet) zdumper zdumper sniffs LAN/WAN/Wifi packets and dump it... DOWNLOAD
sony-acpid(sfnet) sony-acpid This Linux daemon interacts with sony-laptop to... DOWNLOAD
autogreeting(sfnet) Call Center Auto Greeting Server Using TSAPI library, the auto greeting server b... DOWNLOAD
comserial(sfnet) Command Serializer Command Serializer helps turn your console appl... DOWNLOAD
fdreamaudio(sfnet) Forgotten Dream - audio Forgotten Dream - audio version (russian langua... DOWNLOAD
ccunit(sfnet) ccunit A JUnit-like testing framework for C++. DOWNLOAD
apc-aa(sfnet) ActionApps ActionApps (under the GPL) provide easy automat... DOWNLOAD
civil(sfnet) Civil Realtime strategy game about battles in the Ame... DOWNLOAD
rcalc(sfnet) rcalc rcalc is a fast and light symbolic calculator f... DOWNLOAD
dframework(sfnet) The D framework This is a framework library for D language that... DOWNLOAD
japi(sfnet) japi JAPI is a collection of Java libraries that hel... DOWNLOAD
lotrolauncher(sfnet) LOTRO Launcher for Linux Linux/Mac OS X launcher for the Windows games L... DOWNLOAD
astman(sfnet) Asterisk Manager AM - Asterisk PBX GUI Configuration/Management ... DOWNLOAD
warring-states(sfnet) Warring States Warring States is a 3-D multiplayer real time s... DOWNLOAD
iscsi-init(sfnet) Linux iSCSI boot initialization program iSCSI-init boot initialization program for Linux DOWNLOAD
fortunaprng(sfnet) Fortuna PRNG Symbian OS implemetation of Fortuna Pseudo Rand... DOWNLOAD
securekeyagree(sfnet) Secure Key Agreement over Bluetooth Symbian OS implemetation of Burmester-Desmedt K... DOWNLOAD
swemof(sfnet) Semantic Weblog Monitoring Framework Facilitates data mining/natural language proces... DOWNLOAD
eclipsefrills(sfnet) eclipsefrills The EclipseFrills project provides a handful of... DOWNLOAD
h5mma(sfnet) h5mma The h5mma package provides improved support for... DOWNLOAD
visualmon(sfnet) VisualMon VisualMon is a concise dashboard for Java web a... DOWNLOAD
tafel(sfnet) Tafel Linux console program for drawing conic section... DOWNLOAD
pyisapie(sfnet) Python ISAPI Extension for IIS PyISAPIe is an IIS/Apache ISAPI extension for P... DOWNLOAD
neuralchase(sfnet) NeuralChase Example of using Neural networks to implement c... DOWNLOAD
trksatranc(sfnet) Türk Satranç gerek var mı bilmem ama bu oyunun özelliklerind... DOWNLOAD
jalarm(sfnet) jAlarm Full-featured, configurable alarm and reminder ... DOWNLOAD
frugal(sfnet) Frugal Frugal is a simple yet powerful personal financ... DOWNLOAD
kaffeine(sfnet) kaffeine Kaffeine is full featured Media Player for KDE.... DOWNLOAD
phpofs(sfnet) Php Open FileShare Script for file sharing like rapidshare, megaup... DOWNLOAD
chikenos(sfnet) Chiken OS COS is an Open Source Operating System, which i... DOWNLOAD
geomview(sfnet) Geomview Geomview is an interactive 3D viewing program f... DOWNLOAD
xquetzal(sfnet) Xquetzal/Xitris Xquetzal/Xitris Get, Process, Display, Store, C... DOWNLOAD
mallos(sfnet) mallos Expedition control and labeling with Qt. DOWNLOAD
chkpids(sfnet) Windows XP PID Checker GUI Need a PID to build the proper installer? This... DOWNLOAD
net4j(sfnet) net4j Add-ons for the Eclipse projects Net4j (http://... DOWNLOAD
linuxha(sfnet) Linux Home Automation A standard Unix interface, minimally accessible... DOWNLOAD
snippeep(sfnet) SnipPeep SnipPeep is an interactive graphic interface to... DOWNLOAD
ultimatepb(sfnet) Ultimate Paintball An Unreal Tournament 3 mod featuring intense, r... DOWNLOAD
pyenchant(sfnet) PyEnchant PyEnchant provides language bindings and wrappe... DOWNLOAD
gruppe(sfnet) Sizmies A system that can display multiple items and al... DOWNLOAD
wallbreaker(sfnet) Wall Breaker v1.0 Wall Breaker is 2D game written in C# with supp... DOWNLOAD
migem(sfnet) MiGEm Mini manager of companies, is an application de... DOWNLOAD
gmail(sfnet) Gmail - formulaire anti-spam Script php permettant d'envoyer un mail a parti... DOWNLOAD
ladybuggame(sfnet) Ladybug A crappy bug shooting game. Ability: Slow Bulle... DOWNLOAD
escapefromlc(sfnet) Escape From "Like Chemistry" You have to escape from a enemy cult named &quo... DOWNLOAD
uaemon(sfnet) Geolocated Audio Guides Player A mobile device player which plays the geolocat... DOWNLOAD
websyncnet(sfnet) WebSync Web Application to Synchronize Files between We... DOWNLOAD
wassmooth(sfnet) wasSmooth wasSmooth is a jython library to ease IBM WebSp... DOWNLOAD
maxicom(sfnet) MaxiCom A serial port terminal emulator for the GNOME d... DOWNLOAD
esbook(sfnet) esbook Das OpenSource-Gästebuch von Bremen. DOWNLOAD
flea-jdbc-tool(sfnet) Flea Jdbc Tool A Fast, Lightweight, Efficient, Application (FL... DOWNLOAD
tudu(sfnet) Tudu Lists (a Spring application) Tudu Lists is a J2EE application for managing t... DOWNLOAD
odemx(sfnet) ODEMx ODEM is a C++ class library for process simulat... DOWNLOAD
protothread(sfnet) protothread An implementation of protothreads (extremely li... DOWNLOAD
protofit(sfnet) ProtoFit ProtoFit is software for modeling the acid/base... DOWNLOAD
esio(freshmeat) ExaScale IO The ExaScale IO (ESIO) library provides simple,... DOWNLOAD
opensimulator(sfnet) OpenSim OpenSim - Open Simulator. Primarily a 3D simul... DOWNLOAD
viex(sfnet) Vi Vim for netbeans Vi Vim Plugin for Netbeans. Enhancement netbean... DOWNLOAD
mxfdemonstrator(sfnet) MXF_Demonstrator This project consisted of the realisation of a ... DOWNLOAD
srjnutriss(sfnet) NutriSS NutriSS is a simple program for nutritional cal...
dizimos(sfnet) dizimos Cadastra os dizimos e ofertas de Igrejas, Mensa... DOWNLOAD
tengrid(sfnet) TenGrid Grids are laid out in the decimal representatio... DOWNLOAD
wahlen(sfnet) Wahlen Program for election projection and -analysis. ... DOWNLOAD
pacx(sfnet) Pacx Platform for Annotated Corpora in XML Integrate... DOWNLOAD
pgaf(sfnet) Parallel Genetic Algorithm Framework PGAF provides a framework tuned, user-specific ... DOWNLOAD
youtubeadium(sfnet) YouTube Adium Plugin A plugin for Adium to display youtube videos in... DOWNLOAD
oiankara(sfnet) Özgürlükİçin Ankara Özgürlükİçin Ankara Topluluğu Proje Sayfası. DOWNLOAD
framers(sfnet) Screeep Fractal/Scripting VSTi synthesizer, written on ... DOWNLOAD
thedope(sfnet) The DOPE DOPE stands for "Database Objects for Pric... DOWNLOAD
escolagest(sfnet) EscolaGest School managing web based software. It allows r... DOWNLOAD
jph(sfnet) JPhotoAlbum JPhotoAlbum is a Java desktop application for q... DOWNLOAD
mpegsplit(sfnet) mpegsplit library mpegsplit can split a system mpeg stream into t... DOWNLOAD
biskit(sfnet) BisKit Biskit is a python library for structural bioin... DOWNLOAD
verso(sfnet) VersoORM VersoORM helps to build db driven ASP.NET C# ap... DOWNLOAD
soprano(sfnet) Soprano Soprano (formerly known as QRDF) is a library w... DOWNLOAD
jeek(sfnet) Jeek - stub and mock generator for .NET Jeek is a concrete class / stub / mock code gen... DOWNLOAD
opt(sfnet) opt Java Micro Benchmark - control tasks required t... DOWNLOAD
zpanelftp(sfnet) zpanelftp net2ftp modules for zpanel DOWNLOAD
wikiquotescreen(sfnet) wikiquotescreen WikiquoteScreensaver is a screensaver that enab... DOWNLOAD
lnrsoftunitconv(sfnet) Unit Conversions 1.0.2 The new Unit Conversions Lite 1.0.2 can be usef... DOWNLOAD
swlt(sfnet) 四维立体 DOWNLOAD
vss-itasa(sfnet) VisualSubSync-ItaSA The natural enhanced extension of the awesome T... DOWNLOAD
s7unittesting(sfnet) s7unittesting This project aims to create a testing environme... DOWNLOAD
superl(sfnet) Superl Superl is a graphical interpreter for Perl writ... DOWNLOAD
timeoutpatchhib(sfnet) Inofficial timeout patch for HibSearch This is a inofficial patch for the Hibernate Se... DOWNLOAD
dude-bot(sfnet) Dude Dude is a friendly learning chatterbot with XMP... DOWNLOAD
mitose(sfnet) Mitose Mitose is a simple backup program focused on th... DOWNLOAD
bananabms(sfnet) BananaBMS Book manage system for library working on Web-p... DOWNLOAD
tchess(sfnet) TChess TChess is an extended chess played on a Torus (... DOWNLOAD

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